GOP Senate Rejects Congress Crushing Democrats

It has been an uphill battle every step of the way when it comes to the border wall being built.  Democrats have fought the president every step of the way, and even after a window of opportunity presented itself, the president and the GOP are still struggling to get the job done.  This time there is a guarantee the wall will be built because the money is available and the Senate is owned by Republicans.  The president also has his pen ready for a veto just in case.  The wall will be built one way or another.

Democrats are attempting to put an end to the border wall request from the president and stop him from using the money without Congress approving the spending method.  The method of spending had no stipulations when given approximately $700 billion to the Defense Department.  Since President Trump is going to use $5 billion out of the fund which is technically a “defense” issue, the Democrats are threatening to filibuster a spending bill for the Pentagon.  Several attempts have been made to build the border wall which the House has stepped in and denied every one of them.  Not this time!

The Senate is stepping up to back up President Trump as they are rejecting Congress’ attempts.  The Senate Appropriations Committee just passed a tentative, preliminary approval for $5 billion out of the funds already approved and will block all Democratic attempts from stopping the president on transferring the money.  This is a major victory for the president and the American people whether they support the wall or not.

Senator Committee Chairman Richard Shelby, of Alabama, wanted to approve $178 billion to go toward education and health and $55 billion to go toward foreign aid measures.  Since abortion would have aligned with the measures of healthcare and Democrats control the House, the GOP decided to hold off to avoid any funding for abortion.  Democrats claimed the GOP was “shortchanging the popular health and education measure” over the wall being built along the border.  Democrats are also outraged at the fact President Trump is using $3.6 billion more to fund 175-mile support structure to add to the wall in Texas where most of the illegal immigrants pass through.

What the critics do not get is there is more than enough to fund for the military, the wall, and everything else the package was made for no matter what part of the money it comes.  It is almost $700 billion to put to good use and where it is most needed.  But this will crush the Democrats in a major defeat if the president gets the wall, and they know that.  Everywhere the GOP sees fit for the money to go to better our beloved country, the Democrats are fighting to put an end to it.  It does not make one bit of sense because they approved the money with no stipulations.  Now, they are trying to stop the inevitable.

The two demons who control the Democrats in the House and the Senate both tried to play down the idea and make the president look bad yet again.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer threatened a filibuster unless the GOP pulls out of the money for the wall.  He stated, “What happens in the next few days and weeks will determine whether we can proceed with a bipartisan appropriations process this fall or not.”  There will be no bipartisan this time because the wall is coming!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promises the results, in the end, will be fair enough.  He stated to the Left, “In the end, the Democratic majority in the House should be able to protect what your priorities are.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bashed the Senate and the president by saying, “Just when you think you’ve seen it all, the children will pay for the president’s wall.  This is some kind of an ego wall for the president.”  We as Americans can say, “No Pelosi, ‘We the People’ want and need this wall for our protection.”  It would be nice if she and Schumer would be on the other side of the wall.

Senator Shelby closed out the committee with this statement, “I am determined to keep the budget agreement intact and the appropriations process on track.   Therefore, where we are able to advance appropriations bills consistent with the budget agreement, we will do so. Where we cannot, we will not. It’s that simple.”  Eventually, something will pass both chambers.

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