Biden’s Secret Deal Exposed; Busted for Lying

Joe Biden has lost touch with the America people. He has now tried two different times to make it to the White House and has failed each time. He does not know anything about personal boundaries as his staff has had to remind him repeatedly to not grab women as he does on multiple occasions. And he does not know how to answer questions directly. He loves to give high profile answers that just do not make any sense. And now it seems that Joe Biden has been a little shady with his dealings with people and what he stands for on the political ticket.

Joe Biden used ran on the joke of a campaign for the Obama administration as they would lead America down the path of ruin for eight years. It wasn’t until President Trump was elected that the nation would see healing from an era of ruin and bad policymaking. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The Democratic Party would go on to lie to the American people year after year under the pathetic leadership of Obama and Joe Biden.

Biden has been very vocal about things that he seems to care about. So much so that he has been caught lying to the American people. He has been lying about what he truly cares about. Joe Biden claims to care about the climate and the environment and everything that goes along with it. While at the same time take campaign funding from companies in the fossil fuel industry. The whole premise of Joe Biden caring for the environment is false because he is taking big money from what he would say are companies destroying the world. And yet here he is stuck in their pockets. Joe Biden does not care about the environment, the country or even the people. All he cares about is how much money he stands to make as the president.

The very fundraiser that he was putting on was held in the home of Andrew Goldman. This man is the founder of a successful natural gas company. It stands to reason that if you hate the fossil fuel industry because you believe that they are killing the planet, then the last thing you would do is support them and take money from them for your campaign. This move of his came just moments before he was set to speak and meet with people he associates with at a climate meeting. Biden would say “Folks, I know there’s been a lot of attention paid to you showing up tonight. More than I think you anticipated.”

This statement means nothing to the people of the nation as Biden’s actions do not match up with what his mouth is saying. Even his opponents have questioned his truthfulness. And his opponents are known to be liars as well. Joe Biden is the liar of liars. He cannot be trusted with what he says and how he acts out what he says he believes. No, wherein his polished defense did Biden ever say what was misrepresented. But everyone could gather that he is what is being misrepresented by what he says and by what he actually believes in. He will be a person that will misrepresent the people of the United States.

The last thing this nation needs is another Democratic liar like Biden and Obama. The world is finally starting to trust the United States again because there is a truthful president in the White House. Unlike Biden who stated “I just want to be very clear to everyone here: I am committed to not raising money from fossil fuel executives, and I am not doing that tonight. Climate change presents an existential threat, and it is real.” The problem for Biden is now no one believes him. When a person pledges to not do something and then secretly does it they lose the support of people. Joe Biden is about to see what is the backend of something feels like because he has lied to the American people.

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