Trump’s Take on the Mysterious Recession Talk

The country is thriving economically and that is evidenced by an upswing in many key economic markers yet, there has mysteriously appeared this talk of a looming recession. President Trump had a few thoughts about this recession talk and of course, a few other strong words. He also didn’t hesitate to point fingers and name names so to speak but this wasn’t tattle-telling, this was the truth.

His primary target during a recent talk he gave was those he called, “…certain people in the media…” that he said would “…love to see a recession… .” The President made sure to follow that with the assurance that such an economic downfall is nowhere on the radar or the horizon. In fact, by all indications the economy is doing just fine.

The unemployment rate is the lowest in half a century as one report earlier this year shared, “more Americans are working than ever before, and the unemployment rate has been at or below 4 percent for 11 straight months, the longest such streak in nearly 50 years.” Add to that fact like our GDP has seen non-stop growth and that more Americans feel better about their financial health, and it does appear the U.S. economy is doing just fine.

That begs the question, one President Trump must have asked himself, about where these stories and whispers of recession came from. Donald Trump is smart, really smart and he understands the importance of impression and perception. That is why he took a shot at ‘certain people in the media’ because he knows the power of influence they hold.

He didn’t leave it at that, however, as he also called out the Federal Reserve for having an obligation and responsibility for how such talk about this mysteriously looming recession is handled. One story reported on the President’s comments and quoted him saying, “If the Fed would do its job, I think we would have a tremendous spur of growth… .”

As this story pointed out, the President realizes the psychological effect the Federal Reserve has on the economy… perception. And they can control much of that… impression. Yes, President Trump is keenly aware of the roles or power that impression and perception have and the impact they can make. Just like those certain aforementioned folks in the media. Let us not forget either, who is empowering the mainstream media outlets today and what side of the aisle is controlling that media influence. It also may not be all that surprising as this talk is getting stirred just as the 2020 Presidential campaigns are gathering steam and attention.

It certainly must be a sore spot for Democrats, that the President has the economy humming along. That is one less bullet in their gun and a very large weapon in the President’s hands. The economy is always a big issue, every year in every election. So how fortunate would it be if the confidence of the American people was shaken about the economy just as the campaign season begins? Exactly.

Not that anyone or that any party would drum up such unwarranted nonsense for their own gain. And it would be very much unlike the Democrats to stir some noise without any real evidence and spend hours, time and “press” to get it done. Nah. That’s crazy talk.

Recession? Not according to this economy. A looming financial downturn of serious proportions? Not according to the President of the United States who said just in case there was any doubt, “we’re very far from a recession.” But then again, sometimes it all depends on who you listen to and who’s telling the truth.

Here’s the great news for us non-political and everyday folks who get up, go to work and build lives and families. We don’t need anyone to tell us how we are doing financially, because we are at ground zero. We may never be sure about what conversations are actually happening between China and the U.S. governments. We may never know if a serious attack on U.S. soil was averted by our Defense Department.

What we all do know, however, is how the economy is doing and for most of us – this is really good news.

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