Chelsea Clinton Sure Does Sit on a Lot of Corporate Boards (Like Hunter Biden)

The elites in Washington, DC aren’t angry with President Trump for exposing Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine. They’re furious with the president because Hunter Biden is the tip of the iceberg. Giving lucrative, Sopranos-style no-show jobs to the children of political elites is one of the major ways that “The Swamp” enriches itself. While a cynical person might look at the situation and call this “bribery,” corporate America (and Ukraine, and China) look at it as a way to gain favor and access to politicians. To give you a sense of just how prevalent this problem is, look no further than Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of two people who used to be some of the most powerful and corrupt folks in America.

If you listen to Chelsea Clinton speak, you might wonder if she’s capable of surviving a fourth-grade Language Arts class. She’s not impressive. But that hasn’t stopped Chelsea Clinton from landing a string of extremely high paying “jobs” through the course of her “career.” 

One of Chelsea Clinton’s first private-sector jobs was working at McKinsey & Company. That’s a management consulting firm that teaches corporations how to conduct mass layoffs. McKinsey & Company does some analysis, shows a PowerPoint to the company’s board of directors, and then a guy who looks like Mitt Romney shows up in a limousine at the factory and fires your dad. Chelsea was a fresh-out-of-college 23-year-old when she got that job. Pete Buttigieg was on the board at McKinsey & Company at the same time, for what it’s worth.

Chelsea also landed a position at Avenue Capital Group, a multinational investment firm. As near as we can tell, Chelsea never took a college-level math or finance class, but she sure is a big draw for Wall Street investment firms! It’s probably just a weird coincidence that Marc Lasry, the founder of Avenue Capital Group, is a major Democrat Party donor. 

He was one of the top campaign bundlers who raised more than half a million dollars for Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection. Lasry is also a bigtime donor to the campaigns of Democrat Senators and of course, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 run. Mr. Lasry donates $33,000 to the DNC every calendar year, as well as $20,000 to the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee. 

In 2011, Chelsea was ready to branch out in a new direction in her career. She was easily able to land a $600,000 per year job as an “investigative journalist” for NBC News. Now in normal circumstances, a brand-new report at NBC News in 2011 would have been put on an affiliate job in a small or mid-sized city, with a salary of $3,000 to $3,600 per month. But because of Chelsea’s vast years of experience in international finance, she was worth $50,000 a month and got to jump straight to the studios in New York City, on the big anchor desk next to Brian Williams.

America will be forever grateful to Chelsea Clinton’s investigative journalism prowess. Who could forget the time that she interviewed the cartoon gecko from the Geico commercials? There’s probably no other reporter in America that could have pulled off that scoop! 

52 thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton Sure Does Sit on a Lot of Corporate Boards (Like Hunter Biden)”

  1. well what do you expect following her mothers path. to become as crooked as her mother and her father slick willie (pervert clinton. the clinton mafia keeps going.


  3. The swamp is much too big for Trump. 2020 until 2024 is not enough. We gotta get another Trump from 2024 to 2032 and 2032 on up! Maybe, maybe by then the swamp might be drained.

  4. What does this article have to do with the necessary justice meted out to thosed who attacked Justice kavanagh ? I see censor activity from the far left censors at the web site ? Besides if some one is going to superimpose an article over another at least put a pictgure of something attractive. . .not a Clinton. . .I suggest Melania Trump ! ! !

  5. If Hunter Biden did receive monies from the Ukrainian Oil Company and did receive $1.5 Billion somehow from China, it would seem possible that he was not the only beneficiary of these funds. So my QUESTION os: Who were the Other Beneficiaries of these monies and How many are there ??? I believe that there are numerous people that received monies. I also see a concern that when the United States gives Many Billions of U.S.A. Taxpayer Dollars in Foreign Aid to Various Foreign Government that there is a HUGH POTENTIAL that a sizeable Portion of those U.S.A. Taxpayer Dollars is being kicked back to Unscrupulous U.S.A. Government Officials. Are these the “DEEP STATE” residents ? EVERY U.S.A. TAXPARER DOLLAR given to Foreign Aid should be accounted for. How many homes does AS

  6. We’ve drained the swamp! It’s time we round them up , jail them! Even now they conspire behind the rocks they slithered from!
    Left media says all conspiracy THEORY?
    I say opinions are like ass’s everybody’s got one! At least me and over 60 million Trump supporters have our own! We cam think for ourselves!!!

  7. Your lead in is “What is the DOJ doing”? I frankly cannot find anything remotely answering that question in this article. So I will be unsubscribing from your URL address.

  8. “…the daughter of two people who used to be some of the most powerful and corrupt folks in America.”


  9. The whole Clinton family have been allowed to do whatever they want without any penalty. Just like most democrats, they seem to be “ABOVE THE LAW”!

  10. Yea, they both lie and cheat and are just like their criminal, racist, murdering parents……That weird looking apple fell REALLY close to the criminal tree…

  11. Makes li’l Hunty Bidet look like a Piker; as # Despicable she T00’$ $ittin on an $8 Billion Haitian Grift Trust Fund ! B00K CLINT TWO, Don-0 !!

  12. What I want to know is why no one talks about Webb Hubbel being Chelsea Clintons real father…and dont deny it…everyone just keeps quiet????

  13. Just like Biden’s drug addled kid..Chelsea gets these high paying board jobs, just for access to her parents.It’s a pay off pure and simple. Anybody that thinks she deserves these jobs because of her brilliance hasn’t listened to her speak, or is so enamored with her Mommie, that they don’t care that she’s a dimwit.. And somehow she’s EARNED her million dollar job as Chairman of the Clinton Foundation….give me a break!

  14. The president is trying so hard to drain the swamp and this is a good example of the swamp. The Democrats are up to their eyeballs in it and so are some Republicans. Thank God for Donald Trump.

  15. Please give President Trump comfort. Tell him it is not his fault that the Democrats want to impeach him. It makes me so angry that the Democrats are so angry that Hillary wasn’t declared elected. They should expected that. The Democrats aren’t very democratic. I would be angry, too, if I were the president, in having Nancy Pelosi confront him, as if she was the president and in charge. A news item, quote, in the Minneapolis, Tribune, made it seem like he has become very disturbed.
    Thank you.

  16. The elites in Washington, DC aren’t angry with President Trump for exposing Hunter Biden’s corruption in Ukraine. They’re furious with the president because Hunter Biden is the tip of the iceberg.

    Now tongues are wagging about Chelsea Clinton and what she has in common with Hunter Biden…

    so it goes:
    Biden’s Son
    Nancy’s Son, Jr
    Romney’s Son
    John Kerry’s Son…….
    Hillary’s unSon Chelsea

    Oh Oh Oh
    Schiff’s Son?too young..but.?Schiff is stashing funds for his son’s future by Ukraine profits?????? that’s why he’s doing what he’s doing? wow!

  17. Chelsea Clinton would be a nobody, if it weren’t for her corrupt mommy and daddy. I pray that she never runs for president.

  18. Is anyone surprised that a member of this family is corrupt? I bet she thinks she deserves to receive freebies since Monny and Daddy did it . Remember didn’t Mommy try to steal everything even if nailed down from the White House.

  19. The whole Clinton and Biden families should be arrested for fraud, murder and theft….they are as crooked as they come…NEVER FORGET BENGHAZI

  20. Ah, it seems folks have finally gotten around to comparing the children of the head honchos in the liberal progressive socialist Democrat party–Hunter Biden and Chelsea Clinton (just wait, eventually the Obama daughters will probably fit into the same very gray areas as Hunter and Chelsea) and what has been the result? Well, both the kiddies have lived large off of the notoriety of their parents without ever having to lift a finger to actually get a real job–you know, one from which you can be fired for not meeting the position’s requirements. All the positions the two of them have been handed were cushy jobs where, just for occasionally showing up, they were paid much more than their contributions to the job were actually worth. Last, but not least, if anything negative results in regard to their “quid pro quo” positions, they can always fall back on their parents to dig them out of the quagmire of being the child of infamous politicians.

  21. Of course the whole cabal of crooks in DC in both parties hate Trump. Read Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer. I have had to reread several times the various chapters in this book because the intricately designed ways these politicians have engineered to get rich is STUPENDOUS! They have more ways to hid their corruption than there are stars in the night sky. It isn’t a Democrat nor a Republican thing, it is a CAREER POLITICIAN thing, it is an ELITIST thing, and it is a THING that is not going to stop any time soon because just which CONGRESS members are going to rat out their peers? The ones that have tried in the past were basically shown the door damn quick and they were obstructed at every turn. Read some of the stories that honest and good and loyal American politicians have written about their experience in DC and Congress… sure is not a pretty story. They leave when they discover that if you do not tow the line , play the game, keep your mouth shut and all that sort of thing, you won’t be able to get diddly done for your constituents . If you DO happen to question the ethics of anyone in the Congress, you will be railroaded right the heck out of there in short order. We do have some brave and honest people in Congress, but with each passing Congress, they are becoming fewer and fewer. WE the people MUST DEMAND better. We must get informed and just stop sitting at home at election times, and worse we must keep track of those we are voting for, and stop giving them the vote if they are NOT doing their job or if you finally realize that they have been lying to their districts and states for years. THEY are all getting rich while we are getting the short end of the stick. Wake up people, it may already be too late and this is what we get for being uninvolved, apathetic and lazy.

  22. The Democratice Party should investigate theirs own members! Seemed like they are the one abusing their legislative power!


  24. The do have a lot in common:
    1. Both are the spawn of liars and con artists
    2. Both are corrupt to the core
    3. Both have never had a REAL job
    4. Both make a brick look like a MENSA candidate compared to them
    5. Both think they belong to a political dynasty when, in fact, they belong to a crime family

  25. A through investigation would connect the dots to organized political crime, and its recipients. If J Edgar Hoover we’re hear and now there would be a whole lot of arrests property seizures and a resurrection of our Free Enterprise System. Our President would orchestrate the end of the Head of it All, the so-called FEDERAL RESERVE BANK: and its ranking subservient to the World Central Bank = A privately owned CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION who pay no taxes and extort US and other nations by taking whatever % interest on the PHONY CLAIM that whenever they order our mints to print up money (OUT OF THIN AIR);that’s its a loan so enormous that no nation will ever be able to pay back, their original plan was/is to foreclose on every nation for the so-called UNPAID LOAN and create THEIR ONE WORLD BANK with new ONE WORLD CURRENCY our politicians have stated is our future telling US its the New World Order, where the entire world will be subjected to open borders, under THEIR ( RULE OF LAW ) in a Socialist State, where Hindu’s, Communist’s, :Muslims, Buddhists, and every so-called religious belief system merged into seamlessly, WITH ONE EXCEPTION ~~~ Christianity, and the inherent belief in fairness, and an attempt at equality, is compromised by the New Case Law System, where THEIR SO-CALLED COURTS, and THEIR INTERPRETATIONS OF CASE LAWS, removes our s Flag, our Christian Cross, and the Word God from our educational system along with THEIR MODERN MARXIST BELIEF SYSTEM, where whatever RULE OF LAW, they decide on at whatever point in time it comes under question, at which time it’s rewritten to solidify the NWO without Christianity or its Fair Days Pay and Equal Opportunity within the confines determined under the various courts of Case Law, albeit it > Municipal, City, County, State Federal, International, Patent, fish and game, agricultural, industrial, environmental, immigration, family, etc as our Nations near 1 1/2 MILLION PRACTICING LAWYERS and THEIR UNDISCLOSED NUMBERS OF TRIBUNALS, MAGISTRATES, COUNSILS, JUDGES, prisons judiciary, and all of the millions of CHOSEN PEOPLE in positions of power OVER US, that have emerged in tandem with a New Realm of NOBILITY, whereby everyone E L S E are subjected to their opinions by self possessed people who are incapable of assessing the variables that surround the situation they judge ALWAYS IN FAVOR OF THEMSELVES as our rights, assets, educations vanish under THEIR RULE OF C A S E L A W In a world where nothing is the same and time changes all things.

    There is no validity to support their Idea of a Case Law to fairly judge the innumerable quantity of different situations these bad actors decide what term of judgement to apply to THEIR VICTIMS which a historical timeline of Reality illustrates that every kingdom fails, other than the Christian { Spirit of Truth } with a so-called God that can only be defined as { Absolute Truth }

    With ONE BOOK the world will recognize that while we would be little different from each other if we had lived each other’s lives AND that time changes all things AND Only Absolute Truth passes (survives) time

  26. Everyone of them should get their jobs in their own merits not mommy or daddy’s the general public does not ride on parents coat tails.From Obamas,Clintons,Biden’s they should all be investigated!

  27. All children of posltions who sit on boards and just collect money should be eliminated. Laws have to be passed for this nepostism when they offspring of politicians appoint their children, who know nothing, on boards and collect money for doing nothing as Hunter Biden. Jail for all corrupt politicians and the Nut House for Hillary Clinton who is off her rocker. Biggest thief ever in US govt that has given her daughter boards to sit on and do nothing and cost the shareholders of the company extra money. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Rotten apple=rotten offspring. Ugly is as ugly does. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton and all politicians as Nancy Pelosi (son Paul), John Kerry (stepson) need to be investigated by the corrupt FBI and given jail sentences. Our country is no longer uSA. It is USA with corrupt politicians. Wake up George WAshington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams. The country is now corrupt and not what you expected it to be.

  28. 14 Plastic Surgeries does do wonders for the child. Wonder what daddy Hubble thinks about Chelsea getting rid of his ugly chin. She definitely is in the political payoffs just like Paul Pelosi & Hunter Biden. Money corruption sticks together.

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