Democrats Take Mysterious Trip to Mexico, Now the Secret is Out

The deceitful Democrats have taken secret trips to Mexico, and they are not wanting to divulge the reasons why they felt the need to go south of the border. The Republicans have given the dumb Democrats a taste of their own medicine when they started asking for answers.

They want to know the details of the trips that have been taken to Mexico while the staff of the dumb Democrats was touring the detention centers. In one instance there is a report where a Democrat was caught telling a migrant exactly how to take advantage of the U.S. Immigration laws.

The Democrat’s complaints of the detention centers were nothing more than a distraction so some of their criminal people could go behind the backs of Americans and train people on how to cheat the United States. The Democrats have been caught and now it is time to answer for their crimes.

Jim Jordan is the Republican hero that is heading up the questioning. He has found that there were two trips where the staff of the Democrats crossed the border and needed to have Border Patrol escort them back across the border.

The secret is out. The disruptions at the detention center were to keep the focus off what these two groups were doing at the border. Jim Jordan has written, “Although you have the authority to direct Committee staff to travel internationally on official committee business, you have not explained why you authorized this travel into Mexico or what you sought to learn through these trips.”

Come to find out that the Republicans were never told about the trips. Cummings kept them in the dark because he was up to something illegal.

Jim Jordan is onto the truth. He went on to say that the Democrats were wanting “to delegitimize the administration’s border security efforts and vilify the men and women who protect our border.” He went on to point out that many believe that the trips “could continue to result in misleading information about the administration’s border security efforts.”

The Democrats that went over the border were up to no good. So far Cummings has not provided an answer to Jim Jordan which makes him look even more suspicious. The Democrats are seeking to sabotage the president at every turn. But they are being discovered.

In one instance it was discovered that staff from one Democrats office was caught coaching migrants on how to cheat the system. Something that could be considered to be traitorous. Escobar is the Democrat being accused of such actions. And like every good Democrat denial is the first thing off their evil lips.

Jim Jordan has asked several key questions of Cummings as to why they were in Mexico in the first place. This is another instance where the House Democrats believe they are above the law, and they think that they can do whatever they want without having to answer for their crimes.

These kinds of actions were well hidden when the Democrats went on their fake tours and caused such a disturbance that they were all banned from ever returning to the centers.

Now the world is beginning to see that the Democrats are acting as one big organization with the intent on destroying America. They are coaching the enemies of the country.

These are actions of traitors and spies. Each person that went on the border trip needs to be thoroughly questioned and then placed in prison for their part in attempted sabotage of the president’s agenda for the border.

The dubious Democrats are a bunch of people that are rude and crazy. They have caused a lot of problems over the past 10 years that President Trump has had to clean up. And not that he has cleaned up the worst of the mess the Democrats are all fuming mad at him and are wanting to destroy the man from the inside out.

They have personally fought him at every turn and now they have been caught coaching the enemy on how they can cause harm to the American people.

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