AR-15 Production Is Suspended For Civilians

There has been a lot of talk about what guns civilians should have access to on the market throughout the United States. Some stores have decided to pull certain guns from the shelves so that people cannot buy them. Colt, a gun-maker that produces rifles, has helped to make a decision for the government. They have announced that they are suspending the production of the AR-15 in order to address consumer demand.

Colt will be focusing primarily on contracts that they have with the military and with police departments. This ensures that those who are meant to protect Americans will have the guns necessary to address problems.

According to Colt CEO Dennis Veilleux, the market for modern sporting rifles has been receiving an excess of manufacturing capacity. They believe that at the current level, there is an adequate supply of modern sporting rifles in the marketplace.

Colt experienced bankruptcy in 2016 and have emerged successfully. The company remains committed to the second amendment. The CEO has said that there are plans to expand the lines of revolvers and pistols.

This would go along with what most Republicans and Democrats are talking about in terms of gun control that these weapons would be acceptable because of their inability to be easily modified for going automatic and having large amounts of rounds.

Colt seems to have made their decision to suspend the production of AR-15 rifles based on business as opposed to the national debate happening about gun control. While it’s easy to see that they could be backing off of producing such a highly debated weapon, their thought is purely what’s right for their needs as a business.

Further, with coming out of a bankruptcy only two years ago, it makes sense that they are being cautious about over-producing a particular weapon. This move will allow them to focus more heavily on their contracts.

According to the FBI, statistics show that over 2.3 million people have been background checked in order to purchase guns. This is up considerably from prior month. The applications for background checks are one of the best statistics for being able to track gun sales.

The number of gun sales has been on the rise recently. There had been a decline following Trump’s election in 2016, which was referred to as the “Trump slump.”

According to Adam Winkler, a gun policy expert at the Los Angeles School of Law says that gun sales typically increase when gun buyers feel as though their Second Amendment rights and access to weapons are being threatened.

A large number of gun owners are found in the United States – and there are many states, such as Texas, where it’s not uncommon for many gun owners to have 10 or more guns in their possession.

Colt seems to be making the right decision, though it could alienate and anger the customer base. Often, gun owners will boycott gun manufacturers when they are viewed to soften to gun safety advocates.

Although Colt is no longer going to be producing AR-15 rifles, they could see a significant drop in sales of their other firearm brands.

AR-15s and other “assault-style” rifles have been used in mass shootings for the past few years. It brings up a significant amount of debate as to whether they should be allowed by the average civilian.

Beto O’Rourke, one of the many Democratic presidential candidates, has been pushing for a mandatory rifle buyback program. However, this doesn’t account for people who may use the rifles for shooting and sport. O’Rourke has yet to give specifics as to who can and cannot have a gun. However, he has also said, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15” during a presidential debate.

There’s a lot to explore with Colt’s decision to suspend production. They’re not the only manufacturer of rifles. However, if they’re not going to suspend production, there are still going to be rifles available for sale – which means that a decision still needs to be made about gun control.

The option is to either remove the rifles from the shelves so that no individuals can buy them or to create more stringent background checks so that those who are a potential threat to themselves or others cannot get their hands on weapons of mass destruction.

O’Rourke is the only candidate who has said that they’re going to come for their weapons. At this point in time, the Second Amendment is still safe and sound. In the meantime, people can be on the lookout for the expanding lines of revolvers and pistols from Colt.

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