Victims of 9/11 are Angry at the Four Musketeers

The most racist and anti-American group of people in the United States is none other than Ilhan Omar and the rest of the AOC squad of liberals that want to tear the country apart. There is no doubt that idiotic Ilhan and the other three terrorists of the squad have placed themselves as enemies of the United States. They repeatedly bash Israel, seek to remove the freedoms that Americans have died for, fight against their very own Democratic Party and put down Americans that disagree with them publicly.

Nicholas Haros Jr. from the great state of New Jersey has openly criticized the devilish squad and more specifically Ilhan Omar for their ridiculous comments made at the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. Terrorist Omar stated that “CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” The sad part about Omar is that she is an Islamic extremist herself with the intent of destroying America from the inside out.

The part of her statement that has drawn so many negative responses is the fact that she calls the horrible terrorists “some people.” She could not bring herself to condemn the people that killed innocent civilians in a coward attack on the buildings. She could not call them terrorists because she is one of them just fighting the United States a different way. She agrees with the Islamic code of rule the world at any cost. She would never admit the fact that she favors the mission of her Islamic terrorist brothers in their struggles against the United States.

Haros responded to Omar by defining the “who” did what against the American people. His mother and his friends and co-workers died in the attacks. And for him, this little terrorist comes along trying to appear sympathetic while being in full agreement with the attacks and gives a lame speech in which she dishonors those that died years ago. Haros is not going to let her get away with this action. Omar would have been a toddler when the attacks occurred. She has no concept of the loss that people and the nation suffered that day.

Haros said in a passionate speech to Omar, ” ‘Some people did something,’ said a freshman congresswoman from Minnesota. To support and justify the creation of CAIR. Today I am here to respond to you exactly who did what to whom. Madam, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done. There is no uncertainty about that. Why your confusion? On that day, 19 Islamic terrorists, members of Al Qaeda killed over 3,000 people and caused billions in dollars of economic damage. Is that clear? But as to whom? I was attacked, your relatives and friends were attacked. Our constitutional freedoms were attacked. And our nation’s founding on Judeo-Christian principles was attacked. That’s what some people did. Got that now? We are here today, congresswoman, to tell you and The Squad just who did what to whom. Show respect in honoring them, please. American patriotism — in your position demands it.”

Omar and the rest of the death squad have not even issued an apology or a statement regarding the remarks by Haros. These silly girls just see life as a game and do not care about the tragedies that define Americans. They are heartless and it shows all too well as they fake their allegiance to the United States.

No person believes anything that Omar and the other musketeers say anymore because they have lied and attacked mercilessly the very people that had hoped they would work to make America great once again. But they have instead tried to destroy the nation by fighting against the very freedoms that they enjoy. The squad is made up of demon driven people that are on a mission to destroy a godly nation. They just cannot accept the fact that America is “One Nation Under God.” The people like Haros and others like him are those that make America great. They care about the nation and seek to help others in need.

25 thoughts on “Victims of 9/11 are Angry at the Four Musketeers”

  1. Did their oath of office include overthrowing the government?? They should be tried as traitors and expelled from the USA. They sure as hell do not represent their constituents.

  2. I believe, like pretty much all aspiring would be politicians, lie to the people, saying anything
    and everything so as to make it look as if they want to let everyone know that they agree with
    the people! That is until they get into the office they want. Then that’s when the truth comes out.
    Yes, in my heart I do believe that Omar is against our united states freedoms, and is loyal to her
    radical ideals and to people like cair and the talaban! I only hope that the people that put her into office now see her for what she really is, and at the next voting, vote her backside right out of office. Oh, and by the way that also goes for her other radical partners, the two with the big mouths that don’t say anything, and that idiot bartender from the Bronx

  3. What the fuck is Omar still doing in office? I simply can’t understand it. They have proven factually that she has committed crimes that are severe enough to get her imprisoned Or deported. Why do we keep putting up with this racist piece of shit. Someone needs to grow a set of balls and deal with Omar And the other three bitches

  4. The ‘squad’ should be removed from Congress by any means necessary immediately. IF they cannot be removed now, then I would hope that the great Patriots in the states these people were elected from wake up and vote them out. It is sad that if they are not removed before the 2020 election, we have to endure their reckless attack of our United States of America, the greatest country on earth. Pelosi needs to ‘man up’ and get these idiots our of positions of responsibility.

  5. IMHO, he was way too respectful. It (omar)is a muslim PoS that doesn’t belong here (either culturally or legally) and Churchill was right about islam and muslims.

  6. Until the civilized world wakes up to the fact Islam is a totalitarian political ideology disguised as a religion, the civilized world is at risk from these barbarians!

  7. She along with the radical powers to be, were placed in office by whom? Fellow liberal commie’s affiliated,
    & financed by the likes of Soros & company.
    I can’t comprehend how a Democrat thinks. They (NOT ALL) represent a god-less society, one that wants to rob Peter to pay the illegal alien, Paul’s, of this world. I’m a Peter! I worked hard for 38yrs in Aerospace Industry. If I give my money away it will be to my children, not the “Pauls” of the world that don’t respect our laws, nor our border. Apparently the Left’s of our nation don’t believe we are a nation founded Under God.
    Terrorist Omar & “CAIR are pro Sharia Law, anti U.S. Constitution; so why are they here? Send them back to the hole under the rock they crawled from! Perhaps they simply want our county because it is clean, great weather, modern infra structure? Shame on congress & our so-called Representatives that have sold their souls to the devil, by attacking what our Forefathers have fought so hard, & long for, the freedoms that are slowing being stripped away.
    Churchill – & others have said it best -“Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” —Perth, Scotland, 28 May 1948, in Churchill, Europe Unite: Speeches 1947 & 1948 (London: Cassell, 1950), 347.
    AND “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” —House of Commons, 22 October 1945.

    May God have mercy on us all. Especially to those who’s ancestors came through Ellis Isl. long ago, desiring FREEDOM to worship their God. They came with no agenda but to assimilate peaceably, expressing their love for God & our county, the USA. Again, they’d come with their dreams, not to change us, but to join with us, sharing with us their trades. Working along side of us, not asking for hand-outs; only a hand up.
    They came to us legally! Not to change us! But change themselves from poverty, to prosperity. Never any demands to change our laws, let along our beloved U.S. Constitution.
    Lady Liberty said it best – WELCOME! give me your tired, your poor, your huddles masses yearning to breath free.( Emma Lazarus’ sonnet).
    TIME TO DO AN EXODUS FOR THOSE WHO HATE US! The “radicals.” Drain the swamp!
    I don’t know the facts – Jihad, Sharia Law? Who to believe?
    David Stilwell 79 yrs old. Concerned legal citizen. Concerned where this broken world is taking us. Concerned most about my grand children, & their children. We are – for now – a “Country Under God”.
    A country in support of Israel. Are our Muslim neighbors also in support of Israel? Just how long will God show us mercy? – – – Genesis 12: 1-3

  8. Just remember America. If you want to get even with the morons who are The Squad, vote there moronic Democratic ass’s out in 2020! It is really very simple. If you f–k with the bull, you will get the horns!

  9. Omar, is a enemy within…….pushing a self destruct button.
    We the people are a giant being awakened by a nothing more than a islamic tactic to gain support for a cult, that is obviously destroying parts of the world that was once peaceful.
    She hasn’t a clue, and a reality check is coming sooner than she thinks.

  10. I am so glad a true American, Nicholas Haros, Jr., has spoken out so frankly and freely in identifying Ilhan Omar, AOC and the rest of the squad, for who they really are — terrorists and enemies of the United States. BRAVO.

  11. I am so glad a true American, Nicholas Haros, Jr., has had the courage to speak out so frankly and freely in identifying Ilhan Omar, AOC, and the rest of the devil squad, for who they really are — terrorists and enemies of the United States and Israel. BRAVO!

    1. I am so glad a true American, Nicholas Haros, Jr., has had the courage to speak out so frankly and freely in identifying Ilhan Omar, AOC, and the rest of the devil squad, for who they really are — terrorists and enemies of the United States and Israel. BRAVO!

  12. Victims of 9/11 are Angry at the Four Musketeers ? I believe that they are more like the three stooges, with Rep Omar being to stupid to join in..

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