Medicare For All Is Being Shunned…Even By The Dems

Medicare for All is not going to win anyone any votes, particularly on the Dem Side. The Dems have already done the math. In order to win the Senate majority back in 2020, they need to gain at least three seats without losing any. Health care is the chance to make some headway, but the only way that is going to happen is to stop talking about Medicare for All.

Why Medicare for All is a No Go

There are a number of states who are focusing heavily on health care. However, the Dems who want to flip the Senate have already identified that they have no desire to tout Medicare for All. Instead, they want to make a clear message as to how they’re going to help Americans.

They would like to protect the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) and expand Medicaid. They’d also like to slam some of the Republican repeal efforts. While there are a few Senators who have no problem with a public health insurance option, they don’t want a single national insurance plan – and they have no desire to do away with private insurance.

A Split with the Dems

It’s hard to get the Dems on one page. With so many Senators who want to focus on anything but Medicare for All, it’s a significant difference from some of the Dems who are on the campaign trail for presidency. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are focused heavily on Medicare for All, making it the center stage of their platform.

Gary Peters, a Senator within one of the swing states, identified that he supports helping those who are in need. He wants people to keep private insurance. He also supports offering a public option while also lowering the age minimums to qualify for Medicare.

With such a great divide between what the Dems want for healthcare, it’s hard to figure out what they would focus on if they were to take back the majority in the Senate.

Kelly Coogan-Gehr, the assistant director for a labor union fighting in support for Medicare for All doesn’t make that much of a convincing argument. According to her, the policies sell themselves because they’re safe. She says that her union talks to hundreds of people every day who don’t want the Affordable Care Act to move and they aren’t impressed by a public option. She says that the people she speaks to want something more comprehensive, like what Medicare for All could offer.

What Coogan-Gehr may not realize is that the likelihood of a president getting into office who wants Medicare for All is unlikely, as the polls continuously show. She’s fighting an uphill battle that she’s going to lose. All of those people who don’t want ACA and who don’t want a public option are going to be disappointed if they’re shown Medicare for All as the only option. However, with tens of thousands showing up at Trump rallies, they can be shown that the GOP has an even better idea for healthcare.

With the unions turning people away from ACA, they’re helping to make the case for what Trump and the rest of the Republicans want to offer.

Dems are Trying Too Hard

The biggest problem that the Dems have is that they’re trying too hard to get someone in front of the American public who can beat Trump. They want to get rid of the incumbent president in order to push their own agendas. In an effort to get someone who can give the American people what they want, they have created a huge rift within their party.

Medicare for All is the sword that the Dems are going to fall on. As a party, you’re either for it or against it. With the Democratic Senators saying no and too many of the presidential candidates saying yes, it’s a complete mess – and it’s doing nothing but confusing voters.

Dems have spoken: They don’t like the Medicare for All idea that Warren and Sanders are pushing so much because it eliminates choice. No one wants to give up their private insurance just so that others can have insurance. Let’s not forget that California is ready to give free insurance to the illegals who are pouring into the country right now. The Dems are a complete mess when it comes to their stance on healthcare.

The Republicans are working to clean up the mess that Obama left behind, charging Americans if they didn’t have healthcare. With no one really wanting Medicare for All, the Senate majority will stay with the GOP.

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