F-Bomb Aficionado Beto O’Rourke Throws His Hands in the Air

Ever since Beto O’Rourke dropped the f-bomb regarding the second shooting that happened in Texas, he’s thrown his hands up in the air. While it seems like the f-bomb got him some added headlines, it doesn’t appear to get him anywhere with the voters. He’s already qualified for the September and October DNC debates, so it appears he’s taking a very different tactic with his campaign, at least for a little while.

Beto has a new, carefree attitude that doesn’t seem so in-your-face as it once was. However, many strategists wonder if this means that he has given up all hope of actually becoming president. If he does still have those hopes and dreams, he has to get serious. He’s way behind in the polls and most strategists don’t think that there’s a way for him to get a substantial lead to get the DNC nomination. That and Beto would have to stop dropping the f-bomb when he’s speaking publicly.

Beers in Boston

One of Beto’s most recent stops was in Boston. He didn’t want to have any kind of meaningful speech. He didn’t want thousands of people to gather while he did a formal speech. Instead, he stood in the middle of a pub, on a box, and spoke openly about whatever. He talked all about his proposed gun buybacks with a pint of IPA in his hand. He took pictures with people and ordered another beer.

Many are trying to figure out what Beto is up to. For someone who hasn’t seen double-digit numbers in the polls for months, spending time in the middle of a pub while talking about gun buybacks probably wasn’t the best political move for him.

No Sympathy

The biggest problem with Beto is that he’s lacking the sympathy that many voters are looking for. It started in El Paso when 22 people were murdered in Walmart at the beginning of August. This happened in Beto’s hometown, so many looked to him to see what he had to say. He got plenty of airtime but he blew it because he spent more time blaming Trump and pointing fingers at Republicans than showing sympathy for those who lost family members and friends.

He had another opportunity to show sympathy when another act of domestic terrorism happened in Texas, only this time it was in Odessa. He didn’t learn from his first mistake. Instead, he dropped the f-bomb. He cursed and showed anger as opposed to being poised and sympathetic. As such, he’s starting to break a lot of norms. He’s running his campaign with reckless abandon – and it’s not making sense to anyone.

Constantly Cursing

For someone to say that Trump isn’t political enough clearly hasn’t had time to listen to literally any speech that Beto O’Rourke has always given. He’s been known to drop the f-bomb on any given day when he’s talking – whether it’s during a news interview, in a speech, or simply questioned by voters on the street. A Democratic lobbyist, Moses Mercado, has said that he’s in a new phase of his political campaign where it’s like, “Okay, well, screw it.” It shows, too. Another activist, an O’Rourke backer in New Hampshire, says, “He has no f—s to give.”

Caring too much or not enough?

While some are quick to defend Beto, saying that he cares too much about politics, many wonder if he’s simply stopped caring. Since his campaign is pretty much stagnant at this point, it looks as though he’s given up and has just thrown caution to the wind.

It’s not like Beto has ever come in at the top of the polls. Even at the top of his game, he was polling in at the fourth or fifth stop. Even Andrew Yang is pulling up over Beto now.

He has said, “we will take away your guns” on more than one occasion in his home state of Texas. That goes against the culture of Texas, and strategists call it a no-no. Law-abiding citizens don’t want their second amendment rights taken away simply because others don’t follow the rules. However, guns or not, if someone wants to murder a dozen people, they’re going to find another way. Taking guns off the street is not the answer.

With Beto’s new carefree attitude, his desire to curse incessantly on Twitter and everywhere else, and his desire to take away guns, he can pretty much kiss his political career goodbye. At least he’s having fun while he’s lighting his career on fire.

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