Lindsey Graham Gets Aggressive, Calls Dems Out For Abusing Power

The House Dems continue to see themselves as “in the right” for all that they do – and they’re getting power-hungry in the process. Luckily, there are Republican Senators like Lindsey Graham who don’t back down. He’s provided the Dems with an ultimatum when it comes to releasing Volker’s testimony.

Kurt Volker is a former special envoy. He’s a Trump administration official testifying within the impeachment inquiry. He was to support Ukraine and help end a war.

With his testimony now having been heard by House Democrats, they have failed to release that transcript. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has already requested that the transcript be released. He has even gone toe to toe with Adam Schiff (D-CA), the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, to get the information.

Graham has tweeted, saying that if it continues, we will call Volker to publicly testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee so that the full story is told.

Jordan wants to know what Volker spent nine hours talking about. Volker supposedly talked about no quid pro quo being involved withholding security assistance dollars for Ukraine in exchange for investigating anyone in Ukraine or investigating any of the Biden family.

Jordan is demanding that Schiff release that information so that everyone is clear about the fact that there is no quid pro quo. Volker reinforced what Pres. Zielinski of Ukraine has already said – that he was not pushed by the administration. Schiff refuses to release that information.

This is typical of what the Democrats have been trying to do all along. They want to hold onto basic information that will help Pres. Trump and only share things that they feel will hurt him. However, they have constitutional obligations to make sure that there is a fair and unbiased trial.

Schiff has already come under a significant amount of fire because of holding onto information about the whistleblower for weeks before sharing it with his committee. Many question whether he was involved in disclosing information to the whistleblower. Everything that we know about the whistleblower as of right now is that they have a political bias, being identified as registered to the Democrat party. Additionally, everything that the whistleblower has to share is supposedly secondhand information. As such, can secondhand information even be used within an impeachment inquiry? Schiff doesn’t want to talk about this, yet the question has to be asked.

The Democrats have been looking to impeach trumpet since the very beginning of his presidency. First, they created a Russian hoax that has since been proved as false. They got special advisor Robert Mueller to conduct a two-year investigation and ended up not having enough details to be able to impeach. Now, they are making up details about Trump using a quid pro quo in order to investigate political rival, Joe Biden – even though there was no quid pro quo. The transcript of that call was released immediately in regards to the phone call that Donald Trump had with President Zelensky. It’s hard to see what the Democrats really think that they have when even Zelensky has said that he did not feel pressured to investigate anything.

Additionally, information has since come out from Ukraine to show that they may have been investigating Hunter Biden and the firing of the prosecutor looking into Burisma Holdings long before Trump called Zelensky in order to get his help with the investigations.

Adam Schiff is as shifty as they come, refusing to share information that America needs to know. The House Dems have been poisoning the media for months with false information, making it seem as though Trump is trying to rig the 2020 elections by investigating a political rival. What the House Dems don’t want people to know is that Trump has been investigating the former vice president of the United States because there are actual transcripts of Joe Biden giving the former president of Ukraine six hours to fire the prosecutor looking into his son’s company and holding onto $1 billion of aid to the country, funded by taxpayers, until they did it.

The press doesn’t want the American people to know this. Schiff is doing his best to hide all of these details. He knows a lot more than what he wants to lead on – and Lindsey Graham has had enough.

With Representative Jordan first requesting the release of the testimony and now Senator Graham requesting the release of the testimony, Schiff will have no choice but to comply. If he still fails to comply, he could be looking at impeachment – and Volker will be brought in by the Senate so that the truth can be shared.

178 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham Gets Aggressive, Calls Dems Out For Abusing Power”

  1. Record low unemployment, booming economy, record breaking stock market gains, tax cuts that actually helped the middle class, energy independence first time EVER. Rebuilt military, two brilliant Judges who will follow the constitution appointed to the Supreme Court, U.S. Embassy opened in Jerusalem, which by the way, not one Democrat attended. Donates his entire salary, huge supporter of Law Enforcement, but hey! Lets Impeach the Guy. What a joke, that the American people see right through it. These Politicians, who have not worked a day in their lives, setup cushy deals for their families and make millions need to be exposed, along with the people in high places who actually abused their power to overthrow a duly elected President. Hey Democrats, ” WE THE PEOPLE ” will not stand for your Race Hustling, Hypocritical, outright lies that you and your friends in the media put forth on a daily basis, it is Pathetic to watch. TRUMP 2020 All aboard the ” T ” Train


  3. All Dems are criminals drowning in the slime of their misdeeds.
    Let’s clean up this mess by prosecuting the key ones to help the others get in line

  4. Why is there no accountability with Democrats Where is attorney General Bar Does the supreme court not have any power why can’t this nonsense not be stopped

  5. I’m watching what’s going on with our government and it’s a disgrace. Can we not pay our congressman and senators for the piss poor job they do like in the real world? All they do is point the finger at each other and get rich. The problem is you will never get the people of the United States to take back our country and learn how to work with each other and get things right for ALL people. We have lost the requirement of negotiations and respect for each other. It is disgusting.

  6. I think Senator Graham should just do it! Adam Schiff has had plenty of chances to do the right thing and at every turn he refuses to be transparent and truthful. And he and Nanny Pelosi betray America’s trust at every step. We want the truth and we know we won’t get it from the Democrats!

  7. I want to thank Lindsey Graham and Jim Jordan for all they do to help Pres. Trump. And I wish Chelsea would tell her Mother to sit home and play with her Grandchildren before she is too old to do anything except her mouth opened. And
    Chelsea, if you are smart like I think you maybe, I wouldn’t listen to your Mother try and train you to become the first woman
    President, Think of the years you have put up with all that crap already, enjoy your life don’t let her ruin yours and be a better
    Mother than your Mother was to you. She may have planned but many people followed you to see how you would turn out.
    Stay the best Mother for your kids so they will always remember what a great mom you were, Kids are lacking that because so many Mothers work today and don’t make costumes for Halloween for fun, or help with homework, etc.

  8. Democrats fail to understand that “We, the People” have a constitutional republic form of government where we vote for representatives to carry out the will of the people. A vote in the House for impeachment is necessary to ensure this form of government is for, of, and by “the people”. With no vote, Nancy Pelosi is telling “the people” this is a government for, of, and by the Speaker of the House. The US Constitution states that the House of Representatives shall have the sole Power of Impeachment. The speaker of the house only makes up 1/435th of that body. By not holding a full House vote, Nancy is abusing her power and should face impeachment for her selfish dictatorial actions.

  9. Lol that is your Dems that you put in to work for you what have they done nothing I hope everybody see this an are ready to vote the lying Dems out of office there to much work that needs to be done to keep our country going on this role we are making new ground for our kids to enjoy save it ur country vote the d ns out niw

  10. Is there anyone alive with a functioning brain that would believe one word that comes out of Graham’s mouth or who would have an opinion of this man as anything other than a liar, a self serving blowhard and, of all in the Senate that without balls or conscience suck up to Trump 24/7. There was a period in Graham’s life when he was considered a man of honor and a dedicated Senator that, in most instances, had the good of the country and our government uppermost in mind. No longer!
    He has thrown his career along with his self respect into the Trump cesspool neither of which can ever be recovered. He’s become the poster child for all that’s wrong, immoral, and disgusting about the Republican Party that blindly, and without any sense of right or wrong, support the lunatic occupying the White house since 1/20/16. Clearly the United States, her people, her military, her environment, and her standing in the world order have been badly damaged by Trump, his administration, the Republican Party, and each and every one of their supporters, cheerleaders, and true-believers. Can we ever recover from the damage these selfish fools have inflicted on us? There may be a chance; but not as long as a single one of them remain in office.

  11. I respect Mr Lindsey Graham VERY MICH and have been very disappointed and hurt in recent days at his disrespect for our President.

  12. Schiff-for-brains really has to go. The monologue he gave at the opening of the his kangaroo court was probably the most vile thing I’ve seen a politician do. His own impeachment can’t come soon enough


  14. Republicans need to address the issues with the corrupt media voicing false stories. They should be required to present factual documents to support their reports upon immediate (12) hour demand. Loss of licenses to further broadcast, print, etc any reports strictly enforced. This needs to happen yesterday.

  15. Sniff for brains needs to be removed from Congress and Prosecuted for LYING to the American People!!!!! And Nadler as well. Then BOTH BE HING IN THE TOWN SQUARE!!!!!

  16. Obviously, Kurt Volker didn’t provide any ammunition for Shifty to use against the president, or it would have been released immediately. Or is Shifty holding it for a few weeks for a better opportunity to use it?

    One of the big problems these days is that false accusations are flying everywhere. Once it’s out, even when proven wrong, it’s still out there. Some zealots will believe lies no matter what. This is the atmosphere we are living in. It’s up to us to tell the truth to as many as possible. We must get the lying party (Democrat) out of office wherever possible.

  17. Mr. Graham has, in these last few years, become a pleasant surprise. I wouldn’t have believed it even 5 years ago. But his commitment now to fairness, justice, and the rule of law in the current impeachment fraud is indeed admiral and I applaud him for it. Were only it characteristic of the whole Congress, instead of the angry little playground of hatred and false accusations against our exceptional president that the democrat-dominated House has created. May the latter get exactly what they deserve – the anger and disgust of the American people.

  18. I’m beginning to wonder about Lindsey Graham ! Didn’t he say back in the Bret Kavanaugh hearings he was gonna get to the bottom of investigating who leaked the Christine Ford letter in Diane Feinstein‘s office . Ain’t heard nothing about that since the hearing ! I don’t want to use the word Rhino .

  19. DemoCRAPS, making us all sick of their shenanigans, their conniving, their abusive ways………they are a disgraceful, unpatriotic bunch…………….with sick ideas, and sick agendas……….

  20. It looks like it is getting to be the time to figure out how to make the Democratic National
    Committee or the individual politicians to reimburse the government for the money spent
    on these witch hunts out of their campaign funds. There has to be something that acts as
    a check and balance against this type of thing. We can call it the Anti-Collusion Act.

  21. why are the biggest trouble makers are from calif. waters,finstein,shify schiff,and others.the state wants sanctuary cities also a sanctuaryary state ,let them sucede from the usa.then the gov. can cancel all federal funding plus then we be rid of these traitors and crooked pelosi .maybe should keep shifty schiff and hang the traitor plus most of the demos sorry i ever voted the demo party next time i will vote for a dog catcher with no experience we would better off.

  22. Schitt for Brains You realize that with Your Ignorant Criminal behavior towards Our Great President that A Lot of People want You Executed weather it be By All Legal Ways and Even just straight up Executed as long as it is Definitely A Public Execution because You are A Domestic Enemy of AMERICA’S CONSTITUTION!!!!


  24. All should be asking the following of our government:

    How does the system work? An American President exposes the past corruption of a Vice President who’s son became a billionaire with the corruption and the President is impeachmed and the VP continues to run for President?????

  25. Senator Graham . . . stop threatening and Cal Ambassador Volker and other individuals whose testimony has not been released buy the DUMRATS. STOP BLUFFING AND DO IT!

  26. Let me see if I’m understanding this headline correctly: Lindsey Graham, the milquetoast Senator that famously called Trump an idiot, a con-man, a crook, and worse and then, in an enlightened moment, decided that if he wanted to remain in office he’d better reverse his course and his commentary and start supporting Trump now and evermore. That support, as is revealed in Graham’s almost daily ass-kissing, boot licking, and “Trump can do no wrong” commentary must be absorbed as well as scrutinized. A review of his past pubic comments and tweets reveal the astounding level of his unabashed, unashamed, and unapologetic hypocrisy which, has by now, risen to the level of high comedy. This utter fool is now calling out the Democrats as having abused their power? Seriously? Abused their power? If the Democrats have abused what little power is in their hands, then what label might we now apply to what Trump has done virtually every day he has spent in office, if not an abuse of power? “Idiot, con-man, and crook” come to mind however those words fall far short of describing the shortcomings of the man presently sitting in our Oval Office who enjoys the unquestioned support of the country’s most deplorable and totally self interested Republican controlled Senate not to mention those cheering but mindless robots in their red hats and “Make America Great Again’ placards that attend his campaign rallies.

    1. rick: If I didn’t know better I would swear you don’t like trump. Amazing isn’t it. If you think dems don’t have any power just look as Nancy, schiff, and the other dolts wielding their power by trying to pry some illegal activity from trump from anywhere they can get it from. They aren’t allowing anything else to get done period due to this hysterical power grab.

  27. All these rep that didn’t get on board are going out we most vote them out to an put a rep in there that back our persdent he has fought for usan still dose even though he had these so called rep that until now because the heat is on them now what to jump on board no they need to go too just like the lying Dems that have been doing nothing for to long there is no exquse for there actions but to be voted out vote everybody to make a statement that we the people are done with them we are the government not them so get out an vote to take back our government we are free an are going to stay that way vote everybody vote the left out before you lose your freedom vote we are the gov vote

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