Why a Vote for Castro is a Vote for Obama for a Third Term- Don’t Do It

Julian Castro is desperate to get the votes away from Biden, Sanders, and Harris. While he’s one of the top 10, he’s got a long way to go before he can be seen as a frontrunner. Apparently, he plans to promise to be just like Barack Obama. It’s done wonders for Biden’s campaign, so why shouldn’t Castro cash in on being just like Obama, too?

The former San Antonio Mayor is focused on beating Donald Trump. His opinion is that there are Democrats with a lot of anxiety about who will take over in 2020. He feels as though any Democrat, whether it’s him or one of his opponents, can be a better president than Trump.

In terms of the kind of president he wants to be, it is Obama. Rather than being unique, he wants to follow a “successful model” — and that means doing things just like Obama, which is a recipe for failure.

One of the ways that Castro plans to do this is by reassembling Obama’s coalition and, then, supercharging it. This includes winning Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in terms of electoral votes and then going after Florida, Arizona, and even Texas.

Castro is unique in the fact that he’s not going to tear down other candidates in order to prove that he is the right person for the job. He has commented that he would be a better president, otherwise, he wouldn’t be running in the presidential race. When asked about Joe Biden, he said that Biden would be better than Trump, too.

Castro is the first to say that he and Biden have some disagreements on various issues, including immigration and healthcare. While Biden wants to adopt the Obamacare model, Castro would like to see the system based off of Medicare while still allowing a private option – something that Sanders and Warren are completely against.

Julian Castro has yet to step out on his own, however. Even in the debates, he keeps everything close to his chest. Where does he stand on immigration? Where does he stand on healthcare? What are his plans for the economy? No one really knows. However, with his claims to reassemble Obama’s winning coalition, it begs the question – does he see eye to eye with Obama on virtually every topic? If that’s the case, a vote for Julian Castro would be just like voting in Barack Obama for a third term – and that’s not really what the country needs.

Castro is quick to criticize Trump and his way of being president, yet Trump is also turning around the economy and fighting for various rates. He is looking to uphold the laws that were in place prior to him taking office, including ICE. However, he gets criticized for his stance on immigration when that has been the law of the country for decades.

Castro talks a good game about wanting to address immigration, yet he doesn’t actually say anything. It is one of the reasons why he is behind in so many of the polls. It’s easy for him to sit back and tell the reporters what they want to hear, but he has not proven that he is a man of action.

Castro has also said that he’s tired of waiting for Pres. Donald Trump regarding universal background checks. This alone is proof that Castro isn’t ready to be president. He doesn’t want Trump to create any kind of executive action, which means that it would actually be the Congress responsible for making the changes – and Congress is already working in order to make that happen. Both the House and Senate have talked about universal background checks as well as a number of other issues that are being addressed.

Ultimately, we don’t need another Obama in office. The last time that happened, healthcare became more expensive for the average American and people who have never worked a day in their lives were getting healthcare for free. Further, the economy took a substantial hit and unemployment was on the rise. Since Trump has taken office, the economy has grown stronger, unemployment is lower than it has been in decades, and immigration is starting to improve.

If Julian Castro thinks that he can win the election simply by dropping the Obama name here and there, he has to rethink his campaign platform. The only one who has successfully been able to rise in the polls by dropping Obama’s name is Biden – and he doesn’t plan on sharing his pedestal with anyone else.

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