VIDEO: Giuliani Tells Democrat to “Keep Your Lying Mouth Shut!” in a Heated Interview

When a person gets so defensive in a losing battle, they lie, yell, degrade, interrupt, and point the fingers.  When a person is telling the truth, they stick to the facts, are open to discussion, and explain their statements with ration.  Fox News held an interview Tuesday night with Democrat attorney Christopher Hahn and President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.  The Democratic attorney could not contain himself in the interview and proved a point many Conservatives already know.  Democrats will do anything to try and stop the truth from coming out.  Why?  Because it proves, they are “GUILTY AS SIN!”

Before the first question could be asked of Giuliani, Hahn cut him off from the beginning and was very disrespectful throughout the interview.  Giuliani was trying to give the facts when he had enough and told off Hahn, calling him a “moron,” a “serial liar,” and told him to “shut up!”  Hahn would not even let the Fox News host speak, and Giuliani had enough.

Hahn went off the deep end accusing Giuliani and Trump of “breaching political norms” and their “communications with Ukrainian officials regarding a political opponent, former vice-president Joe Biden, could be grounds for impeachment.”

Everything on the GOP and president’s side of the argument has been out in the open.  Over the weekend and the past few days, Giuliani has been on several news shows sounding the horn the American people should be listening very carefully to.  Giuliani is saying they told the public what they were doing, the president has admitted the phone calls and the military cut off to aid Ukraine, that there was no wrongdoing, and the Democrats still are picking the bones to find grounds for impeachment.  The president’s personal attorney has told the American people and the news media constantly about the documents and the proof they have to back up their statements.  Giuliani went as far as naming the culprits involved and countries which the real illegal activity has taken place.

As of Tuesday evening, the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called for the impeachment process to begin, turning the House Democrats loose to do as they wished.  The impeachment inquiries have now officially started.  Fox News Host cornered Attorney Hahn about the procedure.  The Democrats are continuing with accusations which are not proven.

She asked, “Shouldn’t the Democrats have waited until the transcript was released?  Why do this the day before the transcripts are released to the public and let the people decide if impeachment is the right call?”  Hahn altogether avoided the question and went back to attack Giuliani where he said, “Giuliani was making things up in his pursuit of Biden.”  He also called him “libelous,” to which Giuliani responded, “I should sue you for libel.”

Still, the Fox News host was looking for answers for her question.  Hahn continued to yell over everyone and continued to accuse Giuliani of false claims.  Both remained in a heated argument live on the news segment when Guiliani told Hahn, “Shut up, moron. Shut up. Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking about!  Keep your lying mouth shut!”

Fox News team had to turn off Hahn’s microphone to let Guiliani speak where he said he did meet with Zelensky’s representatives and “never discussed any kind of pressure about a criminal case or a quid pro quo.”

Fox News Host was fair and tried to contain the argument, but it was clearly Hahn who would not let anyone speak.  When the host finally got things under control, she referenced to officials who slammed Trump and Giuliani, claiming they are a team in a political coherence trying to stop the president’s political opponents.

Guiliani replied, while still being interrupted by Hahn, his interactions with the State Department are legit, the phone call conversation was legit, and he gave an assessment for his interviews over the past few days.  He stated, “I sure as heck know how to protect myself and my client.  It was perfectly appropriate, perfectly legitimate, and a completely authorized communication.”

So here we have every question answered to the best of Rudy Giuliani’s ability of what he was capable of answering without being so rudely interrupted.  And we have a Democrat idiot who avoided the hot seat questions by accusing, yelling, lying, interrupting, and to sum it up just plain ignorant.  Hahn showed in that interview exactly how Democrats work.  They do anything to create a diversion from the truth.

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