Trump Closing Loopholes in Selling of Guns

President Trump cares about the people of America. He cares about the welfare and their safety. When either one of those two concerns is violated he makes a move to correct the problem once and for all. This shows the world that he is a caring president and not the tyrant dictator the demonic Democrats paint him out to be.

President Trump believes in freedoms that are granted by the constitution such as the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. What that does not mean is that it should be regulated in a day and age where people of unstable mental capacity can get weapons to kill and terrorize others.

With this in mind, the president has made it clear that he is in favor of background checks for guns. He has also made it clear that he does not want to create more gun control laws. He just wants to clean up the loopholes that exist in current laws.

Gun violence is a public health issue and it must get the attention that it needs. He believes that the Second Amendment should remain strong and it should remain untouched by the dumb Democrats that would like to take it all away.

What needs to be taken away is the desire in people to kill others such as the case with the recent shootings. Every time there is an issue gun control law debates start popping up. Without these incidents, there would be no debate because there would be no reason to talk about them.

The problem is not the guns but the people. If anyone is to blame for the current state of violence in the United States it is the Democrats. They have pushed for decades to remove any moral teachings out of the classrooms that young people would have taught at an early age.

They have pushed for the criminals to have rights that they do not deserve. They have pushed all clear and rationalism out of reach for many people. Which leaves them with no hope of help, so they turn to violence to end their suffering and to relieve their anger.

There is unilateral support for changing the current system to cut out the loopholes and to keep the Second Amendment in place. There needs to a balance and not a jerking to one side or the other. President Trump does not want to deal with the symptoms anymore. He wants to get to the heart of the matter and make lasting changes.

Removing the loopholes will start the process of creating a solution to the problem instead of treating the wounds.

President Trump does not want to change or overhaul the system which would open the door for more gun control laws. He does not want more laws but a strengthening of the current laws. And the only way to do that is to remove the loopholes. Of course, the stupid Democrats want to go all the way and ban guns altogether.

They would love to see all the weapons turned in and destroyed. In their delusional world, they believe that it would grant a lasting peace to everyone when in reality it would open the door for violent people to murder and rob innocent people.

The Democrats are just made because their attempts to pass gun control bills have failed in the Senate. They want to have control over the people but the Senate and the president are standing in their way. When the Democrats can’t control people they cry about it and pout like a baby.

One dorky Democrat has said that the Republicans and the president need to choose sides and get to work on controlling guns. But whose side would he like them to be on? There should only be one side and that is the side of the United States.

This statement alone shows that the Democrats are not on the side of the American people. They are on their side and want to have their way. More laws are not going to stop bad people from getting guns. It is time to put the guns in the hands of the good people and let them legally fight back.

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