Hey Dems, Moral Decay Isn’t Trump’s Fault

It’s easy for Anti-Trump columnists to talk about moral decay. After all, they’re the ones that are responsible for much of it around the country. Columnists such as Michael Gerson take to the Washington Post week after week to talk about President Trump, urging Americans to “Dump Trump.” He urges people to vote Democratic instead.

Gerson was on quite the roll, talking about how Republicans will be implicated in the moral decay of today’s politics if they continue to stay loyal to Trump. That should be inducing an eye roll from you right about now.

If people like Gerson want to talk about moral decay, they should look within their own party for prime examples.

Defenseless babies are being killed at and beyond full term. Rather than viewing it as the brutality that it is, it’s being rebranded as being a “reproductive choice.”

Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are using their government positions to help their families with substantial financial windfalls, often aided by other countries. It’s okay if the Dems do it, but if a Republican does it, they get investigated.

The bullying from the Dems has to stop because they’re the ones behind the moral decay of modern politics.

While the anti-Trump columnists can point the finger toward Republicans all they want, the proof is right under their noses. The problem is that they’ve been brainwashed for so long that they wouldn’t know what moral decay is because they’ve been surrounded by it.

They don’t understand that it’s not okay for the Obama administration and intelligence agencies to use taxpayer dollars to collude with the DNC as a way of protecting Hillary Clinton from prosecution just so that they can elect her as the new president.

They don’t see a problem with the DNC paying millions of dollars to a foreign national for a fake dossier to be created to destroy a political opponent.

They also fail to see a problem with former FBI director James Come lying to FISA courts with a fake dossier in hand to spy on political opponents.

The anti-Trump columnists have stopped investigating. They take the information fed to them by those responsible for moral decay as gospel, perpetuating the lies week after week across the media.

Moral decay is the right term to use considering Dems lost their moral compass a long time ago. Newspapers like the Washington Post create fake stories to go after Trump because that’s what they’ve been told to do. They destroy the lives of innocent people solely to tear about the Republican Party – such as what they did to Brett Kavanaugh when he was a Supreme Court nominee. They write up false stories and spread them around. There’s no evidence. There are no hard facts. There are simply differences of opinions. Since Kavanaugh was a Republican, they didn’t want his opinions. They didn’t like his potential rulings. He was seen as public enemy number one, so they made up lies to fit their own personal political agenda.

Cops have been killed as a result of the moral decay spread by the Dems.

White Christian boys have been called racists because of wearing MAGA hats.

“White privilege” is continuously used as a way for racial hate and violence to perpetuate.

Adam Schiff, James Clapper, and others are caught in lie after lie without any legal repercussions.

Moral decay is definitely upon us. It’s not the fault of the Republicans, however. There are too many Democrats who have been slowly destroying all that American has stood for, behind the scenes, for decades. Now that everything is catching up to them, they want to point the finger at the Republicans because their hand has been caught in the cookie jar.

The problem that the Dems have is that Donald Trump is not as crooked as they are. He’s actually donating his salary to charity month after month. He’s looking to drain the swamp instead of add to it. He’s willing to investigate the various shady dealings, even if it means having to ask for the help of the new Ukrainian president.

The Dems have had an issue with Trump from day one because he’s still in firm grasp of his moral compass. He wants to lead the United States on the straight and narrow path, enforcing immigration laws. He wants to maintain a real budget instead of throwing out make-believe numbers of plans to spend trillions of dollars that aren’t available.

Trump has a moral compass, and Republicans across the country can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the moral decay is being dealt with in spite of what the Dems have been doing.

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