City Of San Fran Cuts Ties With All Who Have Different Abortion Views

The City of San Francisco has been going downhill with their progressive ways for quite some time. They take a very open approach to abortion, allowing it to happen when and where it’s convenient for the woman without any kind of consequence. They’ve decided to become more intolerant to any other trains of thought to the point that it’s a detriment to the city.

London Breed, the mayor of San Fran, feels everyone should be as quick to kill unborn children as her city is. As such, she and the rest of the city have decided to sever ties with 22 states where there are limits as to when and how a woman can receive an abortion.

San Francisco only wants to do business with those who provide the same level of “reproductive freedom” that they have to offer. The problem is that they allow unborn children to be killed deep into a pregnancy. That’s going to make it hard for them to get business done.

Breed stated that women’s reproductive rights are being threatened throughout the country, and she believes it is her city that needs to fight back. They have already restricted spending with states where LGBTQ discrimination is taking place, and now, they want to stand up against women’s health.

City employees will not be able to conduct any business travel to states that are on the banned list. They will also not be able to make deals with companies that are headquartered within those states. The new city ordinance is targeting states that limit abortion “before viability” – which is considered to be 24 weeks. For those who need help with math, San Fran is allowing abortions at 6 months, which is well into the second trimester.

According to the Director of the Department of the Status of Women, Dr. Emily Murase, they reviewed state laws to determine how they prohibit abortion to determine if they should go on the list.

Most of the states on the banned list are southern or midwestern, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and others along with some along the eastern border including Massachusetts and South Carolina.

With all of those states being added to the banned list and the ordinance effective January 1, 2020, the city of San Francisco is going to find it difficult to get the job done. They’re eliminating the possibility of working with a number of states and even more companies – especially since so many companies are based in banned states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida.

San Francisco is making the mistake of growing intolerant to those who think differently. Rather than taking the mature approach of “agree to disagree,” they are trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. San Fran doesn’t provide that much buying power that companies are going to cower. No one is going to change their belief systems simply because one city in California established this ordinance.

As Murase explains, “We encourage them to stand up for reproductive rights” if they want to continue doing business with the City. What she doesn’t cover is what happens if states and the companies that are there are happy with the laws that are in place. It’s proof that they don’t accept anyone else’s beliefs.

If the entire country responded the way that San Francisco has responded to abortion, where would that lead us? If every time, others acted in a way that we didn’t like or approve of, we simply blocked them out of our lives, how would the country survive? The city has chosen to alienate nearly half the country because of having certain views on abortion.

The thing about the United States is that people have the ability to move to states where there is more or less tolerance. For those who want to be able to abort an unborn baby at six months, they know that they can move to San Francisco. For those who don’t mind the restrictions because they would never consider waiting until the end of their second trimester to kill a baby, they don’t mind living in states like Florida and Alabama.

San Francisco shouldn’t be making those kinds of decisions for the rest of the country. Good for them that they have tolerant rules and are promoting “reproductive freedom.” For others, it’s not that simple. If other cities begin to follow in the footsteps of this California city, it’s going to lead to countless problems of people getting the job done and becoming tolerant.

171 thoughts on “City Of San Fran Cuts Ties With All Who Have Different Abortion Views”

  1. With all the queers there . why the hell does sf. need abortions at all?? Only good thing about sf is their Football team this year.And thats less kapernick also. california blows and enjoy your 4 dollar a gallon

    1. Doesn’t hurt my feelings at all if they cut ties with states that don’t agree with their culture of death! Those people are sick beyond any possible reasoning!! This nation is truly sick when we worry more about saving the spotted owls and whales than we do about saving human babies!!!
      Not only that but now we have total idiots like Bernie Sanders advocating murdering babies after they are born!! That my friends is not freedom, That is premeditated murder and all those who support that should be thrown in the deepest dungeon, never to see the light of day!! EVER!!!!

        1. She probably doesn’t want the rest of the country to see what a cesspool she’s turned the city into. New York is not far behind and they want us to elect more Democrats so they can turn the rest of the country into a cesspool with their reckless and irresponsible policies. Take a good look at San Francisco because that’s what happens when you start applying sub moral policies.

        2. I couldn’t agree more. I grew up in Northern California about 110 miles north of San Francisco in Mendocino County. My dad grew up in San Francisco. He had such great stories and memories of growing up there as a child. Exploring the then safe, and a much larger Golden Gate Park. As a kid we would take trips to San Francisco. We had such a great time with my dad showing us the The remnants of the Sutro baths and how much fun he had there as a kid. We would go to the fun house down on Ocean Beach and then to the Cliffhouse for clam chowder. It was once a beautiful city with so much history and class. The Liberals have managed to turn it into literally a shit hole

      1. The Wall should extend from the Texas-Mexico border West to the Arizona-California junction. Turn North to the Oregon border, then West again to the coast. Revoke Califriggenfornia’s statehood and give it back to Mexico.
        Of course to protect the United States, we will patrol the Wall with armed troops ordered to shoot to kill.

        1. What good are any of the beaches mountains and all the so call the beauty of the golden state. When there is absolutely no reason to live or operate a business in California. It is too expensive to live here. I fought the bureaucracy of California by owning a business here in San Diego County for 40 years. I have never lived east of interstate 5 my whole life. My kids are grown there’s no reason for me to stay. I just bought a four bedroom house with 15 acres on a bay in the panhandle of Florida. It has its own boat dock a guest house and a boat house. The grand total was $123,000. Less than you would have to spend on just your down payment on a house in the shitty part of San Diego County. U-Haul did a study. In the first quarter in 2019 there were 72,000 one-way rentals going out of California. There were only 1200 one-way rentals in to California. That speaks volumes. California has turned into just one big fucking freak show !!

      2. No, they should be placed in a hole under the deepest darkest dungeon, have sunlight piped in once a month so they can remember what it is, left to contemplate their evil, and no one to hear their cries.

      3. Totally, 100% agree with you!!!!! Their priorities are sick an demented and I’m glad they will stay away from the 22 states who don’t want abortion!!!!!

      4. Couldn’t agree more, and these are the folks (democrats) that would have you believe how inclusive and diverse they are. They are not accepting of anything except what they think and do, and unless you mirror it, they do not want anything to do with you. Sad. I used to love going to San Francisco with hubby, and now, I no longer have any desire to go to anywhere in the state period. Who wants to visit a state that is this intolerant of opinions that differ from their own or those, at least, of those who were elected to run this state!

    2. san fran is not CA, however much of CA is trying to be San Fran. this latest edict from san fran politicians needs a response. i suggest this, boycott all products, services and businesses from San Fran. this includes hardware such as computer stuff, IT services and software, etc. this also makes economic sense. the high cost of living in San Fran is distributed in the price of the products. San Fran has 2 bedroom apts. renting for $3,000/mo+, taxes and environmental regulations also make it expensive for employees who are hired by these companies. the best thing is to bankrupt the san fran tax base and have a voter uprising. frankly with manure on the streets, needles, etc. I’m surprised it has not happened. what next.

    3. Maybe those people who are a fan of this should start with themselves since they don’t like life. Will they tell their kids which sure they have them say they are a mistake. When will these people start with themselves? Hopefully all businesses cuts their ties and take their business elsewhere from these Satan town

    1. Not for much longer? The central valley has sunk up to 28 FEET since 1928! The water table is now down to 350 to 3,000 feet. Farmers have large diesel powered pumps running 24/7 to water their crops! Even if the Central Valley was left “FALLOW” for 500 years, it could not recover. So, I don’t think California will be growing much of anything for much longer?
      Also, they ban Alabama, I ban all of California. They think we will still do business with them? “L” NO. I do no business with any California company. Let the “Illegals” have the state, I want no part of it!

        1. Totally agree in fact I’d be willing to donate to that project however remember that Mexico is a big part of the problem as is Texas – FYI California is so over – when I went out there many years ago it was a different city – the problem is that once these illegals get in to California they scatter & nobody knows where the “h” they get to – the other problem is what kind of deceases are they people bring into this country – wait to American start coming down with deceases that we eradicated 50 years ago all of the liberals are not going to be so happy when their kids & grand kids start dying from them.

          1. Texas is also a big part of the problem CLOSE YOUR BORDERS & PUT ARMED GUARDS WITH ORDERS TO SHOT TO KILL

          2. I wish with the most intense feelings that a genuinely divine force will act on the Tectonic plates of CaliMeccaJerusalemMexifornia to create sonic shockwaves through the rock strata boosting seismic activity up to 14 if not 15 on the Richter scale crumbling that center of wickedness into the ocean.

          3. Southern California now has 10,000 earthquakes a year! The central valley is sinking, causing canal walls, roads and bridges to crack. Central valley sinking, water level down to 350 feet or way more! Farmers run big diesel pumps 24/7 to water crops. This can’t last much longer. I say, “Grow more fruit and vegetables! We will need them fairly soon! Stick a “FORK” in California! IT”S DONE!

      1. Bama Bill, there are many wonderful people in California that want the Democrat political machine to freeze up. California grows over 200 different kinds of produce. We help feed our nation. We are very important part of food production. It is my belief that someone is messing with our weather to get us to go along with Agenda 21. When Trump got us out of the Paris Climate Accord, all of a sudden the CHEM TRAILS stopped. We got lovely, big, rain clouds, and rain! But soon, we were back to CHEM TRAILS and dry, hot weather. It seems that the Chem Trails keep the rain clouds at bay. I wish I could get the low down on CHEM TRAILS controlling weather. I know normal air traffic does not fly in checkerboard patterns. Normal con trails dissipate quickly. CHEM TRAILS are nano particles so they stay aloft a lot longer, and spread out. Our Democrat leaders did not build needed dams. All the rain water ran to the ocean. Now our ground water is being used up. But more damage is being done to fertile California land. It is being used to build homes. If they destroy California agriculture, they can starve a lot of people. Hungry people are easy to control. When you’ve read this, you can take it or leave it.

  2. Well if san Francisco is that but hurt about who doesn’t agree with them maybe we should not deliver winter vegs to them, or close the restraunts that get there food from the mid west. I bet the city would be very greatful to see her gone.

    1. It would be so nice if it were that simple but a major part of the problem is their homelessness. Don’t be fooled into thinking they want to do anything about it. They go out and harvest votes in exchange for gift cards and free drugs at election times. They also harvest votes from the undocumented. It is much worse than anything we can imagine.

        1. Crazy Nancy is the evil!!!! She is also downright physically ugly. All that drinking when flying back and forth from CA to DC has pickled her brain and she was never of normal intelligence to begin with. Slurs her words, acts senile, and can’t complete a sentence without stuttering. She’s got to be an embarrassment to the people of California. I’ll bet her liver looks like swiss cheese.

  3. It is this sort of idiocy that forced me to move from California to Florida in 2016. San Francisco and California are in violation of the Constitution with respect to restrictions on interstate commerce and a some point, someone will file a case with the SCOTUS. We will get the last laugh.

    1. Someone needs to file a suit against the entire Communist party of CaliMeccaJerusalemMexifornia for their many violations agains the fair and just laws of this nation and the Republican dominated Senate needs to fight the proposed attempt by the House of vile putrid slime to increase the amount of justices on the Supreme court.

    2. I live in Florida, and I would not be against any people who come here as long as they do not bring the BLUE with them. We have enough already and if we want the other party we’d better demand that no one Blue is allowed.

  4. Well, let’s get the entire list…and when Cali applies for Their federal bail-out, we won’t have to be included. C’mon, let’s see it, mayor London-what-ever…let’s see it.

    1. Bailout?, if justice was served all federal funding should have been pulled from them right after Trump took office and in my opinion they should lose all federal funding.

  5. You get what you vote for and until California and the City of San Francisco vote differently their state and SF City will continue to self-destruct. 22 states banned and now SF voted the filthiest city in the USA which has depended on tourism as a main economic staple and that has been in decline for 10+ years now. What is left, as others are saying a cesspool of ugly! What is wrong with you California voters, what? How can what used to be one of the most visited cities in the USA decline into today’s version of UGLY? Take a leap and change your voting habits and you may see recovery on the horizon. If you do not vote differently I shudder to think what will remain after another 10 years of Left Democratic political control of your city and your state. Right now, by most sane people, California is looked at as a place to detour. Besides all the natural disasters you suffer you will eventually face the inevitable, overwhelming disastrous decline of your economy based on your voting behavior, sanctuary status and the continuous drain on your social welfare system because of the non-stop influx of illegal immigrants and the effects that brings with it. You are going to have an economic disaster unless you make some very drastic changes and very soon. You can tax the people just so many times before that source of revenue becomes tapped out. Of Course you can always go after the rich and famous via a separate, high taxation rate and see what that gets you. Wake up California voters, wake up and change the status-quo, what have you got to lose by doing so?

    1. Just look at Detroit, California will make it look good in a few more years. When I lived in Detroit in the 1970’s it was a bustling city. Today, only 670,000 of the 1,8 million remain. They can’t keep pumping water from 350 feet down 24/7 to grow their crops! Even if they stopped for 500 years, the Central Valley would not recover. It has sunk over 28 feet since 1928!

    2. We do vote but Dems steal votes by ballot harvesting, allowing illegals to vote and other devisive measures. We don’t all want to move out of Cali but that may be what needs to happen to get the Dems out!

      1. Have voter ID’S or let them show their 1040’s or other tax forms for proof of citizenship. If they can’t speak English…how do you expect them to read English. If they provide Spanish voting forms, then I want to see every nationality have voting forms in the voters language. Italian, Polish, German, etc.

        1. If they are providing forms in Spanish; then they are in direct violation of federal voting laws — all voting materials MUST be in the English language ONLY.

      2. Thank you for your post. I am a native Californian and it breaks my heart watching my once beautiful state go down the tubes because of the democrats having been in power for so long. I am sure you know, there are many of us who vote ooust the dems, but there are simply not enough yet. I and others here in So Cal are speaking out and rallying for more sane people to vote the dems out of office.We ‘ll keep at it until we regain the majority.

        1. We truly pray for you and your state. I don’t know anyone who wants to visit your state anymore. Half of the sane people have already moved to Idaho, Texas, or New Mexico. Who can blame them? No-one wants to live in that cesspool of humanity.

    3. Well said and exactly the problem with voters getting what they vote for. I’ve notice that voters elect the type of person to office as what they want and believe. So, California and San Fran open your borders and cities to all the scum and riff rap, open thinking, rotten miscreants, the vulgarians, the severely disordered state of mind, the deranged and I hope you will be able to take care of all these mentally ill warped minded individuals. And don’t come with your sorry excuse for needing money to take care of your crazed state. You deserve what you ask for and got.

  6. Before Sn Francisco worries about doing business with or in states that don’t agree with the mayor’s abortion agenda, the city government (or cabal) really should consider how to clean their streets of human feces and city provided injection equipment.

  7. A great shaking is coming to the west coast and San Francisco is going to be shaken to the ground. I lived in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and did not realize just how strange these people can be. The Californians are slowly changing that nice little city and turned it into Calizonia. We got out of there because I couldn’t take their desires to transform the city into a liberal hole. We moved to Oklahoma and love it. Hold on and Lake Havasu may ocean front property instead of lake front. Something gone, nothing missing!

  8. THAT IS GREAT NEWS!!! Why don’t we just take the whole state of California off the “UNITED” States of America list and only have 49 states. This would eliminate the burden of one bankrupted state off our list and allow us AMERICAN’s to re-allocate that money to a deserving state in need and appreciates our soil.

    1. I wonder if we could swap kommiefornia for Greenland. We wouldn’t even have to change the paperwork … still 50 states.

  9. I would just like to let everyone know that there is a small part of California that does not like or agree with the majority about any of their goofy laws and proclimations. Our jobs keep us here in bondage to the crazies who are elected by the poor looking for handouts, the guilty of taking advantage, and illegal voters. I fear Los Angeles will soon follow San Francisco into the abyss.

    1. I realize that the ‘job’ is a problem. Just how bad does it get, one wonders, how bad the environment can get before it’s no longer worth it?

  10. Great then California can no longer get federal money at the end of the year like they have been doing every year because they refuse to adhere to their budget. Wonder why your roads and bridges are not getting fixed ? Wonder why they have not come thru on education etc.. We have to bail out California every year they bring in more taxes than 10 other states combined. The politicians there basically use tax payers money to fund things that re not in the budget but they think will get them re-elected so they do them any ways. They need all us other states to send them money while most of us have rep’s that stick to the budget because it is not a suggestion it is the amount they are legally allowed to spend. The only time they are allowed to spend money beyond the budget is for emergencies like fires, floods etc.. They are giving illegals a check every month and worse these illegals get more a month than our elderly. These people who worker their whole life paid taxes and are now on SSI getting less a month than someone who never paid a dime in taxes ! We have not seen California show any signs of control when it comes to money it is time to appoint a special advisor to them and they will dole out the money based on their budget. They will not be allowed to spend beyond the budget unless it is a state emergency. This state also owes more money than a dozen states combined someone should have stepped in awhile ago. Right now those 22 states they banned have been sending them their tax dollars every year and they should be allowed to say NO more.

  11. The San Francisco mayor is about as immature as people who unfriend others because they disagree with their beliefs political, religion or anything else they can imagine. Do they even understand the meaning of tolerance or inclusion?

  12. I am split on abortion – let the worthless LIBERALS abort ! , who needs more of them anyway that deliberately want to destroy America , as they support their NWO criminal leaders , being the complicit criminals that they are !

  13. San Francisco has become a gigantic left wing freak show! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Now here’s a reason for President Trump to organize a takeover of California.
    It’s ludicrous, it’s delusional thinking, it’s homocalification, ….
    I feel really bad for the people of California to have to put up with this. Now there will be massive moving vans straight out of cali.

  15. If San Fran wants to be stupid then all states should simply refuse to do any business with them whatsoever. And since California is the biggest waster of water, when they aren’t able to water their crops and grow produce then oh well-suffer. With the attitude that San Fran and the rest of the state has, we should stop doing business with them all together. If they want to sell anything let them take it to Mexico. Since they have the biggest tax revenues of all American states, California don’t need to be asking for handouts of money from the Federal Government. Maybe then they will learn to stop wasting everything. When they run out of water they can start using sea water. If the Navy can convert it into usable water then California will just have to learn to do it also and stop sponging off of other states. What was once a reasonable state is now nothing but a huge piece of shit. Guess that’s what the Democrats wanted and if the people of California want that they have it.

  16. I would like a list of all 22 states so I can make a point of vacationing there. I was born and raised in California and have lived here all 77yrs of my life. Wish I could move but the only family I have left happens to be here.

  17. I though Cali. was breaking away from the United States any way. You can tell they are hard core demonrats. How can they kill an unborn baby?? How can any one kill an unborn baby or even a baby that has been born and set aside to die. If you don’t want a baby then don’t make a baby. It’s not the baby’s fault that you are STUPID!

  18. Who in hell needs San Francisco anyway??? It can fall into the Pacific for all I care!! It’s these same idiots who would take our 2nd Amendment rights….sorry, but I have NO REGARD for, nor will I listen to anyone who says we don’t need 2nd Amendment rights, but think it’s okay to kill babies!!!!! I wouldn’t give these people air if they were trapped in a jug!! I am sick to death of their rantings and their policies! Haven’t any of these morons ever heard of BIRTH CONTROL????

  19. That’s what you get when women are allowed to dominate in Government,religion and all restraints are removed,you have anarchy and confusion,sorry,but women are not equipped to run the world or anything else for that matter,look at who they have as their representative in Congress,none other than Nancy Pelosi,so is it any wonder that California has gone completely insane,so now we have women running for President like Hillary Clinton,Elizabeth Warren and a few others,and they are all wack jobs,if one every attains to the presidency,God help us all,we will be finished.

    1. Not just women can be included with your assessment (somewhere there are powerful intelligent gals). Plenty of men are also whackos such as Biden, Beto, Buttigieg and I could go on with plenty of others in the swamp of DC

  20. I do not really care about the states on the entire west coast of America at all they are to liberal and gun control freaks and proabortion nuts and transvestite and queer supporters somethings I can not handle because of my believes in God and his Word

  21. Is this constitutional?Oh never mind, this is a Democratic State where the Constitution doesn’t mean anything to them.It use to be where everyone wanted to live there and vacation there.Not any more.Such a shame !This is what happens when the Democrats take over.

  22. The States are Alabama,Arkansas,Florida,Georgia,Indiana,Iowa,Kansas,Kentucky,Louisana, Massachusets,Mississippi,Nebraska,Nevada,N.D.,Ohio,Pennsylvania,S.C.,S.D.,Texas,W.V., Wisconsin.

  23. The only way I see to clean up the state I grew up in is to get rid of all the leftist politicians. I left California after I got out of the military but have so many fond memories of growing up there- the beach, the beautiful parks, the weather, the lifestyle, the abundance of amusement parks, just so much for kids to see and do. Now it is a cesspool (San Francisco, Los Angeles, and they want to turn the entire state into a shit hole). If we elect any Democrats this is what will happen to our country. Somebody tell me please where did these idiots come from. They are definitely not Americans. or patriots.

    1. Donald, I fear we have all been enablers in allowing California to become a cesspool of humanity. It is no longer a nice place to live or to visit. People are leaving in droves. You can remember how nice it used to be. This is a place that people should look at when they go to vote. You should ask yourself if this is what you want your city or your state to look like. On a larger scale, look at Venzuela – this is what socialism looks like and its not pretty. MAGA and KAG, Donald. We must no longer tolerate liberalism in any form in any state or city.

  24. Well, I just crossed San Francisco off my “bucket list” of places I’d like to visit. I guess while I’m remodeling my list I’ll also take off visiting the entire state of California. I don’t think I’m their “type”; I’m a Constitutional Conservative. No sense giving them my hard-earned dollars via the tourist trade.

  25. WHAT ?! San Francisco is becoming a city of murders over reproduction rights ! Well S.F. has burned down some 5 times already, so is it time for it to burn down to cleanse itself of murders ?

    California is already in the grips of burning down from decisions made by the former Governor Brown , and the present governor regarding the $200,000.00 the legislature offered to clean up the millions of dead trees and bushes caused by the Oak Leaf fungus. … but was vetoed.

    Mayor Breed is for reproduction rights, and the former mayor passed laws for gay marriages and …….! I wonder how many people have died from Governor Newsom’s liquor license ?

    I can honestly say that I am happy that I was not aborted some 83 years ago , at a time my spirit soul had reincarnated in my mother’s growing fetus. Who is to judge over life or death when a new life resulted from an act of love ?!!!!

  26. So this is what mentally unstable people do.
    You have to be really delusional to make a statement like this, and people will not give a shit. ( EXCEPT FOR THE UNBORN)
    The policies will ruin the rest of the state anyway, and sooner than we think.
    They just told the world that life doesn’t matter, it will be their downfall.

  27. We have a very large amount of Military bases in California that protects our West coast so our taxes to pay for these military and civil service people is putting money into Ca. income and business. The Navy could move to Hawaii and the Marines, Air Force and Army could move to Arizona leaving the Coast Guard for a first alert guard. If this was done then California as a whole would dry up and go broke very quickly and bring a housing BUST to the former military areas. Wishful thinking I guess unless Ca. continues on its current path of destruction from within.

  28. Don’t blame it all on San Franshithole. The state is strongly influenced by the Hollyweirdos. I feel sorry for all the farmers and ranchers that are trying to exist in this socialist wonderland. The Governor is the nut in the land of fruits and nuts. Lived off and on in San Diego. Great place, or at least it was. Fortunately, was sent to Florida and S. Carolina. Never return to Ca. Don’t miss it.

  29. I got news for the mayor of San Francisco – I am cutting ties with California, no more visits, spending money in the wine country of Napa valley, no more buying chocolate at Ghiridelli’s, no more hotels, no pro football games, no apple computers, no iphones and hopefully I can convince the people of my state, my congressmen and congresswomen, and all the other “banned” states to stop sending our tax money to Californification. I vote to let you all eat cake and sleep in the streets with your homeless friends. Good luck with that!!!!

  30. Actually, who cares, they’re idiots there anyway. Let’s just stop visiting SF all together, see how they like having less tourists.
    Years ago, I had an issue in Chicago. The city wouldn’t do the right thing so i said, no more. Haven’t been back since, won’t even connect through there on a flight. List revenue $10k +. Oh well

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