Lazy Liberals Boycotting Businesses to Bully Conservatives

The lazy Democrats have nothing better to do than to disrupt the businesses of every hardworking Republican business owner. Democratic supporters are lining up and boycotting businesses that support President Trump or the Republican Party. These nasty Democrats have nothing better to do than to cause trouble and start fights with people that are just trying to make a living for their families. They are deliberating hurting these businesses and there is no reason why they should be doing it.

The dirty Democrats are in full support of these actions. Instead of slamming their opponents they have resorted to torturing their voter base. In one instance the Democrats are threatening to release a list of 100 businesses that are owned by Trump supporters. It is no one’s business who people vote for in any election.

The Democrats are illegally trying to threaten people to vote Democrat or face a loss of income for your election choice. Each threat is being issued over social media which reaches thousands if not millions of people every day.

One public official has stated that “They want to cost people their livelihoods just because you don’t agree with them politically.” This is nothing new with the monsters called Democrats. They threaten people with harm and death if they will not support their wacky causes. It is a danger to the average person that is seeking to vote in the next election. But conservative voters will not be stopped from casting their votes just because some liberal cry babies are looking to inflict harm.

The public official also stated that “People who they just don’t agree with, they want to take and punish. I believe this is a fascist behavior, and I reject it.” This kind of threat is happening all over the United States. The Democrats know that they are defeated in 2020, so they are trying everything to keep people from voting. The Democratic Party candidates, of course, are in full support of these illegal actions. Not one of them has yet to condemn the actions of these people.

One commentator also noted that “If we start boycotting individuals for their political views it’s just as bad as a pharmacist who won’t give contraception because of their ‘principles.’” Shaming people for their political views is like a child making fun of another kid on the playground because of what they are wearing. The Democrats are a bunch of bullies, and they need to be stopped.

The media, of course, are not condemning such actions because they are the puppets of the Democratic Party. They report what they are told to report. The very idea to shame Trump supporters will ultimately fail in the end. For the past three years, the Democrats have been trying to silence the majority but have failed at every turn. All they have done is exposed them for the fools they are. They are not worthy to sit in places of service to the American people because they have forgotten what it means to be an American.

Many local businesses have been under the boycott agenda but so have major corporations. These companies are being targeted because their upper-level management and owners are Trump’s supporters. The American people are quickly becoming tired of the actions produced by Democratic people. Is it ever a wonder that the Democrats want to disarm the conservative voter. Once they do they will be able to inflict harm without incurring harm back on themselves.

So many people are being hurt at the hands of the Democrats that it is showing their true colors. The only demon-possessed people could be blinded by the hate and threats of the Democrats and still want to support them. People that issue threats to conservatives need to spend some time behind bars with people that can show them what threats are really about. The Democrats do not discriminate against which people they are willing to attack. The little AOC is a good example of being threatened with death if she did not stop making fun of wormy Cortez. And the young teenager who took a stand for the unborn was hissed at by demon-possessed Democratic baby haters.

73 thoughts on “Lazy Liberals Boycotting Businesses to Bully Conservatives”

  1. Sick Democrats again Debra Messing Will& Grace Star started this crap and should be put in Jail even though she backed out of requesting a list of Trump supporters and Businesses. What does this tell you ? Democrats are trying to make america a Socialist Country nothing less . They must be stopped

  2. I am totally against boycotting any business just because of the political views they have,
    but I have refused to spend any money at any democratic owned business.
    The democrats have ruined any chances to convince me that the Trump administration has done wrong.
    They can advertise the republican owners of businesses to boycott, but it just will not work. The broad view of that is just not possible. It would take a lot of organizing, and making sure that everyone lives up to the boycotts, would be a separate task all together.
    Just another democratic party fantasy
    in it’s own world.
    TRUMP IN 20/20

  3. this is now clear any person that votes for the democrits ( this spelt this way on purpose) morons in the 2020 election are in no way a Christian or have Christian values in any form at all, taking away guns will not stop the murders killing babies is not helping the usa in any way it is making you the nation of legal murders. an I will be praying that God brings to you democrits the curses, of discipline that he invoked against Israel 3000 years ago, with sores ansd captivity that you have never seen before that he will raise you to your bad in pain for going agAINST HIS LOVE OF cHILDREN AND PEOPLE WHO RESPECT hIS WORD AND HIS WAY i PRAY THAT THE LBGT OR WHATEVER THEY ARE CALLED GET THE MIOST DESTRUCTIVE DISEASE EVER THAT WILL MAKE aids LOOK LiKE A PICNIC, this is not hatred this is asking the Lord to come and deal righteously with you demons. to put the curses on the children of the clintons an obamas on all who are in the deep state that they suffer rightly before the people and i pray in the righteous name of JESUS

  4. F*CK the Democrats. Not ONE of them is a patriot, ALL of them are America-hating trash. They’re trying to create a Caracas, Venezuela or Beirut, Lebanon, a third world $HIThole out of the greatest country ever created by humans.

  5. SCRE* the dems…People of America vote republican……NEVER vote DEM……….There are quit a few lib dems that better watch their backs……All is not rosy in dem land……..They CAN”T intimidate ANYONE that doesn’t want to be intimidated……

  6. Demorrests, are the new Klan and their Grand Dragon is their Eight year. 8-ball wonder, Barrack Putin Obama. They follow the Alinsky Rules of terror, to get what they want to destroy the country. The old democrats, by any other name is still a Terrorist, out to destroy our country. Fake News is the Goebbels arm, that leads the Demorrests with their hate and loathing. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! they will make America bleed, till it dies as a once Great Country.

  7. Where do we get the names, addresses and email addresses of those threatening to vote pro-Trump people and businesses? This can be a two-way street and they too can be boycotted, particularly those “stars” in Hollywood and on TV.

  8. I sincerely wish that the Democrats would try to threaten me or, any of my family members. It would be their last day on earth and I’ll help them on their way to hell!

  9. Gee, I thought Voter Suppression was all done by those evil Republicans? We are finally seeing the Dimwits for what and who they truly are. We have two possibly three generations lost to their indoctrination and brainwashing, do we allow it to continue?

  10. Our GOP, has its haters of President Trump and the job he is doing. they are the Olde Guard Establishment, the elite who lost power and loath, President Trump for giving us back our country.
    There is those Back stabbing haters, who we should ear mark and send packing; Senator Mike Lee, who teamed up with another rat, Senator Mitt Romney to block out the advancements President Trump has secured. This is the swamp working with the Establishment to curb the building of the Wall by stopping the funding procured by the President. Romney and Lee will dare to stop the building of the wall, this is the stench we are forced to work with while they undermine a American Security Problem being corrected by our President to complete the wall.


  12. The Democrats are nothing but little, crybaby bullies who want to punish people for their views just because you don’t agree with them. We need to get rid of these bullies now.

  13. It’s time the DOJ or FBI start arresting these liberals who are threatening the Republican party and teenagers. ENOUGH is enough. If the government won’t stop this violent then the American people will.

  14. We need to start fighting back hard. Start putting these rabid dogs down or they will end up killing our families.

  15. Maybe not in my lifetime but I fear that either in my kids or their kids lifetimes, there could be another civil war that once again the conservatives will defeat the liberals and their hateful rhetoric. So good that my kids all know how to correctly handle firearms because I fear the way it’s going, they will have to protect themselves from dangerous thugs like ANTIFA or crazy liberal extremists. Trump 2020!!!

  16. So they are trying to steal votes now, or should I say again. How can they have any kind of pride by doing this. Better yet, as I have asked a million times, WHY ARE democrats STILL IN CONGRESS??? I didn’t capitalize democrats because I have no respect for them anymore. Demonrats hate America and it’s people but we are still paying them to screw America and it’s people. WHY??

  17. The Dims are controlled by SATAN, but don’t realize it. IF one attacked me, they’d be extremely sorry. I’d use every dirty fight trick in the book. IF I had a gun, I’d start shooting! And, I advise anybody that DOES have a gun, you need to hide it well. Some place where they won’t find it. They don’t realize that we WON’T lay down, & let them walk on us. GOD allowed Pres Trump to win, & won’t allow him to lose. He doesn’t want to see Christians punished, tortured or killed. And, that IS going to happen, ’cause it predicts it in the Bible. In the End Times a lot of BAD things are going to happen on this earth. Most of it is going to be destroyed by fire, which many believe is going to be caused by nukes. So better get ready. Shoot first, & straight.

  18. Guess that the only way they can win an election. If they f up your livelyhood by not voting communist. It going to be the same way with socialism. So guess you really don’t have a choice. Guess the Democrats are going to destroy this country either way… So vote the way you want while you still have the freedom to do so…

  19. I would NEVER VOTE for a party that tries to hurt someone’s business because they donate to another party. That is HITLER’S way. The DEMOCRATS has become the party of Socialism and Anti–Sematicism and uses the tactics that HITLER used in the 30’s. The DEMOCRATS are the Nazis and White Supremacists who demand that everyone should do things THEIR WAY. So, the American citizens need to open their eyes to who the REAL ENEMIES IN AMERICA ARE. IT CERTAINLY IS NOT TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICANS. VOTE RED AND REMOVE ALL DEMOCRATS IN 2020.

  20. Every demorat and their voters are traitors to the American people and the United States they are doomed because they are corrupt they are socialists they want open borders they want illegal aliens to flood our country so taxpayers can foot the bill we’re sick of their funny shit time to vote them all out they are corrupt dangerous people they’re insane! The American people will do away with every corrupt Democrat mark my words we are not taking any more of their rotten bulshit they’re done for! Democrats are dead as far as American citizens are concerned we will get all the corrupt ones out of office they will be voted out along with the radical Muslims that are in the house!

  21. Isn’t what the LefTards are doing similar to bigotry, harassment, or hate crimes? Even a kind of voter intimidation or interference?

    *Whoever intimidates, threatens, coerces, or attempts to intimidate, threaten, or coerce, any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, Presidential elector, Member of the Senate, Member of the House of Representatives, Delegate from the District of Columbia, or Resident Commissioner, at any election held solely or in part for the purpose of electing such candidate, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.*

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 720; Pub. L. 91–405, title II, § 204(d)(5), Sept. 22, 1970, 84 Stat. 853; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994,108 Stat. 2147.)

  22. There should be an ongoing list of every business or corporation boycotted by the Liberals. Us Conservatives can use the list to assure we shop where we will be free from Liberals.

  23. That’s ok, I’m boycotting Nike, Walmart, Under Armour, Dick’s Sporting goods, etc. I am spending more money at Chic fil A and Home Depot(even though that CEO is retired), Directv because of the NFL package, The NFL, The NBA, etc. I will not buy a Google phone or tablet, etc. Conservatives have money too and it’s just as green as liberal money and we tend to work harder and donate more to charity so if you want to play this game we can. We can segregate society and have liberal grocery stores and conservative grocery stores. We can use conservative search engines and conservative leaning cell phone carriers, etc., or we can just divide up the country now into two countries. You take wacko California and New York and Illinois and Oregon and Washington and we’ll take the rest.

  24. Thats fine with me i dont want to rub shoulders with those unclean Democrat/Socialists anyway. We Conservatives are shopping and spending more $ to make up for the potential few $ not coming from the unwashed.

  25. After 32 years of being in a unions 16 years Teamsters,16 years ATU the only reason I got out of the union is because Unions support the Democrats and I want to make sure that none of my money goes to this anti American cult. America walk away from the Democrat party.

    US ALL. EVEN THEM !!!!!!


  28. It is a crying shame that the democrat reps don’t denounce the stupid behavior of their base. It is a fascist behavior and it’s only going to hurt them in the elections. I never imagined that the democrats would stoop to this level and to lose so badly! Because they can’t be civil and call for civility, they will lose all of their control. All this rhetoric and bullying behavior only gets the GOP base and the moderate Dems to vote republican. Can the Dems really be that stupid? And we are paying these fools a minimum $174k! Maybe we are the fools too for letting it happen!

  29. why don’t you lazy ass Democrats get you a job ,you will be so much happier knowing that what you have is what you yourself worked for and it was not a hand out ,that could be taken at any time because it wasn’t really yours to start with. I know you people know that nothing is really free some way or another it is going to cost you something in the long run, i know you people are smarter than that. don’t let the Democrats see how them conned you in to their way of thinking, because they are not thinking with brains

  30. Democrats are demented. They are not normal in their thinking because their hatred has taken roots and they are growing all through their bodies. It is a physical sickness when hatred consumes you.

  31. There’s No way on this God’s Green Earth, I’d vote for a Democrat today. There Criminals, who resemble the Communist party more each day. Threaten all you want, and see what happens.

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