Watch: Maxine Waters Says Trump Deserves Worse Than Impeachment

Sometimes when we see people doing something that is futile and that we’ve seen them do a hundred times before we are inclined to feel sorry for them. We might begin inquiring about mental health issues or simply take pity on them. Maxine Waters, however, makes it difficult for us to feel sorry for her regardless of how futile and absurd her actions are and continue to be.

Waters (D-California) who is the Chairwoman for the House Financial Services Committee as one story reported is hell-bent on impeachment. That story reporting on one of her latest tirades has Waters claiming that the President is aware that he “deserves” to be impeached. She also suggested that he should be placed in “solitary confinement,” seriously!

Then this voice of union and leadership, that so many stop to take heed of called out the GOP. According to the story she said, “I’m calling on the GOP to stop Trump’s filthy talk of whistleblowers being spies & using mob language implying they should be killed.”

In fact, impeachment wasn’t even enough for Waters as she pushed the bar even higher (this was where that insane solitary confinement statement was heard). During that tweet, she said “impeachment is not good enough for Trump. He needs to be imprisoned & placed in solitary confinement. But for now, impeachment is imperative.”

Well now, Ms. Waters, why don’t you tell us how you really feel? And she did, as she tweeted this gem: “Trump is so irresponsible & so hungry for power & control, he would dare imply that a civil war will ensue if he’s impeached. He is dog-whistling to his white supremacists to create fear & intimidation b/c he knows he is going to be impeached. He knows he deserves impeachment.

Here is an irony that would almost be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that she is serious and that the situation is so sad. Remember, this is the woman who called on the GOP to address the President and issues like his “filthy talk.” Yeah, that makes sense because there isn’t anything “filthy,” sick or gross about calling someone a white supremacist!

Perhaps someone should look into the books for what the punishment for unprofessional and profane behavior is, especially for the House Financial Services Committee Chairperson. But she didn’t stop at Trump either as she set her sights on the Attorney General as well.

Our aforementioned story went on to report Waters saying “AG Barr is the highest law enforcement officer & the worst… he’s supposed to be the people’s lawyer, but he’s just Trump’s puppet. He’s been caught soliciting foreign countries’ help in undermining his FBI & our Intel agencies. He should be Trump’s companion w/impeachment.”

So let’s impeach or imprison (both if she could have her way) the President of the United States. Then let’s take down the Attorney General, William Barr because he is in cahoots. Then… you see where this is going – right? Don’t think there isn’t motive and maybe something a bit more personal here too. It is no secret that Waters has been shouting “impeachment” for almost as long as we can remember now. So every time she failed (which is every time), it had to be a little bitter. Now as she is watching her latest impeachment hopes dwindle with the Ukraine transcripts release, she has become just plain mean.

We won’t even get into the time invested, money spent (our money), and the wasted energy of these present and past attempts to find wrong-doing. Waters was even reported saying by our story that “there’s lots more coming from all six of our committees… whether it is the Intelligence Committee or the Foreign Affairs Committee or the Ways and Means Committee, this president has clearly defined himself in so many ways, disrespected the Constitution of the United States, embraced Putin.”

By the way, when does something constitute slander, especially of the highest office in the land? Here is a new idea, maybe the Republicans should start a counter-initiative and start a new policing committee? For the first step of this new committee, they could begin by demanding that Maxine Waters the Chairwoman for the House Financial Services Committee be removed based on filthy language, slander, and other charges.

Based on her own standards, it seems there is more than enough evidence and reasonable grounds doesn’t it?

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