Could Pelosi’s Career Finally Be Over With A 2020 Challenger?

Nancy Pelosi has had a long career on Capitol Hill – and it’s the age-old story that leads people to wonder if politicians should make a career out of running the country. Whatever happened to running for a few terms, doing some good, and getting out? She’s as corrupt as they come. Now, there’s someone threatening her career, which is causing many Americans to get to the edge of their seats.

Pelosi’s district of San Francisco can’t protect her forever. There are other Democrats who would like to see her go, especially because she’s not getting the job done in DC like she used to be. She’s spent more time trying to block Trump from getting a win than to do anything that she promised her people of California. Her very own party is rebelling against her – and the Squad has laughed in her face.

Deanna Lorraine is coming for Nancy Pelosi’s seat for the 12th Congressional District in California. Lorraine is an author, commentator, and you to post. She has talked about what has happened under Pelosi’s leadership – with the Democratic Party hitting rock bottom. She has made a number of meaningful discussions, with a radical turn to the left. She has explained that the Democrats of today are not the Democrats of her parents’ generation.

Lorraine is bold – and she is a San Francisco resident with a conservative Democratic view. She is the author of “Making Love Great Again,” which is a book that restores the marriage and family in America. She believes is something that is needed in the country.

Although San Francisco can look like a far-left community, Lorraine is willing to bet that there are quite a few voters who are tired of Pelosi and her lack of leadership. Additionally, Lorraine is actually looking to do something about San Francisco – something that Pelosi has a long forgotten about. As a representative, Pelosi is supposed to be helping her community – and she has been so focused on heating Trump that she hasn’t bothered to help San Francisco.

DeAnna Lorraine wants to change all of that. She wants to get people back to work and focus on the homeless epidemic. The only thing Pelosi has done is make the situation worse.

Lorraine is the kind of moderate Democrat that the country needs – and someone who could truly give Lucy the boot that the speaker needs. Lorraine supports the border wall unapologetically. She is also a supporter of the second amendment.

With so many media specialist talking about how Democrats are boring, DeAnna Lorraine is able to stand out with a video that truly shows what she is capable of – and how she can defeat Nancy Pelosi to give San Francisco and the United States what it deserves.

Although Lorraine is a Democrat, she’s pro-America. She’s a realist and committed to getting the job done. The only thing Pelosi has managed to do throughout her career is to create a significant divide throughout the Democratic Party – and more so since becoming Speaker of the House. With the way the House is divided, it may be filled with three or four parties instead of two. As years have gone by, Pelosi has proven that her leadership skills are inadequate, especially when it comes to dealing with AOC, Omar, and the other women of the Squad. They have not fallen in line with Pelosi’s leadership and only made it harder to get things passed in the House that can have a significant impact on the way the country is run.

Nancy Pelosi needs to realize that she is not the only option that San Francisco has if they want to vote in a Democrat. She has proven time and again that she is incapable of managing the House of Representatives. She is also proven that she is completely out of touch with what Americans want. She would rather fight with Trump and work on impeachment than to put important bills on the floor for representatives to vote on.

Pelosi is one of the swamp monsters that Trump has been committed to draining out of Washington DC. She’s exactly what’s wrong with American politics and it’s time that she is booted off of Capitol Hill once and for all. If anyone is capable of giving the Speaker the boot, or rather the stiletto, it very well might be DeAnna Lorraine. She’s young enough to grab the eye of more of today’s voters while being committed to helping not only the country but also San Francisco.

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