Watch: Maxine Waters Says Trump Deserves Worse Than Impeachment

Sometimes when we see people doing something that is futile and that we’ve seen them do a hundred times before we are inclined to feel sorry for them. We might begin inquiring about mental health issues or simply take pity on them. Maxine Waters, however, makes it difficult for us to feel sorry for her regardless of how futile and absurd her actions are and continue to be.

Waters (D-California) who is the Chairwoman for the House Financial Services Committee as one story reported is hell-bent on impeachment. That story reporting on one of her latest tirades has Waters claiming that the President is aware that he “deserves” to be impeached. She also suggested that he should be placed in “solitary confinement,” seriously!

Then this voice of union and leadership, that so many stop to take heed of called out the GOP. According to the story she said, “I’m calling on the GOP to stop Trump’s filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed.”

In fact, impeachment wasn’t even enough for Waters as she pushed the bar even higher (this was where that insane solitary confinement statement was heard). During that tweet, she said “impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is imperative.”

Well now, Ms. Waters, why don’t you tell us how you really feel? And she did, as she tweeted this gem: “Trump is so irresponsible & so hungry for power & control, he would dare imply that a civil war will ensue if he’s impeached. He is dog-whistling to his white supremacists to create fear & intimidation b/c he knows he is going to be impeached. He knows he deserves impeachment.

Here is an irony that would almost be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that she is serious and that the situation is so sad. Remember, this is the woman who called on the GOP to address the President and issues like his “filthy talk.” Yeah, that makes sense because there isn’t anything “filthy,” sick or gross about calling someone a white supremacist!

Perhaps someone should look into the books for what the punishment for unprofessional and profane behavior is, especially for the House Financial Services Committee Chairperson. But she didn’t stop at Trump either as she set her sights on the Attorney General as well.

Our aforementioned story went on to report Waters saying “AG Barr is the highest law enforcement officer & the worst… he’s supposed to be the people’s lawyer, but he’s just Trump’s puppet. He’s been caught soliciting foreign countries’ help in undermining his FBI & our Intel agencies. He should be Trump’s companion w/impeachment.”

So let’s impeach or imprison (both if she could have her way) the President of the United States. Then let’s take down the Attorney General, William Barr because he is in cahoots. Then… you see where this is going – right? Don’t think there isn’t motive and maybe something a bit more personal here too. It is no secret that Waters has been shouting “impeachment” for almost as long as we can remember now. So every time she failed (which is every time), it had to be a little bitter. Now as she is watching her latest impeachment hopes dwindle with the Ukraine transcripts release, she has become just plain mean.

We won’t even get into the time invested, money spent (our money), and the wasted energy of these present and past attempts to find wrong-doing. Waters was even reported saying by our story that “there’s lots more coming from all six of our committees… whether it is the Intelligence Committee or the Foreign Affairs Committee or the Ways and Means Committee, this president has clearly defined himself in so many ways, disrespected the Constitution of the United States, embraced Putin.”

By the way, when does something constitute slander, especially of the highest office in the land? Here is a new idea, maybe the Republicans should start a counter-initiative and start a new policing committee? For the first step of this new committee, they could begin by demanding that Maxine Waters the Chairwoman for the House Financial Services Committee be removed based on filthy language, slander, and other charges.

Based on her own standards, it seems there is more than enough evidence and reasonable grounds doesn’t it?

161 thoughts on “Watch: Maxine Waters Says Trump Deserves Worse Than Impeachment”

  1. Maxine the MORON, should have her head placed in a toilet, and then, someone, flush……..and keep flushing…….she’s a big piece of turd shit………

  2. We think YOU deserve whatever is coming to you! You have called for Republicans to be killed and harassed and run out of restaurants! I wish all of the things you wish on Republicans will happen to you!


  4. This is s very ignorand demoncrat. She is a baby killer and an advocate of racial genocde of her own people. A truly evil person. Put her away in 2020. For the good of all the babies yet too be born

  5. Maxine wants to silence Trump from Twitter and CNN, but exercise her freedom of speech with toxic hate. Another example of despicable democratic double standards are talib’s impeach the Mother Fu*#er tshirts, but ban the red MAGA hats. The last thing the dems want to do is make anything GOOD about America!! Trump 2020

  6. Mad Max Waters what can you say ? Plenty with her racism show’s her true colors, she can’t stand white red brown yellow people she HATES everyone . Just how do these brainless demoncrates pick these looser ? Like Omar tlaib AOC Schumer Schiff pelosi and Hillary Obama stacking the deck with Brennan clapper Comey struck page, the end times say your government will act like children, be confused like boys wanting to be girls. Transgender just not God’s way sorry folks your own parents confused you. Buttiegie your days are numbered telling God he made a mistake. an abomination to my God . Enjoy this life because it’s your last.

  7. Just looking at her face, is torture………..she is a moron, an asshole, as dumb as they come, and, a brain dead nit wit to boot………….

  8. Maxine waters is the one who should be in jail….check out how much of the 5 billion $’s she and others of the black caucus got from our tax money that was supposed to go to the people of Haiti after a hurricane in the 90’s. They were hooked to Clinton while he was Pres. and they all got a piece of the pie…they all need to be investigated…
    She also lied in this clip when she said Trump made that crude remark to Billy Bush, while getting off a bus, during his campaign. That incident occurred in 2005. But who cares about the truth?

  9. Waters belongs in an institution for the insane and not in congress. Absolutely nothing qualifies her for a representative of sane people. She is totally crazy and foul..

    It seems many of the democrat leadership are using the word “constitution” in their rhetoric of trying to take down President Trump. I doubt any of them has ever read it. Or as Pelosi would say “we have to pass it to find out what is in it” Does California elect nothing but trash to represent it ? These people are SICK !

  10. This immoral ding a ling Has wanted him impeached from the time Trump was first elected,she accuses him of the things they are doing,these idiots are all insane,what every she deems right for him should also happen to her,she can show all of us how brave she is when trouble comes her way and it will,I hope someone runs against her and takes her sorry butt out,or some nice Californian does blow her to hell.

  11. I once felt sorry for this woman until it came her turn to read a portion of the Mueller report to the country. It was apparent that she can not read there no is kind way to say it, she is an idiot. Someone please explain to me how she can be elected from a district she doesn’t reside in and is a chairperson in congress. She is an embarrassment to our country…

  12. Maxine Waters should step down.She spreads hate.When I listen to her she is a anti white politician.President Trump? Let’s discuss Biden’s shady dealings.

  13. Maxine Waters needs to stop this insanity! She divisive! She’s negative! She’s hateful! Maxine Waters, ask God’s forgiveness and get your act together!!!

  14. A Detroit news reporter was forced to resign for comments she made off air to her co-workers. Yet this psycho, worthless politician gets away with saying these things about our President without backlash nor consequences. What is wrong with our Congress?

  15. How about confining our President to have to listen to the ramblings of Maxie, little Adam, Big Gerry, and last of all, the voice of the bartender from NY . If that does not drive him crazy, nothing will. I would not do that to anyone, but I think our President would weather the storm rather well. RVN 68-69

  16. And what do we do with crooked Mad Maxine Waters? Somebody please play her the video of some years back when she said Impeachmnet is not the proper way to remove a President from office in a Democracy, elections are!!! I guess the old bag has forgotten she said that, or is too dishonest to agree!!

  17. Whatever happened to respecting the office of the President? I guess ever since Bill Clinton and his oval office antics the Presidency just isn’t respected like it used to be……

  18. She can say whatever she wants and nothing happens to her. If Trump said anything close to what she says the democrats would again go for impeachment. There is a double standard in congress.

  19. I know Maxine Waters is a nutcase but does every Democrat realize that they have Joe Biden on tape doing exactly what they are claiming President Trump has done? They also have Biden on tape being asked if he ever speaks to his son about his foreign business dealings and he flat out says no never. That should be the nail in the coffin. All they have to do is read the actual transcripts of the phone call between Trump and the president of the Ukraine. Not the twisted made up version that was completely distorted to fit the Democrats needs to continue this impeachment witchhunt. The only good thing about this is that they’re so still focused on him Being elected in 2016 that 2020 we are going to retain the Senate, gain control of Congress and Trump is going to stay put right where he is in the White House

  20. The messenger of ghetto mentality and jungle justice, from a flaming idiot who does not even live in the district she is supposed to represent, a real piece of work, the devil’s work, but not the work for those who voted for this black trailer trash.

  21. Don’t forget when she said “Knock off the first and go after the second,” in response to the fact that if Trump is gone, they still have to deal with Pence.

  22. Maxipad Waters is definitely gone around the bend. Joe Collins, an African American conservative veteran, who has lived his whole life in her district Is running to push Maxipad out. Vote for him.

  23. In my uneducated opinion, the dems are afraid if Trump stays in office and gets reelected we will find out where and how much money they have stolen from the American people. It could be that a lot of people could be in a lot of trouble. Also when I joined the military in 1975, I was told that I would have free medical,dental,vision,and a pension, for life if I retired after 20 years. Well 1 out of 4, I guess I should be happy that at least I still get a pension, even though it is taxed. Why is it a politician gets free everything, even after only 4 years. I call that a breach of contract, and once a warrior always a warrior who will fight for his/her COUNTRY and CONSTITUTION UNTIL DEATH! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  24. Maxine Waters belongs in a Dementia type nursing home. She lost it a long time ago. How can people recite for her (or are they playing with the democratic votes as usual. She lied , when she took the oath of office to uphold the constitution of US. She is taking the freedom of the Republicans away, with her retoric. She does not stand for the people, she stands for the socialist(fascist, communist) party. She makes a lot of money for herself, selling us out. (Soros-Farricon-left agenda) sorry soul!! Evil unleashed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. How do these people get into office? Who voted for her? Aside from the mental instability she is affilcted with her appearance is comical. She looks like someone grabbed a lowlands silverback and threw a cheap wig on her.

  26. Maxine Waters is showing signs of mental derangement….the kinds of things she is spewing out of her BIG mouth is very dangerous and can lead to her dismissal from her House seat….it’s borderline threats, and she needs to be careful of what she says, esp. against the President. She could end up in prison. Also, she and her daughter need to be investigated for what has been rumored to be financial fraud involving monies of depositors or investors in their shady financial business. Another Biden? Maybe….


  28. Mad Maxine needs to be changed with all criminal offense she is committing with all her threats. She tries to start riots against Americans which makes it a terrorist act. She is mental ill and needs treatment and out of congress. She should be made to take all the money she stole from the taxpayers and put it towards the people in her district were it was supposed to go to begin with.

  29. Well Mad Maxine Waters is unhinged. She reminds me of a character whose name also starts with a “M.” You remember the movie “Clash of the Titans?” There is a fantasy character named Medusa. Medusa’s mother was impregnated by a snake or serpent and Medusa was born half human and half serpent. They say she was so ugly that anyone who looked upon her face would turn to stone. It’s not Waters looks but her maniacal attitude and speech that rubs me the wrong way. By the way to makes matters worst, Medusa had snakes sticking out of her head instead of hair. Does that metaphoricly remind you of somebody?

  30. Maxine Waters, just like most Dems if not all, is probably guilty of crimes and being part of the deep state of corruption. They just don’t only hate President Trump, they disdain for him for being instrumental in doing away with corruption in Washinton DC and the rest of the country. Linclon, Reagan, and Kennedy are the ones that got in the deep state’s way except Reagan who survived the attempted assassination.

  31. We the people should go to her what the British did to William Wallace. Torture her, decapitate her, draw and quarter her body and send a piece of her to every shithole city here in California, starting with herd.

  32. Mad Maxine Waters is the one that NEEDS to be impeached. Going out in public & telling her “POS SUPPORTERS” to get in the faces of Conservatives & Trump supporters whether it be at gas stations, at Wal-Mart or any other public place and tell them to leave. They have NO business there.

    She & the rest of the Democratic Party are ALWAYS talking about Trump supporters & Conservatives being violent & aggressive. But the “TRUE AMERICANS” of OUR country are NOT the violent ones. The Liberals are. ANTIFA is a LEFTIST GROUP that terrorize & physically hurt Conservatives.

    They hide their ENTIRE faces though. If they are so TOUGH why don’t they show their faces. A couple of days ago an ELDERLY woman with her walker was just crossing the street & one of them started yelling obscenities at her while the other one had her foot in front of one side of her walker. About that that a man came to her aid.

    I’M CALLING THEM OUT. COME ON DOWN SOUTH ANTIFA. We Southerners are known for OUR kind hearts & wonderful attitudes toward everyone we come in contact with. But we DON’T take kindly to wussies like you that want to be violent to our families, friends& neighbors. Where I live; there is no COLOR difference. Black. White, Purple or whatever. We all bleed “RED”. AND WE DEFINITELY DON’T PUT UP WITH WUSSIE TRASH like you.


  33. As to the infamous Maxine Waters and all her boo hoo’s of tears over the fact “that man” is an illegitimate president. So, she thinks SHE is judge and jury. What happens if the courts decide that Waters is corrupt and has stolen millions that was the money for keeping her district from becoming a slum.? How’d she make all her money.? She was investigated 3 = TIMES AND MANAGED TO SQUEAK BY. SHE IS THE MOST CORRUPT DEM POSSIBLY MORE THAN CUMMINGS IN BALTIMORE. MANY OF OUR POLITICANS ARE MAD BECAUSE TRUMP WAS PUTTING A STOP TO THE Lobbyists not be able to benefit certain Congressmen/women..

  34. WOW! Why did Maxine leave out the reasons the American people voted for President Trump?
    Our President has exposed the decades of abuse that that the democratic party is guilty of. No mention of that, and what about Biden? Documents proves a shadow that he boldly admitted on television.
    If only Maxine knew the definition of transparency, and corruption.

  35. Don’t know whats worst trying to sing an Al Jolson “Mame” or trying to do a stand up by Moms Mabley. Waters is at her best when she keeps her mouth closed.

  36. Poor Maxine can’t help herself. The fact that her behavior is worse than a 10 year olds isn’t her fault. We all know it’s Donald Trump’s fault don’t we? All these Dems/ socialists/ communists ( or whatever they are calling themselves today) I prefer anti Americans know that there investigation s would turn up dirt on themselves if the roles were reversed. Why else would they be doing them if that weren’t the case? Most of them have been in one way or another have been profiting from their positions for years and continue to. I believe the word hypocrite is very fitting for these theives. They hate Donald Trump because he has turned out economy around? They hate Donald Trump because uneployment is at it Lowest levels? They hate Donald Trump because our stock market is booming? They hate Donald Trump because he’s putting America first? Only one thing left to hate him for…. Draining the swamp and cutting off their funds.

  37. Excuse me if I am wrong but threatening the life of the President is against the law. She should be visited by the FBI and Secret Service, maybe taken to jail ( see Guantanamo ) for threatening the life of the President. At a minimum she should be removed from public office, loose her government benefits and be banned from any public/government employment for the rest of her life.

  38. Maxine Waters chairwoman for the house finance committee…….what a joke! This gives her carte Blanche to illegally pay her daughter an enormous salary to stuff envelopes!!’ Pretty sure that if this would be investigated (but if won’t) she would be found guilty and would be removed from office and her daughter would have to look for s legal job!!! Republicans do your jobs!!

  39. Mad Max Waters is just plain evil. She goes beyond politics and descends to depths of hate nobody should go. She will have a hard time explaining to THE LORD why she spouts such vile hatred.

  40. You know it’s really hard to believe that these people are running our Country , look at Waters hands , she or anyone who talks with there hands are insecure , she is a Ding Bat nothing less, she causes trouble all the time should be helping the American people NOT all the bogus claims 24/7 every time she open her mouth she show how stupid she is

  41. this old bat needs to be thrown out of congress / you are the one threatening people you have never done anything for the American people ; it certainly should be in congress

  42. You, of all people, should NEVER talk about someone’s MENTAL STATE!!! You are a LUNATIC, and the World knows it! You don’t Do ANYTHING for the Community that HAS Supported you for DECADES! Then, you run around with your “Squawker Horn” and tell people to Misbehave when they see a TRUMP Supporter, or a member of his cabinet! YOU Definitely NEED to be Hospitalized for a Psychiatric Evaluation! You, and ALL of your CRONIES, have been in the SWAMP TOO LONG! You All have Enriched Yourselves long enough! DON’T RUN AGAIN! PLEASE retire, and just disappear! Get a New Wig while you’re at it! BYE FELICIA!

  43. My comment is “How did such an idiot become Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee”? Is she the best material we have in the House? We are in deep trouble if that is the height of intelligence in the House.

  44. I still don’t get how this Deranged pathetic excuse for a human being! Is still holding that office? She doesn’t live in that district. That district she represents look like uneducated , psychopaths and drug addicted fool’s anyway! So she is representing properly I suppose? But. Nut jobs should have no voice in real Government issues? They don’t abide by civil laws , rules or regulations anyway! The way they all look st get miniature rallies? They all look like they belong in prison anyhow!

  45. I REALLY LIKE the very last 2 paragraphs the best!

    By the way, when does something constitute slander, especially of the highest office in the land? Here is a new idea, maybe the Republicans should start a counter-initiative and start a new policing committee? For the first step of this new committee, they could begin by demanding that Maxine Waters the Chairwoman for the House Financial Services Committee be removed based on filthy language, slander, and other charges.
    Based on her own standards, it seems there is more than enough evidence and reasonable grounds doesn’t it?



  47. So do you., Maxine! You brought the threats you have been receiving because you were the one who called for our President’s impeachment! STFU!

  48. If this is the case, we can only state that many people believe that Maxine Waters Deserves far Worse Than the President! There is no evidence of a single crime by the President, yet Maxine has a history of illegal activities. Where does she think she lies in the time-line for punishment?

  49. Mad Max needs put in a mental hospital for life. I am sick of her big mouth. It is her fault that there have been attacks on conservatives because she is the one that told people to do it. She is out of her mind. She has done illegal things, she doesn’t even live in the area she represents. How much has she paid her daughter out of campaign funds to send out mailings? She isn’t above the law either and maybe President Trump should have her investigated,too.

  50. Yeah? and your one butt ugly gorilla, that needs to keep her mouth shut, because the Demonrats lie at every turn and are so corrupt, they all need to be removed from office. Common America you all have to start seeing this by now. How can she be a millionaire on her salary? First of all she is not smart enough to manage a bed pan, so where is the money coming from,
    drain the swamp, President Trump is not beholding to any one and can’t be bought off and this is driving these self serving
    Demonrat’s scum nuts. Watch News Max TV news if you don’t like Fox.

  51. Again, Auntie Maxine, Auntie Joyless Behar’s identical twin, with the shared brain and Identical IQ is at it again. It is encouraging to note that they are able to put together three words. Neither of them make much sense and neither are worth the time nor the effort to decipher what either of them mean. Ladies, go home, sit on the back porch with your swollen ankles up and stop, please, for the sake of your tiny l, thinly veiled reputation, stop talking and take a nap.There is no person of any intellectual ability who knows who you are, nor cares what you think or have to say. Each time you open your very large, repulsive mouth, you only confirm your irrelevance. Another great Conservative President once said:” It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant, It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” President Ronald Reagan

  52. Maxine should heed the following verse: Matt. 7:2–“For with what judgement YOU judge, You shall be judged and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.” I actually saw this literally played out in my husband’s employment. KJV

  53. Maxine Waters is nuts as she always has been. She better be careful. She might just end up in jail for all the things she has done. That would give me something to smile about.

  54. One thing Maxine is not a communist ass kisser like you are and he is not selling America down the drain like you got all your illegal gains having nothing when you went into Congress you’re nothing but a prostitute of the money and you were responsible for the deaths of all died for freedom your piece of shit!

  55. But she isn’t Racist, is she. She’s the one that should be in a Loony Bin. She has truly been out in the sun far to long.

  56. Maxine…of all people…you should realize how bad lynching is….and that is what you Dems are doing to this President! Harassment!! All done by green-eyed swamp monsters! All of the allegations you imply are garbage. Nothing is proven…only what Biden did…get HIM!!! What the Dems are teaching us is that the Dems get away with murder in what they say…and in what they do….and nobody raises a fuss. When a Republican sneezes the wrong way, watch out! You may end up in jail. The Media is bought and paid for by the Dem Party…who is bought and paid for by George Soros…the anti-Christ…the man who needs to be ousted from our society…many countries have already done so. Where HE is there is trouble. Maxine…quit hanging around deviates.

  57. Mad Maxine is a CRIMINAL and she knows President Trump is working hard to EXPOSE CORRUPTION and get the rot out of our government. A lot of the DemonRats are out for Trump, because he’s DRAINING THE SWAMP!!

  58. She’s obsessed with his sex life BEFORE being elected. I didn’t elect a choir boy, one maybe like Joe Biden or Bill Clinton. And how has Ms. Waters acted?

    She is the biggest hypocrite EVER!!! I hope it is shoved up her royal ass. She should be taking care of California rather than trashing Trump. She is a waste of a seat in government. Bla Bla Bla.

  59. Maxine Waters is one crazy piece of work. Another example of how much California admires its looney tune and bizarre characters . She belongs in a circus side show, but there she is – in congress. I would be surprised, but then again that is what I have come to expect out of that state.
    I feel sorry for the few sane ones that manage to survive there.

  60. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but it used to be if someone criticized or threaten the President
    of the United States of America, that they would be put in jail or prosecuted to the
    fullest extent of the law..

  61. When is Big Mouth going to get in trouble for inciting violence? What a loon and all she does is act like an activist to incite her lemmings base of fools who likely follow orders from Soros to enact the thugs to violence. She needs to be censored.


  63. Its more about what you deserve Maxine. You have profited from your position for a long time and I am confident that the scrutiny that you have earned would expose a person who has much to answer for.

  64. Maxine, you need to be in jail because of your hatred for any humans that don’t agree with your ideas! You say your life is in danger, but I don’t think anyone believes you are that important! If anyone harms you, it will be because the anger that you spew out of your own mouth!

  65. Maxine Waters is completely certifiably
    insane. She thinks that we forgot about her dirty BANKING TRICKS to help her husband’s investments in that bank.
    She’s a blooming idiot without enough votes to stay in her job. She should be investigated and prosecuted herself.
    Solitary confinement.

  66. Just think, this clueless moron is in charge of Finance and Banking. A gift from Nancy for her vote for Nancy’s speaker ship. You can tell Nancy loves America she put Americas greatest enemies in charge of important committees. Waters, Aoc, Tlaib, Omar, Pressly, Schiff, Nadler and it goes on and on, everyone of them hates this country. If clinton runs again that will be the last nail in the coffin.

  67. Maxine Waters could be very easily & Pleasantly replaced with a Moronic Baboon!!! She has the mental capability of a House Plant!!

  68. Whenever I read that name “Maxine Waters” all I can do is groan in agony. This woman has become so unbalanced in her hatred toward our POTUS that she will do and say whatever it takes (in her small mind) to make people actually believe what comes out of her mouth. If she is serious, and I believe she is, then it should be quite clear she can no longer function in our government, let alone in the real world. She has let her hate eat at her heart and soul until it’s become so black, she’s going to make accusations whether it’s true or not. I for one am sick of her screaming her head off for impeachment. She has become a danger to this country. I am wondering how those who voted for her feel about her now.

  69. Pres. Trump owned his own business and had a TV show??< Yet the lying Congresswoman, says he's power hungry, he was making more than POTUS salary, which he donates, and he works everyday. Now let's look at Lying Maxine, she has made millions as a Congresswoman, (not salary ) she's been before ethics com, once and headed that way again, does not live in the district she serves and along with a few others does not do the job people are paying her for.

  70. Really the only person to put people in harms way is her. She is so stupid to know the truth if it were to bite her on her big fat butt.
    The American People are not as stupid as she might think. Her time to pay is coming sooner than she could think. Time to put that old pig out to pasture.

  71. There she goes again Moms Mabley cracking those funny jokes. Did you hear the one about the rich Democrat from Cal. and the poor homeless from LA, let her tell you that one.

  72. Face it, Maxine’s got Trump’s number, big time ( or should I say “bigly ). Of course his supporters ridicule her every word in exactly the same way that Trump responds when someone expresses a truth that his over inflated ego cannot find words to deal with. And of course his reactions invariably reflect his diminished mental capacity and lack of education. He has the vocabulary of a 5th grader and it is reported by people close to him that he has never read a book. My question though is why do we put up with and why must we tolerate having such a small minded totally unqualified person serving as our president? He should not have been elected in the first place and clearly would not have been were it not for Russia interfering in the 2016 election by placing ads, and slanderous Utube and Facebook lies about Hillary and how she would destroy the country were she to become president. Well guess what; it is Trump that’s destroying our beloved country and it is all 100% about money……absolutely all that the president gives a shit about. With all that is wrong with and about Trump one must conclude that those that support him have issues that, at best, are no better than Trump’s and in some notable way far worse.

  73. EVERY word she speaks is a parody of the truth. From Her claim that Trump said he grabbed women by their private parts..HE DID NOT, to the Ukraine whistleblower BS. Which she knows is an absolute conspiracy, and people are going to jail as a result, but it wont be Trump, It’ll be some Schiffty character who has lied and lied again
    SHE herself is said by those in a position to know, that she is so guilty of misappropriation and corrupt practices which has made her a multi-millionairess, from a Politicians salary?? ..REALLY? Follow the money someone and have HER impeached.

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