Firing the Troublemakers: Everyone Saw it Coming But the Scandalmonger

President Trump has been accused of being a hard boss. Even before he took office some accused him falsely of being a person that no one could work with. But as has been proven through the years he has learned that to be successful a person must have the right people to work with.

President Trump has had to fire various people from his staff over the past three years that have refused to work with him on various issues. John Bolton is no exception.

The President has the right to hire and fire people from his staff that has become more of a problem than a help. John Bolton was known to disagree with the president on more than one issue. In truth, he disagreed a lot with the president on foreign matters. The last issue that came as Bolton’s downfall was his disagreement with the meeting with the Taliban that was supposed to happen over the weekend.

Bolton was known to not work well with other people. The president wrote about the firing, “I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration.”

Bolton was nothing more than a troublemaker for the staff at the White House. President Trump wanted to remove the troops from Afghanistan which was something that he promised to get done. He is a man of his word.

Bolton objected to the goal and warned against making a deal with the Taliban. He even stood against the president once he was released from his duties and said that he resigned and was not fired. After all, it sounds better to say he resigned than he was fired for his incompetence as an advisor.

Bolton was a person that had served in that role before under George W. Bush. He knows what he is talking about but it is possible that he was now out of touch with what needed to be done.

Even Mike Pompeo defended the president regarding his decision to fire Bolton. The man was not a team player and having that kind of personality on staff is dangerous and it was time for him to go. Pompeo stated that he was not even surprised to find out the Bolton had been fired.

It is like he knew it was coming. Things had gotten that bad with Bolton that everyone wanted him gone. Pompeo is right when he stated, “The president is entitled to the staff he wants.”

The maniac media have been reporting all kinds of things about this firing. Acting like Bolton was some innocent victim suffering at the hands of an evil dictator. But the media hates the president and will say anything to try to ruin his reputation.

The facts do not lie. Bolton was no longer performing up to the standards of his job description, so he was fired. This is no different from ant other person being fired for being a worthless employee to a company.

The maniac media wants the country to think that the president has messed up staff. But Pompeo set the record straight when he said “absolutely not. That’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard.”

The media has been asking some rather stupid questions lately and making claims that are just plain lies. Bolton did not agree with the president on everything. Which means their priorities were not on the same page. So it was time for Bolton to leave. Except Bolton would not leave so the president fired him.

The nation needs a White House staff that is unified behind the president. He is going beyond the role of the office to make the country great. The next person that fills that position will not have very big shoes to fill.

They will just need to be able to work well with the president so things can get done. President Trump has to fight so many enemies in the Democratic camp. He should not have to fight against his staff and loyal advisors.

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