Lindsey Graham Gets Aggressive, Calls Dems Out For Abusing Power

The House Dems continue to see themselves as “in the right” for all that they do – and they’re getting power-hungry in the process. Luckily, there are Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham who don’t back down. He’s provided the Dems with an ultimatum when it comes to releasing Volker’s testimony.

Kurt Volker is a former special envoy. He’s a Trump administration official testifying within the impeachment inquiry. He was to support Ukraine and help end a war.

With his testimony now having been heard by House Democrats, they have failed to release that transcript. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has already requested that the transcript be released. He has even gone toe to toe with Adam Schiff (D-CA), the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, to get the information.

Graham has tweeted, saying that if it continues, we will call Volker to publicly testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee so that the full story is told.

Jordan wants to know what Volker spent nine hours talking about. Volker supposedly talked about no quid pro quo being involved withholding security assistance dollars for Ukraine in exchange for investigating anyone in Ukraine or investigating any of the Biden family.

Jordan is demanding that Schiff release that information so that everyone is clear about the fact that there is no quid pro quo. Volker reinforced what Pres. Zielinski of Ukraine has already said – that he was not pushed by the administration. Schiff refuses to release that information.

This is typical of what the Democrats have been trying to do all along. They want to hold onto basic information that will help Pres. Trump and only share things that they feel will hurt him. However, they have constitutional obligations to make sure that there is a fair and unbiased trial.

Schiff has already come under a significant amount of fire because of holding onto information about the whistleblower for weeks before sharing it with his committee. Many question whether he was involved in disclosing information to the whistleblower. Everything that we know about the whistleblower as of right now is that they have a political bias, being identified as registered to the Democrat party. Additionally, everything that the whistleblower has to share is supposedly secondhand information. As such, can secondhand information even be used within an impeachment inquiry? Schiff doesn’t want to talk about this, yet the question has to be asked.

The Democrats have been looking to impeach trumpet since the very beginning of his presidency. First, they created a Russian hoax that has since been proved as false. They got special advisor Robert Mueller to conduct a two-year investigation and ended up not having enough details to be able to impeach. Now, they are making up details about Trump using a quid pro quo in order to investigate political rival, Joe Biden – even though there was no quid pro quo. The transcript of that call was released immediately in regards to the phone call that Donald Trump had with President Zelensky. It’s hard to see what the Democrats really think that they have when even Zelensky has said that he did not feel pressured to investigate anything.

Additionally, information has since come out from Ukraine to show that they may have been investigating Hunter Biden and the firing of the prosecutor looking into Burisma Holdings long before Trump called Zelensky in order to get his help with the investigations.

Adam Schiff is as shifty as they come, refusing to share information that America needs to know. The House Dems have been poisoning the media for months with false information, making it seem as though Trump is trying to rig the 2020 elections by investigating a political rival. What the House Dems don’t want people to know is that Trump has been investigating the former vice president of the United States because there are actual transcripts of Joe Biden giving the former president of Ukraine six hours to fire the prosecutor looking into his son’s company and holding onto $1 billion of aid to the country, funded by taxpayers, until they did it.

The press doesn’t want the American people to know this. Schiff is doing his best to hide all of these details. He knows a lot more than what he wants to lead on – and Lindsey Graham has had enough.

With Representative Jordan first requesting the release of the testimony and now Senator Graham requesting the release of the testimony, Schiff will have no choice but to comply. If he still fails to comply, he could be looking at impeachment – and Volker will be brought in by the Senate so that the truth can be shared.

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