Trump’s Advisors Warn Him About Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani has been one of Trump’s personal lawyers for quite some time. He’s shown his aggressive side when going after Biden and family in recent months. He’s also been hitting the talk show circuit hard in order to fight for Trump. However, with impeachment proceedings closing in on Trump, is Giuliani the person that he needs in his corner right now?

Trump’s advisors are loud with their advice: Dump Giuliani, and do it quickly.

Donald Trump has enough going on right now, especially with the Democrats circling him like a hungry shark out for blood. Trump’s allies feel that the best thing for him is to get Giuliani to stop talking with all of his monologues.

There’s a lot surrounding the ex-mayor of NYC that isn’t helping Trump’s case right now, including some of his business associates getting arrested.

Republican advisers have been suggesting that Trump sideline Giuliani quietly for weeks. Many of the media interviews that Giuliani has done are inconsistent and cringe-worthy. However, they’re not being quite so quiet with those suggestions now.

Foreign-born businessmen were arrested in their attempts to help Giuliani with discrediting former VP Joe Biden. Now, it’s possible that Giuliani himself may be caught in the probe.

The longer that Trump remains linked with Giuliani, the more it can help him. Trump hired him when he needed help fending off the investigators for the Mueller report. Now that it’s out of the way, it may not be necessary to require the aid of the NYC attorney any longer.

Giuliani has a reputation for never backing down. Trump has always appreciated this. However, in an effort to pull Trump out of one investigation, he may have been pulled into another one – and this one may get him impeached.

Constant recommendations to dump Giuliani may result in Trump getting rid of him, just as he is done with some others, including Steve Bannon and Michael Cohen. As a former campaign official who is close to Trump’s team has identified, Rudy Giuliani needs to stop talking.

Giuliani may have the reputation for being the attack dog, but the lawyer is now at the center of a controversy regarding whether the president attempted to have the Ukrainian president of investigations on Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

Most of the interviews that Giuliani has done has hindered the president as opposed to helping. As one outside Trump advisor explains, Giuliani needs to focus on himself at the moment as opposed to Ukraine.

According to John Sale, Giuliani’s attorney, nothing is changing. Sale says that Trump will continue to use Giuliani on everything except for Ukraine matters. Giuliani is committed to making sure that Trump isn’t a “punching bag.”

Trump addressed issues of the ex-mayor on Twitter Saturday morning, explaining that he’s rough around the edges sometimes but that he is “a wonderful lawyer” and “a great guy.”

With the whole Ukraine controversy unraveling, it doesn’t look like Rudy Giuliani is going anywhere anytime soon. This means that the best thing that Trump and his administration can hope for is that Giuliani at least stops talking to the press considering many people feel that the personal attorney is only making things worse for Trump.

Giuliani is supposedly responsible for feeding information to Trump that caused him to pick up the phone and talk to Ukrainian president Zelensky. Prior to that call, Giuliani spent months trying to contact officials in order to collect evidence against Hunter and Joe Biden.

Since then, an impeachment inquiry has been launched, Giuliani has jumped in to defend Trump, and Democrats have issued a subpoena to Giuliani for testimony and documents relating to his activities involving Ukraine.

According to Don Goldberg, someone responsible for congressional investigations of the Clinton White House, Giuliani shouldn’t be helping the president since he’s dealing with his own problems. He thinks that Trump is making a mistake by not seeking “competent counsel” since he’s in the fight of his political life.

The addition of former Representative Trey Gowdy is also being seen as a way to not only expand Trump’s legal team but also to minimize Giuliani’s time on the airwaves.

Giuliani certainly isn’t doing Trump any favors – and there are too many soundbites to prove it. On September 19, he denied asking Ukraine to investigate the Biden family – and then admitted it 30 seconds later. He’s also yelled at TV hosts to “shush” them in interviews and has called them morons and idiots. He’s even warned that if he gets killed, no one gets the rest of the story. Giuliani definitely needs to shush himself if he wants to help Trump avoid impeachment.

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