PROOF: Islam Controls the U.N.

Since when does the United Nations dictate what countries can say and do within their borders. The Netherlands has taken a stand against the Islamic influx that has been sweeping through the country. Officials from the United Nations have stated that there is “no place” for a ban on garments that cover the faces of people in a tolerant society. The legality of such a ban lies strictly in the hands of the Netherlands government. If that country wants to ban certain things, then the United Nations has no right to interfere.

The United Nations is nothing more than a peacekeeping entity. It was developed at a time when there was fear of a third world war. But now it has developed into an organization of criminals that are hungry for power. They lust after the opportunities to tell sovereign nations what they can and cannot say to people within their borders. Like good stupid liberals, the official from the United Nations has called the Netherland people racist and claim that they are in a state of “Islamophobia.”

The Netherland law makes where face covers illegal in certain public places. The law states that “From now on the wearing of clothing which covers the face is banned in educational facilities, public institutions, and buildings, as well as hospitals and public transport,” the Dutch interior ministry said in a statement reported by AFP. Failure to abide by the law could result in a fine of €150 (£137/$167).”

This law is not because the Netherlands fears Islam but it is more the safety of the people. Many other nations have already banned facial coverings and there has not been anything said to them from the United Nations. The United Nations can only try to push around people and nations that are weaker and not really in a place to defend themselves well should something happen.

The entire matter is nothing more than East versus Western religion. For centuries the East and West have been fighting over territory and beliefs. But now it has entered into the political world as the Eastern terrorist religious nations of Islam try to take over the world. Islam is a religion of war and intolerance. They have no respect for anyone that does not believe what they hold to. In all reality, the son Islamic person is considered an infidel and should be put to death. These are the Islamic ways.

There is no doubt that the Netherlands has been singled out for this controversy. The United States official has stated that “This law has no place in a society that prides itself in promoting gender equality.” This has nothing to do with gender equality. It has everything to do with the sovereignty of a nation. It has to do with the United Nations interfering in matters that it should stay out of. The United Nations loves to interfere in internal matters because there are no wars for them to promote peace.

The United Nations official has also stated that “The political debate surrounding the adoption of this law makes plain it’s intended targeting of Muslim women, and even if this targeting was not the intent, it has certainly been the effect.” Every good liberal and the demonic person is going to make a statement like what has been said. The old story if one person can accuse another of harming a person, then that person controls the other is true in this case.

The Netherlands has the right to dictate what they feel is right for their laws. The United Nations should keep their noses out of the matter. They have said nothing to the other larger nations that have banned the facial coverings. But in this case, they just want to make an example of a smaller country that has a hard time defending itself against the liberal agenda. The United Nations is not worthy of the funding that it gets from the United States and other sovereign countries that support its existence. The United Nations has become an Islamic stronghold that is promoting the murderous teachings of Islam with the intent of helping them take over the world.

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