City Of San Fran Cuts Ties With All Who Have Different Abortion Views

The City of San Francisco has been going downhill with their progressive ways for quite some time. They take a very open approach to abortion, allowing it to happen when and where it’s convenient for the woman without any kind of consequence. They’ve decided to become more intolerant to any other trains of thought to the point that it’s a detriment to the city.

London Breed, the mayor of San Fran, feels everyone should be as quick to kill unborn children as her city is. As such, she and the rest of the city have decided to sever ties with 22 states where there are limits as to when and how a woman can receive an abortion.

San Francisco only wants to do business with those who provide the same level of “reproductive freedom” that they have to offer. The problem is that they allow unborn children to be killed deep into a pregnancy. That’s going to make it hard for them to get business done.

Breed stated that women’s reproductive rights are being threatened throughout the country, and she believes it is her city that needs to fight back. They have already restricted spending with states where LGBTQ discrimination is taking place, and now, they want to stand up against women’s health.

City employees will not be able to conduct any business travel to states that are on the banned list. They will also not be able to make deals with companies that are headquartered within those states. The new city ordinance is targeting states that limit abortion “before viability” – which is considered to be 24 weeks. For those who need help with math, San Fran is allowing abortions at 6 months, which is well into the second trimester.

According to the Director of the Department of the Status of Women, Dr. Emily Murase, they reviewed state laws to determine how they prohibit abortion to determine if they should go on the list.

Most of the states on the banned list are southern or midwestern, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and others along with some along the eastern border including Massachusetts and South Carolina.

With all of those states being added to the banned list and the ordinance effective January 1, 2020, the city of San Francisco is going to find it difficult to get the job done. They’re eliminating the possibility of working with a number of states and even more companies – especially since so many companies are based in banned states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Florida.

San Francisco is making the mistake of growing intolerant to those who think differently. Rather than taking the mature approach of “agree to disagree,” they are trying to force their beliefs on everyone else. San Fran doesn’t provide that much buying power that companies are going to cower. No one is going to change their belief systems simply because one city in California established this ordinance.

As Murase explains, “We encourage them to stand up for reproductive rights” if they want to continue doing business with the City. What she doesn’t cover is what happens if states and the companies that are there are happy with the laws that are in place. It’s proof that they don’t accept anyone else’s beliefs.

If the entire country responded the way that San Francisco has responded to abortion, where would that lead us? If every time, others acted in a way that we didn’t like or approve of, we simply blocked them out of our lives, how would the country survive? The city has chosen to alienate nearly half the country because of having certain views on abortion.

The thing about the United States is that people have the ability to move to states where there is more or less tolerance. For those who want to be able to abort an unborn baby at six months, they know that they can move to San Francisco. For those who don’t mind the restrictions because they would never consider waiting until the end of their second trimester to kill a baby, they don’t mind living in states like Florida and Alabama.

San Francisco shouldn’t be making those kinds of decisions for the rest of the country. Good for them that they have tolerant rules and are promoting “reproductive freedom.” For others, it’s not that simple. If other cities begin to follow in the footsteps of this California city, it’s going to lead to countless problems of people getting the job done and becoming tolerant.

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