The Disease of Deception is Running Amok in the Democratic Party

Elizabeth Warren has joined the ranks of Democrats who are practicing deception for political and personal gain. Some of these politicians are even Presidential candidates and it seems that the disease of deception and lies is reaching an epidemic level. Perhaps someone should contact the Center for Disease Control to investigate what is going on within the Democratic party?

We have scandals surrounding Biden and his false and almost ridiculous promises during his current campaign leading up to the upcoming election have been well documented. Then there are those in Congress who also hold a strong voice and that has been deemed the next generation of Democratic leaders. One Congresswoman, in particular, has been accused of marrying her brother to gain his U.S. citizenship in addition to investigations of tax fraud. The most recent news surrounding this young Democratic leader even brings her true identity into question.

Most recently, who some are calling the frontrunning candidate to represent the Democrats in 2020 Elizabeth Warren has apparently come down with this mysterious virus or disease. It looks as if once you have caught it, your ability to tell the truth and act in an honest and non-deceptive manner is rendered useless. Whatever this disease is, it also appears as if the Democrats (young and old) have been spreading it around amongst themselves. Certainly, a call to the CDC might prompt at the very least a quarantine to keep this very concerning problem from spreading!

One story, covering the latest news of these deceptive practices by the afflicted Democrats, cast a light upon the aforementioned Warren. According to that story, Elizabeth Warren has falsely made claims to having a native American heritage – for more than three decades! As the story reports, her deception was called out by Sean Hannity, of Fox News.

Hannity, as the story went on to tell us, offered examples and evidence of Warren’s false Native American claims spanning more than 30 years. One example was in 1986 when she indicated “American Indian” on the registration form for the state bar in Texas. You don’t have to look very hard to find the irony in this deceptive claim. In another example cited by our story, Harvard used Warren as a key figure to promote the University’s diversity. The story states that in 1995 “Harvard Law School News Director Mike Chmura began touting her as the first woman of color to be given tenure at the institution.”

The very next year, “in 1996, Chmura identified Warren as a native American professor in the Harvard Crimson campus newspaper.” Is it possible that Warren was unaware that she wasn’t a Native American? Is it possible that she was unaware of being touted and promoted by the Harvard Law School, as a “women of color.”

No, it isn’t.

Just to make that point clear and evident, we only need to look back at her run for the Senate in 2012. As our story also reminded us, “in her 2012 run for the Senate, she insisted her employees didn’t know anything about her Native American heritage.” Not only is that admission but it is also how many years after the first, the second and all the other times she was deceptive about her heritage?

No, Warren wasn’t mistaken about anything, like all the other Dems, mentioned and unmentioned, who have been deliberately peddling lies. It is either that or that disease that renders them incapable of truth-telling or honesty. What was the number for the CDC again?

That would be the more palatable and kinder explanation, wouldn’t it? Otherwise, this is simply a reflection of character and a meter of integrity. How unfortunate and sad would it be if this was the state of the Democratic party today? What if these were the best candidates for President they have to offer? What if indeed.

Native Americans, a prestigious establishment like Harvard, the American people, all deserve an apology. Don’t expect one though and if this disease continues to go unchecked, do expect this story to be followed by many others like it. What might be the scariest part of this ugly virus or disease is that we don’t have a cure for it.

Maybe that means the best thing we can do is keep it out of the Oval Office because if it took over?

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