Trump Goes Berserk and Sues Manhattan

The dumb Democrats lost the battle with their attempt to obtain President Trump’s tax returns, so they resorted to behind the scenes deal-making with Democratic states and cities to pass laws that would allow them to see the returns.

But even with all their jealous meandering, the president has once again put a stop to their dastardly deeds. The District Attorney Cyrus Vance is in bed with the Democrats as he subpoenaed the president’s returns. This time the president is doing the suing and this is Cyrus Vance that is on the receiving end.

Vance wants the past eight years of returns for President Trump. Vance claims that it is to see if there is any corruption that is connected with the president and his family. In all reality, it is no one’s business as to what President Trump filed over the past eight years. There is no legal reason that the returns need to be released. This is another attempt by the devilish Democrats to get what they have been denied for the past three years.

The Democrats are a bunch of dogs drooling with their tongues out waiting for the tax returns to be thrown to them as a chunk of meat. They just can’t help themselves. Even if they get ahold of them, they will be highly disappointed because there is nothing to find. The president is fighting this because in a way he keeps them from embarrassing themselves. President Trump has claimed that his returns are not being released because he is under audit. And that is a good reason. Even the Department of Justice and other organizations are backing the president on this one.

President Trump stated that Vance has joined the devilish Democrats in their “campaign of bad-faith investigations and harassment.” What an embarrassment to Vance. To be forever hooked up with a bunch of losers called Democrats. Vance issued his subpoena on August 28th. He wants the returns and for whatever sick reason he thinks he will see them. Well, now he is being sued for harassment.

Various dumb Democrats have tried to get the returns and all of them have failed. Trump has been accused of sex crimes and was found to be innocent. He was accused of collusion and stacking the 2016 election with Russia and was found innocent. In every attempt to discredit the president he has come out victorious.

This time will be no exception. President Trump will win the suit he filed and the Democrats can go back to licking their wounds like good dogs.

Vance is the subpoena prince behind the subpoena king Jerry Nadler. He has issued two different subpoenas towards Trump trying to get information that is not his to have. Vance will never learn his lesson.

When the highest legal offices in the world are backing the president and declaring with the IRS that there is no constitutional reason or probable cause for the returns to be released, then there is nothing to find. But that is not good enough for the demented Democrats and vicious Vance.

The Democrats and Vance will work with fake news media and come up with some kind of scandal that will be levied against the president. When the rational world sees innocence the corrupt world of liberalism and Democrats sees guilt. President Trump cannot legally be subpoenaed while he is office because it is unconstitutional. Vance is going to lose big-time court.

When confronted with this truth Vance and the team claim that they will not talk about it. They have gone silent because the embarrassment is starting to set in. Vance and his team were served up a piece of humble pie when they found out that they had crossed a line that they cannot legally go across.

President Trump is innocent and they know it. They just want to make their new liberal Democratic masters proud of them for trying to take Trump down. President Trump has a lot of good things going for him because he tells the truth and delivers on everything that he promises.

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