Pushy Pelosi is Backing Down, Flip-Flops on Trump

Nancy Pelosi is the flip-flopper of America. One day she is all for impeaching the president, and then she flops the next and declares that she does not support such actions against him. She has made her intentions loud and clear. She will wait with her brood of vipers for the right time to act against the president. The truth be told she is stalling because she knows deep down that there is nothing that they can pin on the president to warrant such actions. For her and her vipers, it would mean political suicide to act without cause.

The dumb Democrats know they are lying about everything. But they have warned that their decision to act could be “reassessed at some point.” What a laughable statement. They know they are toothless vipers trying to bite at something that they cannot touch. Their decision to act is based solely on their ability to get reelected in 2020. What is even more embarrassing for them is that the decision was made by powerful Democrats that do not want to lose what they have in Congress. The Democrat is a bunch of career politicians seeking to make millions of dollars. And that is all they care about.

President Trump has already stated that he will fight Congress to the very end because what they are doing is nothing more than a witch hunt. The probe that the Democrats are threatening President Trump with is being called an “illegitimate probe.” There is no reason for Pelosi or any other stupid Democrat to be acting this way towards the president. They are all just mad that he won in 2016 and their beloved loser lost the previous election.

This move by the Democrats is a witch hunt. They have devoted most of their criminal committees to investigate the actions of the president. They believe that he has done something wrong and it is up to them find out what it is. Pelosi stated that “We’re not here to call bluffs. We’re here to find the truth, to uphold the Constitution of the United States. This is not a game for us, this is deadly serious.” So serious that they would be willing to anything to anyone to see that the matter goes through. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has also stated that “The processes that are being pursued are consistent with the Constitution and the law, and by the way, Republican rules.” He could not bring himself to say “our rules” in his statement. Because he sees the Republicans as his enemy instead of fellow American citizens.

The Democrats are divided on this issue. A divided political party cannot stand on its own and win an election. There is so much division on whether to hold the vote that some are wondering what the outcome of the Democratic party will be. Sadly there are some Democrats that believe the American public is so stupid that they do not know the difference between an impeachment inquiry and impeachment itself. The Democrats are arrogant and selfish.

What is even more interesting is that Adam Schiff was opposed to the vote. This is the man that started it all. If he believes that the president is guilty of a real crime, then why would he not support the start of the proceedings? The answer is simple. All the allegations and blame against the president is pure fiction. Pushy Pelosi said she would not push her down into a vote. But she does try to push Republicans around. In other impeachment proceedings, there has always been a vote. Some dumb Democrats believe they can legally proceed without such a vote. But they know that it would fruitless for them to proceed as the Republicans would certainly find a way to stop the witch hunt.

Kevin McCarthy has told Pelosi that to proceed without a vote is dangerous. He has stated “Unfortunately, you have given no clear indication as to how your impeachment inquiry will proceed — including whether key historical precedents or basic standards of due process will be observed. Besides, the swiftness and recklessness with which you have proceeded have already resulted in committee chairs attempting to limit minority participation in scheduled interviews, calling into question the integrity of such an inquiry.”

28 thoughts on “Pushy Pelosi is Backing Down, Flip-Flops on Trump”

  1. The dems are nothing but ignorant fools trying to get something on the president. Yes they are afraid of losing yet another election in 2020 AND THEY ARE GOING TO LOSE.. They will not only lose the presidential, but will lose the house and strengthen the senate.
    Adam Shitt is nothing but a lying bastard attempting not only about the Mueller report, this “whistle blower”, but almost everything he has said and done. Pelosi is just a spineless witch who has no control of her party, but wants the power she has had for far to long and desires to be placed in the white house after ousting the sitting powers. A coup of this kind can’t and won’t be tolerated by the people of this country. The more that they open their lying mouths, the more they weaken their positions.
    TRUMP 2020

  2. That’s the way PELOSA works., under the guidance and push of CHUCKY, SCHIFTY, the dumb members of the Squad, and all the others who want Socialism and or Comunism. Let’s hope and pray the never get the presidency, because this would be the end of the USA, (No liberty or justice for all). This would be like Cuba and Venezuela, just to name a few, there are many others where people can’t talk.

  3. dems whole plan is to just keep this BS going right up to the 2020 election, this is all they have other than poor candidates.

  4. The Democrat Party has somehow become infected with a Party wide mental illness called Trump Derangement Syndrome that has gone on so long now there is no cure possible. They all need to be institutionalized quickly because they are spreading their Trump Derangement Syndrome to some of their voters. Thankfully many Democrat voters are walking away by the thousands from the Democrat Party before they can be infected.

  5. Nancy and “the Lying sack of Schiff” will get a huge, painful surprise when the try to get the Senate to impeach the President. The Senate will not accept such an act WITHOUT A FULL VORE OF EVERY MEMBER OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES! Without that recorded vote, it is just a move by Nancy and the sack of Schiff!

  6. With all Democrats against President. Trump at every turn an every discussion he makes, they a pose !!! An yet, HE STILL IS GETTING ALL HIS PROMISES HE MADE TO THE PEOPLE DONE!!!, AN MORE!!!! GOD BLESS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER HAVE OR WILL HAVE!!!! Thank you for being our leader an president, MR. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP!!! We the people love you!!!!!! AMEN!!!!

  7. Pelosi & other deep state establishment congressional members do not even have as much standing as a witch hunt – it is just a continuation of traitors Rosenstein/Mueller’s fishing expedition in hopes of finding a crime to destroy our President. Rosenstein chose Mueller for special counsel of the fishing expediktion because he had been involved in some of the same treasonous deals as Mueller & knew he was as anxious to save his own corrupt rear end & all the others to prevent the domino effect. Since they already knew the origin of the Russian Dossier before they used it to obtain the FISA warrants they already knew, as Strzok said “thre was no there there”, so the real purpose of the bogus investigation was to put two deep state establishment guys, using the same deep state establishment PACK against him, who were also into working to prevent him becoming the nominee. to throw the election to INSIDER Hillary Clinton – all on the federal payroll – to block the congressional committee’s investigation into the corruption of the DEEP STATE ESTABLISHMENT PACK the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ & other areas, keep up with what they had found & obstruct justice by keeping it from getting past the DOJ office = not to mention the PAck al;l had easy access to every government department to try to remove or alter any evidence they found against the corruption.
    Think everyone is aware of the dual set of laws of the PACK that said all INSIDERS were above the law & all OUTSIDERS were below the law. The deep state establishment PACK is still trying to make that ‘the new law of the land – as we saw in the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings they made a 3 ring circus of. They seem to have a twisted version of good & evil . They also seem to be trying to convince We the People that our current belief that all accused are considered innocent until they are convicted in a fair trial should be the other way around. In Brett Kavanaugh’s & in OUTSIDER PRESIDENT TRUMP’s cases
    they even insists on continuing to claim they are guilty after $40+ millions are spent in fishing expeditions, hunting for a crime & finding nothing.
    The charges against Brett Kavanaugh to keep him off the SCOTUS & both of these hearsay
    whistleblowers against President Trump all smell of CIA & the whole deep state establishment
    The entire PACK has gotten by with trashing our Constitution & our Bill of Rights & trying to infringe on our Second Amendment for far too many decades already & it is long past time to rein these enemy combatants in & put them out of Congress & any other position they might now still hold.

  8. Nasty Nancy , the lush of poop city America San Francisco. She is so soaked in alcohol her head is pickled like a Dill, she’s not adjusting her teeth like people think she is always sucking mint’s to hide it on her breath !!!!

  9. Is there really a “whistleblower”? CNN’s whistleblower came out and has made public statements. This causes me to ask this question. Could this be made-up by Schiff?

  10. They the stupid democRATS look at what they themselves are doing and can’t believe that the President has done nothing wrong. They are so corrupt that they figure everyone is corrupt as well. They figure the more they look they might just find something, like maybe he didn’t return a library book when he was in school or something, anything.

  11. The Left Wing Nut Socialist Democraps are doing every thing they can to steal our country away from use. All we need to do to stop all of this B*** S*** is to not ever vote for another Democrap. They have already proven that they will destroy our cities, our counties, our states, and now our Federal Government. They have proven that they will even let our children be slain by a mentally impaired person with a gun. They had several chance’s to do something about the shooter in Florida school and they did not and when the shooter invaded the school the same Democraps and the officers they controlled refused to confront the shooter to save lives. Is this the type of people that we want to leave our safty and well being in the hands of. The Democraps do a lot of talking and finger pointing, but when it comes down to actually doing something good for the people of this country they are just a bunch of corrupt cowards. The only thing these clowns want is power and control to do as they please and treat all citizens as their personal slaves. The Democraps come from a class of people that are lazy, corrupt, and unethical!

  12. What I for one of the millions of people in our country is seeing , is what others may not be seeing , is how our country was being torn apart during the time Abraham Lincoln was the president of our country ,with the Civil War ,between the North And South , “And now we see those types of people in power along with those who want to get in power ,with this next election coming up , and with Donald J. Trump in power , and not Hillary R. Clinton in power , like those evil wealthy corporate cronies along with their news media ,that know how to give the working people of our country the shaft , without no one knowing , how those types of people we are hearing of ,like those in the Democratic party along with all the liberals , and those types of people in power from those states in the North to the states in the south , to those in the East and those in the West and all points in between , and most people know today that if Hillary R. Clinton had gotten her feet in the white house ,the working people in this country would not be living as we do today .


  14. if I’m right , it is illegal to finance gangs and tarriest like the coward antifa group that wares covers over their faces, and guess who finances them ? none other than sen. george SOROS . ( this is who should be impeached )

  15. Its hard to imagine what kind of a fantasy world these “Antifa” idiots live in wherein they imagine that they are the ‘good guys’. They are indeed the bad guys, along with the democrat Mayor and Democrat Chief of Police that protect them. Curse the corrupt Democrat power structure that protects and thereby preserves these little communist quasi-military violent gangs of brain-comatose thugs. This was once a blessed and brilliant country. We knew how to do it, Many still do. Destroy the leftist “progressive” lie machine, and bring America back from the dead.

  16. Its hard to imagine what kind of a fantasy world these “Antifa” idiots live in wherein they imagine that they are the ‘good guys’. They are indeed the bad guys, along with the democrat Mayor and Democrat Chief of Police that protect them. Curse the corrupt Democrat power structure that protects and thereby preserves these little communist quasi-military violent gangs of brain-comatose thugs. This was once a blessed and brilliant country. We knew how to do it, Many still do. Destroy the leftist “progressive” lie machine, and bring America back from the dead.

    And to the censors who control this site, where the hell have I “already said this”?

  17. ” There is no reason for Pelosi or any other stupid Democrat to be acting this way towards the president.”
    Beg to differ with the editor on this one! You just have to go a little deeper in the deep state establishment congressional members to find their “reason”. IMO, the reason comes under the heading of treason!
    These deep state establsihment congressional members have been working hand in hand with the new world order in keeping our southern border wide open for all the George Soros recruited caravan after caravan of invading illegal alien immigtants to be used as a weapon of war (Soros style of destroying nations) to crash our economy. They fought President Trump visciously , denying there was any crisis on our southern border until both Mexico & America had a huge crisis of invading illegal aliens on both sides of the border & then Pelosi lied again & denied the democrats ever said there was no crisis on our southern border.
    Democrats cry Trump is blocking their investigation , which is in reality a continuation of Rosenstein/Mueller’s 2 1/2 year treasonous $40+ million dollar fishing expeditions against this nation & Trump. Since they control the purse strings – they are just adding wasting treasury funds in the HOUSE to aid & abet the new world order in working to crash our economy,
    Anyone else remember the article on line about Pelosi trying to pass a %16 billion dollar bill all by herself shortly after the 2018 elections & her resuming the Speaker of the House position? As I recall she was trying to pull this off after recessing Congress for the week, but one lone Congressnan was still in Congress & foileld her plot! Wondering if anyone has investigated Pelosi on this attemped theft, embezzlement or whatever you want to call it!

  18. I lost nothing in Frisco on my way back from NAM. Sayonara Nancy and Muddy Waters and

    all the” Fruits and Nuts”. Really miss you NOT !

    tony Bennet

  19. Nancy, you are a trouble-maker. I’ve never known anyone acting like you have over losing an election.
    Maybe you’ve forgotten “a house divided will not stand”. Is that what you really desire? I’m appalled
    if your answer is ‘yes’, and you and your followers need to STEP ASIDE and let our President lead
    this Nation to victory. He’s already done so much good without one vote from Democrats. Think how great this Nation would be if we were all of one accord. I’m asking you to stop the partisanship you’ve been
    playing for almost 3 years, be a good citizen, or find another job away from politics.

  20. These people, calling themselves democrats, it’s disgusting, but I know it’s all yet another scheme of the devil, constantly trying to overrun everything, the dems have lost all reason! Because They have no faith in God our Father in heaven, nor do they share any faith in their Country, they see with eyes that are filled with $$, their fellow man they see as beneath them, and should be placed in a Socialist system! I pray pray for them all and this lost generation of young ones being brainwashed to believe that everything in life is free, without Jesus in their lives they can readily believe that abortion is a choice, that they no longer have to work, that it should be right that a man and a man , or a woman and a woman should be considered legally a marriage! These are all lies of the devil, he’s running around seeing whom he may devour, because his days are numbered! I look to the Lord, my Savior, he will sustain us until he comes for his own, he chooses Kings, Presidents, etc. to fulfill his purposes and his plan, Amen

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