Eric Holder Warns Dems Against Opening Borders

One of the major issues many Democratic presidential nominees are pushing for is a change in border and immigration policies. While President Trump has started building a wall and enforced stricter laws, these liberals would rather, open up the border entirely and everyone come flooding in.

However, it’s not just conservatives that don’t agree with them. Even some of their biggest supporters and party leaders are suggesting that they drop this issue. And that if they don’t, their campaigns won’t amount to much of anything against Trump.

Most recently, criticism of the open border policies many lefts contend for has come from none other than former President Barack Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder. Now Mr. Holder has made a fair share of mistakes in his day, particularly during his tenure under Obama. However, he is noted to know a thing or two about politics.

On Saturday, Holder appeared on CNN’s “The Axe Files,” hosted by David Axelrod, who was also on Obama’s staff as a senior advisor. During that time, Holder told Axelrod, “Democrats have to understand that we do have to have – borders do mean something.”

And indeed, they do.

But the conversation was far from over. Axelrod then asked Holder what he thought about decriminalizing border crossings and if it would be a good idea for the Department of Justice. Holder responded with, “I don’t think that’s right. The law that is on the books has been there for about a hundred years now or so.”

This statement would suggest that he believes what we have in place is working. Or at least that is what he is trying to tell his fellow Democrats to save their campaigns.

Whether or not we think he actually believes this or not, we have to admit he is right.

Borders do absolutely mean something. Without borders, a nation cannot physically exist. It would merely be part of the countries around it.

Borders ensure that the people of America are kept safe and secure. That no one believed to have harmful intent can enter in and become a threat.

Just about everywhere you go any more, from the doctor’s office to the gym, they all have rules, regulations, and agreements that must be abided. And when someone violates those rules, there are consequences. It may be a fine, probation, being kicked out, or even legal incarceration.

Our country is no different.

Yes, we will allow immigrants to enter. After all, our nation was built on those coming from other countries and has become strong because of the diversity within its borders. But only so long as they can prove to be law-abiding acting members of society. We have to have rules about it.

If not, we will fall apart. We will continue to see crime rates go up, and our economy will come crashing down around us.

But Holder’s warning is not likely to be heeded by those in the race for the White House.

The first reason is that many on left believe that opening our borders will allow thousand more potential voters to enter the playing field and support their agenda. If the left is going to get enough votes to win, they need to appeal to the Hispanic community. And what better way to do that than by being friendly to those immigrating from predominantly Hispanic nations?

Another reason Holder’s words will likely fall on deaf ears is that the Democratic Party no longer has the same focus it once had. When the party was first established, and for many generations afterward, it was known for its support of the American worker. But leaders like Obama and Hillary Clinton have changed their focus.

Obama told us the manufacturing industry was dying out, never to return. And yet Trump somehow found a way to increase manufacturing jobs. Clinton said she would destroy the coal mining industry and but most coal-related companies out of business.

Apparently, the working class matters very little to Democrats now.

Instead, it seems they seek only to destroy the working class. They fight for identity rights, immigration leniency, and extreme gun control, all things that work against the average American and violate their Constitutional rights.

Holder may have been trying to do his fellow party members a favor, but it’s clear they have no interest in listening to wisdom, even if it is said for the wrong reasons.

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