2200 Fetuses Found In Home Of Abortionist In Buttigieg’s South Bend

Abortion has been a hot topic in the 2020 primary race, particularly among the Democrats. While some believe that there is the right to abort all the way until the final push, others believe in a more sympathetic approach so as not to kill a child that can survive the womb.

Pete Buttigieg, the Democratic mayor from South Bend, Indiana recently had to address a discovery that was made in his town. Over 2000 fetal remains were found in the home of an abortionist in South Bend.

The late Ulrich Klopfer worked in South Bend for mayors as an abortionist. Buttigieg says that the news was “extremely disturbing” and promises that there will be a full investigation.

Buttigieg is also hoping that this isn’t going to get caught up in a political discussion when there is a time in the world where women need access to healthcare. He says that what was discovered is unacceptable, so at no point is he condoning it.

Law enforcement officials found a total of 2246 aborted fetuses that were medically preserved. Klopfer died on September 3 in his home in Illinois. He operated a total of three clinics in Indiana, including South Bend, Gary, and Fort Wayne. The last one closed in 2016 when there were reasonable care violations and issues with the state licensing board.

For weeks, Buttigieg has stayed quiet about what was going on with Klopfer following his death. There were more reporters pressuring him to speak out about the fetal remains. His lack of a public statement was speaking more volumes than anything that he could say about the topic.

Liz Harrington, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee has talked about the mayor’s “extreme” views on abortion. On many occasions, Buttigieg has used the Bible as a way of justifying abortion up until the baby takes its first breath. Harrington was waiting to see if he was going to condemn the evil acts of an abortionist that operated in an unlicensed manner out of his hometown. While Harrington calls his agenda a “radical, no limits abortion” outlook, Buttigieg has declined to support third-trimester abortion restrictions. His comment has been to shut it down by saying that the hypotheticals are set up as a way of provoking a strong emotional reaction.

Many people also find it odd that Buttigieg references the Bible considering so many Democrats are anti-religion today. Particularly those who are progressive, they tend to stay away from religion entirely. This may be a way of him trying to make nice with the Republicans to show that his views on abortion are not as extreme as people want to paint them out to be.

Jackie Walorski, the Republican representative of Indiana, responsible for the South Bend district, calls what Klopfer did a “careless treatment of human remains.” She is calling for a full investigation from state and federal authorities.

The White House has called for an investigation as well to find out if there were any others involved. Judd Deere, the White House deputy press secretary, said that the White House was “horrified” by the news that there were so many fetal remains discovered within the abortionist’s home.

Many other politicians want to find out why Buttigieg would support “alternative pregnancy care options” for women, especially in light of what he learned about all of the violations of the abortionist.

The medical license for Klopfer was suspended in 2016 when they learned that he wasn’t providing pain medication to all of his patients. He also wasn’t’ reporting abortions from women under the age of 14 in a timely manner. Testimonies have come in to say that he was using abortion and sedation procedures that were decades old, too.

Buttigieg was also responsible for a veto in 2018 that would have allowed a pro-life abortion center to be created next to an abortion clinic in South Bend. Whole Women’s Health is an organization that would now like to talk about that in detail especially because of the newest revelations.

If Buttigieg wants to get further into his elections, he needs to take a good look at how he approaches this new news. Finding over 2200 fetuses in the home of an abortionist shows that “alternative” abortion methods don’t work. If he wants to help women with abortion, he needs to do so in a way that doesn’t raise the hairs of every man, woman, and child when they read about it in the news. Regardless of how anyone feels about abortion, the news of Klopfer is alarming.

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