Gang Violence and Domestic Terrorists: Their Descent In Portland

Portland has been feeling the brunt of Antifa more than anyone lately. The far-left political group has been getting more aggressive in their tactics, descending into what many are calling gang violence.

Antifa, also known as the anti-fascist activist group, was involved in a death according to Portland Police. It happened outside of a nightclub, Cider Riot, which is also a popular place for left-wing protesters to gather.

Sean Kealiher was high by an SUV just after midnight. After the SUV hit Kealiher, shots were fired at the vehicle. This caused the SUV to crash into the Oregon Democratic Party headquarters.

The Portland Police are currently investigating the hit and run to be a potential homicide.

Right now, it appears, that Kealiher, 23, was run down with a vehicle. That’s when someone decided to shoot at the fleeing vehicle. There’s a lot to question about what happened since there are no reports to say what happened to the driver and no arrests are being made. It seems like the left is trying to protect the left.

There are some questions as to whether Patriot Prayer, a right-wing group, entered Antifa turf in order to “rumble.” They’ve gotten into trouble with Antifa in the past, though there is very little known about the group of right-wing activists. Cops are investigating the possibility of this being a revenge mission.

Others say that it’s not likely that Patriot Prayer was involved because they have a lot of compassionate comments loaded on their Facebook page. They seem to be condemning the violence that took place. Further, they’re planning several events – and that’s after already marching through Portland on October 6. It seems too easy to blame this group just because they’re a rival of Antifa.

It seems as though there may simply be warfare happening within the Antifas themselves. It’s believed that the victim, Kealiher, was an anarchist. Although that doesn’t mean that he’s a communist or other leftist, he could have been part of another leftist group. Many of the leftist groups struggle among themselves over political correctness and other issues, so it’s possible that it was an internal spat between different groups.

It’s looking as though Antifa and their little spats are getting closer and closer to what could be seen as gang activity. Antifa has been seen as an extremist movement with militant opposition to fascism. What they’ve done so far has been extremely well-thought-out and calculated. With news of what happened in Portland, there’s the fear that they’re becoming more gang-like – which can lead to a number of problems throughout not only Portland but also other cities where there is a large group of Antifa activists.

Kealiher was seen as a leader – and the vehicular hit seems more like something that gangs would do. Kealiher had a stage name, similar to gangs, too – and they all love to wear masks.

Since all this has recently happened, there is the question of whether they’re developing a new tactic. By moving towards gangsterism, it could be the newest way to deal with the nasty politics that have been going on. If they’re emerging as a full-blown mafia or gang, it could lead to fights within their own leftist groups as well as toward the right-wings in order to achieve supreme power.

What many are concerned with is how Antifa is going to evolve. Pablo Escobar, for example, evolved from a drug dealer to someone of political power. The opposite has happened, too, such as FARC descending from communist terrorism to drug and gang activity.

If Antifa is moving towards FARC-style thuggery, it can lead to drug sales and countless other problems – and Portland is already dealing with quite a drug problem. The Department of Justice has identified that Hispanic and black gangs control the wholesale market although the whites have control of the mid-level and retail aspects of pot sales. Antifa is pretty white, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Antifa has made the move to traffic drugs.

One thing is for sure – Antifa is becoming more thug-like with the way that their violent acts are headed. If they’re starting to traffic drugs and become more like a gang, it’s only a matter of time before their name starts popping up in headlines all over the country. The sooner the Portland Police can finish their investigations, the easier it will be to prepare for what we may be up against with Antifa taking a turn for a more gangster-like approach to their leftist ways.

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