While the Left Complains About the Environment, Conservatives are Cleaning it Up

One of the most significant issues being raised among liberal lawmakers these days is climate change and what we need to do about it to sustain our way of life and the world we live in. They gather in large flocks to discuss the decarbonization of our nation, how to shut off all air travel, and why we should discontinue oil drilling and fracking. And yet, when it comes to actually doing something about it, it seems to be more of a ‘do as I say’ movement rather than a ‘do as I do.’

If you need any proof of this, look no further than the creator of the all-powerful Green New Deal that so many liberals back. New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, while spewing out constant rhetoric on how we should change the world, just flew in a commercial airplane, to a climate change rally in Colorado. That is a 3,340-mile round trip that spits out about 700 kilograms of carbon dioxide per passenger.

But she isn’t the only one. Just a few months back, one of the world’s most pretentious climate change conventions was held on the beautiful shores of Sicily. Here, several hundred of the world’s wealthiest and most affluential climate activists gathered to promote changes to the environment, all while traveling in million-dollar yachts, private jets, and sports cars that go through fuel like candy.

And while these liberal elites are all complaining about the changes that need to be and the money they need to start implementing these, conservatives are actually doing something.

A group of conservatives got together this past weekend in Los Angeles to help clean up city streets and homeless camps throughout the area.

It was reported that nearly 200 volunteers showed up to help facilitate the effort, and together they cleaned up about 50 tons of trash from the community.

The Daily Caller reported, “Conservative activist Scott Presler organized a street clean-up at a homeless camp in Los Angeles on Saturday and estimated that he and his team cleared about 50 tons of trash from the area.”

Presler tweeted out that morning, “It’s almost 9 a.m. & we’re removing waste from a homeless camp in Los Angeles. Why is an outsider from Northern Virginia here & not California elected Leadership?”

A good question, indeed. It would seem that the residents of Los Angeles and those of neighboring cities such as San Francisco aren’t worth their leadership’s time. And yet, isn’t that the whole point of having such leaders? To help out their constituents in need?

The area was so severely trashed and left to waste that the team was fitted with hazmat suits, heavy-duty gloves, and careful safety instructions on how to operate among the tons of trash left to rot within the streets. It was noted during these instructions that if they were not followed deadly diseases such as typhoid fever, typhus, and flesh-eating bacteria could be spread.

Presler made a note of this when speaking to the press, saying, “L.A. is completely different than Baltimore. How crazy is it that it’s 2019 – not the Stone Age – and here we are, having to worry about these kinds of diseases.”

Just in case you were wondering, these types of diseases ran rampant during the medieval period, as personal hygiene and living conditions were nowhere near what they are today.

And Presler isn’t the only one to note these conditions.

Dr. Jeffrey Klausner of UCLA’s Feilding School of Public Health says, “In major cities in the U.S., we hear about increasing numbers of encampments and people living in squalor. Those conditions are ideal for an increase in vermin like rats.”

Rats and other disease-carrying vermin thrive in places with lots of trash and waste. And when rats are present, many of these deadly and epidemic like diseases prosper as well.

California is living proof of this. In 2008, typhus was diagnosed in 13 people, which is spread by fleas on rats. Last year, that number rose to 167 cases, with 95% of those found in LA and Orange counties. The infestation is so bad within the city that even the Los Angeles City Hall was closed for a brief period due to a rat outbreak, during which the deputy city attorney was diagnosed with typhus.

Presler is absolutely right to question the state’s failing Democratic leadership. Maybe we should put him in charge, at least he is willing to do something.

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