ICE Does Its Job and New York Sues

New York seems to be the place that so many want to go. However, when it comes to how the government is run, they tend to be a hot mess. The Attorney General is currently working on suing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because they’re arresting illegal aliens.

At this point, you are probably trying to figure out why they are suing. One of the main reasons ICE is around is to arrest illegal aliens because they are illegal.

The state of New York is upset because ICE is doing their job, which involves identifying and detaining illegal aliens while also processing them for deportation. Letitia James, the Attorney General for NY State has been upset that ICE is arresting illegals that have been found around the courthouses in “her state.” She doesn’t find the whole process to be fair.

Of course, James is going to make the paperwork sound so much more official than what it really is. She is alleging that the US immigration and customs enforcement agency is performing “unlawful and unconstitutional” civil immigration arrests throughout New York City. However, civil immigration arrests are lawful and constitutional because it is the reason that ICE exists.

The lawsuit has been filed by the Atty. Gen. as well as Brooklyn district attorney Eric Gonzalez. They claim that the arrests are deterring witnesses from helping law enforcement while also preventing victims from reporting crimes to authorities because they are fearing detention.

Similar complaints have been occurring in California – though there hasn’t been much effect. These aren’t random raids. Instead, ICE has a warrant for people they have been unsuccessful in tracking down. ICE isn’t just randomly choosing who to arrest, either. They prioritize which illegal aliens to go after. If the illegal aliens are being targeted by ICE, it is likely because they have been charged with other, serious crimes as well.

Why is ICE picking these people up if they have a court date? Well, New York City has done this to themselves. NYC won’t allow the police to honor ICE detainers. They won’t be held in jail until immigration officers can arrive on the scene in order to take them into custody. As such, they have to track them down in the community, which is often dangerous, or wait until they can predict where they’ll show up – such as a court date.

NYC and the state of New York as a whole have been working to make life easy for illegal aliens. Meanwhile, they’re making it increasingly more difficult for immigration officers to do their job.

The state doesn’t seem to mind the word “illegal” in front of the title given to illegal immigrants. They have recently approved driver’s license for illegals, even though there were a number of voters opposed to the idea. The motor voter program has plenty of issues, so it’s likely that many of the illegal aliens will show up as registered voters, too – and that’s another serious problem.

The reality is that the Attorney General can sue all she wants. It’s not likely that the lawsuit will go far since the ICE is doing their job. Federal agents can make arrests anywhere they want – including around the courthouses. There’s nothing illegal about what they’re doing. They’re choosing to do it that way because it makes it easier for them to do their job. And, it might be helpful to remind some of the NYC Democrats that it was a policy started under the Obama administration.

Too many states, like New York and California, want to think that they are above following the federal laws. ICE has to remove illegal aliens because they are in the country illegally. By keeping them in the country (and providing them with benefits), it puts a drain on what the federal budget is supposed to go to – legal, law-abiding American citizens. However, if people like Letitia James and others in NY and CA don’t put up a fight, they’re not going to have anyone to vote for them. Too many Dems want to cater to the illegal aliens in order to get votes. They can’t get votes from the legal Americans because they’re not doing enough for them. However, if the Democratic politicians continue to help the illegal aliens, they can inflate the voting numbers and try to win. It’s crooked, but it’s what the Dems do.

The lawsuit just shows off how ridiculous New York is being and how they clearly don’t understand that ICE is doing the job they were hired to do.

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