Illegals Crossing Southern Border in Droves

Migrant Criminals are running across the border in record droves. President Trump is aware of the problem and has enacted major changes to the immigration laws to try to catch the people before they can escape into the general population. The Department of Justice has announced this past week that it has found and prosecuted a record number of migrant criminals that have been trying to repeatedly enter the United States illegally. They cannot enter legally because they would be found and sent back to their places of origin.

The dumb Democrats have fought the president every time he has tried to secure the border. They claim that the people trying to cross the border are not criminals but rather just regular people trying to build a better life. Statistics do not lie. The increase in repeat criminals trying to enter the country illegally has increased this year. President Trump has been saying that the people entering illegally have been committing crimes against America and now he has been proven right. From 2017 to 2019 the number of such criminals has increased from 16,965 to 25,426.

President Trump wanted to build a wall at the southern border to keep these criminals out but the stupid Democrats want to have open borders and allow these people into the country without contest. They favor the criminals and the Democrats want them to have free access in the country. Just in 2019 alone, there have been over 80,000 criminal migrants apprehended alone. Some of them are repeat offenders that have been trying to get into the country for years.

The type of crimes that these people are guilty of range from improper entry to human trafficking. They will stop at nothing to sell an innocent person into sex slavery or simply try to murder a person for their money. But the same things ring true is that they are an illegal migrant wanting to perform their criminal activities within the United States. The devilish Democrats are in favor of these kinds of people entering the country without being stopped at the border. They simply refuse to protect the people of the country.

Jeffrey Rosen who works as the Deputy Attorney General for the United States says, “These record-breaking numbers are a testament to the dedication of our U.S. Attorneys’ Offices throughout the nation, especially our Southwest border offices. In addition to the usual workload of each case the Department prosecutes, this effort was made possible after our U.S. Attorneys’ Offices restored essential partnerships with national, state and local law enforcement partners.”

The dumb Democrats also hate the border patrol that protects the country from these criminals. They are the true heroes that face a fight on multiple fronts. The migrants hate them and the Democrats hate them. President Trump supports them and has made it a point to put a stop to illegal immigration even when the Democrats are fighting his every move. They want to stop everything that he is doing, so they can do what they want to the people they want.

President Trump wanted Congress that is Democratic-controlled to fix the loopholes in the immigration laws so the flow of illegals would stop. But the Democrats failed and did not want to see it did. They love the illegals and want to see they become part of the United States, so they do their bidding. Mexico has done their part and lived up to the deal that they made with the president a year ago and it has helped.

The president continues to make the changes and the decisions that need to be done in spite of the opposition that he gets from the dumb Democrats. He makes them eat their words because he is honest and true to his word. President Trump does what the people of the United States wants him to do. They want a secure country that stands as the mighty nation it once was. And that is exactly what Trump has done for the American people.

373 thoughts on “Illegals Crossing Southern Border in Droves”

  1. San Francisco is a gay city occupied by homosexuals and lesbians. They don’t want to have families and kids anyway. Who would like to live in a city like that if they believe in a real family life. I would never want to go their because it is unsafe and I would not want my children to be around arrogant and immoral life style like they portray. Since I am God fearing I believe they can do anything they want as they will judged by God but I don’t want to be around them or their city. Most people don’t want trouble so they will stay away anyway!

    1. Our Minneapolis is Frisco East except for fewer street dwellers. LBTG and declining education standards since the late ’50s have been an item since then. Going to Hell-in-a-basket is more than a cliche. Subs are still like the 20th century. Rural and out-state even better.
      The Minnesota Democratic party uses the DFL acronym for Democratic Farm Labor, aka DFL party. It doesn’t represent farmers or laborers. It’s too liberal and about to become a branch of today’s rising Socialist Democratic stance. In its 60’s move toward Frisco mores prompted my husband to rename DFL to Dang Lesbians and Fagots party. Both parties are worse nowadays … PS. He became a Republican in ’68 but hates the RNC ambivalence toward me before thee RINOS who will sink the party forever. They live in a non-team me, myself and I trilogy.

    2. Patty: That’s a way of looking at it, however CA’s Governor is forcing the entire State to adopt his “open” view of immortality concerning Illegal Aliens, abortion on demand, open drug/narcotics use of all types, forbidding police to enforce many felony crimes (Federal, State, and local). He maintains that he, as Governor, has the right to declare CA as a “sanctuary state” and free from following Federal Laws – even those which govern Federal Elections.

    3. Send them all to the celebrities and democracts homes since they want them so badly. They come sneaking in hear getting caught they should be heading to jail, like they would do to people who cross their lands illegally

  2. Don’t even get me started on this subject. I am so disgusted with the Democrats not caring to keep this country safe. Th wall should have been built decades ago when the problem first began. There is absolutely no excuse for the mess we are in….and we are sick and tired of it. People…WAKE UP!!! Talk with your vote…TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!! We need zero democrats in charge of ANYTHING in government. They prove over and over again that they are not our friends!

    1. Yes, you are right, the wall should have been built a long time ago when both Parties approved of building it. But somewhere, sometime the Democrats have been taken over by left-wing operatives. Very few voters approve of their stance on anything anymore and fewer trust them to do what is right for the American people! They are history and are fighting for their last breath with lying impeachment tactics!

      1. What will happen when the illegals outnumber the legal citizens?. Things besides becoming more criminalized will be intolerably TRIBAL with gangs in control.. All cities will become like Chicago where 60 to 100 people are shot on weekends. No need to speak English– no need to be civil to legal citizens. We will become the hunted prey for the criminals. Our social framework is already overtaxed due to this influx of 3rd worlders and they will live forever on our welfare rolls while the males work off the books. Texas is second only to CA in the numbers of illegal aliens. Twenty to twenty five % of every seat in every school is filled by an illegal alien and the burden is carried by the home owners in the school districts plus the new schools constantly being built to hold these unplanned for illegal alien children. It is a cruel burden the Demomarxists are putting on the working class and retired citizens of the USA.

    2. They just passed a bill to hold gun companies responsible for shootings, so, why can’t we pass a bill that holds democrats responsible for everyone who’s violated, murdered, molested by illegals? Let’s see how fast they justify not having victims blood on their hands? Better yet, they make more money than any of us, why don’t they accept financial responsibility for illegals!!
      This impeachment crap is just that, Clinton asked a foreign government for dirt on trump, schiff wanted pictures of trump before becoming president!! Too many snakes in Congress right now!! If you don’t care about Americans, people that live here legally then Congress shouldn’t be getting paid by the taxpayers!!
      There’s a reason people have continued to walk away from Democrats, we aren’t crazy and we didn’t vote for trump because of anything else but draining the swamp that’s continued to obstruct everything Trump has done for America in the positive!! And if Congress would’ve supervised Obama like they do trump, maybe Benghazi wouldn’t have happened or the people responsible were punished instead of committing perjury!! Obama committed a lot of criminal activity!! But Congress just accepted everything Obama and Clinton done against America, but pay to play right?


    1. That’s all wish-full thinking; unfortunately it’s not happening. How are the voting sites going to stop these illegals from voting and destroying our election. In 2016 Hillary Clinton had 3 million illegible votes. She had a list of people who had not voted for decades. She took their names & had their vote counted for her & then labeled them deceased. These declared dead people had a hard time receiving their Soc. Security because they were declared deceased. It took up to a year for each one of these people to clear this mess up. The Dem. have so many dishonest voting tricks it’s unbelievable. They have to prohibit Spanish voting forms for people not speaking/reading English or else have all voting forms in our 110 different languages for voting. Their can be no favoritism.

    2. This all is very good!! Thanks for writing in. What I’d like to know—–WHY are any more illegals being allowed to cross our borders? Once they cross the S. Mexico, they must stay in Mexico!! DO NOT allow them entry until they have completed AND approved proper paperwork!! We are America!!! Why are OUR rules not enforced!!!!???? STOP allowing them to cross!!! Let Mexico take of them!! There are thousands of people in other countries who have filled out the proper paperwork and have been waiting for years to come to America!! Why are we letting all these illegals into America before them????

      1. Karen, the problem is, that the people who are smuggling them in are professional criminals that know all the best routes to enter the US undetected! That’s why I am so supportive of Trump’s building the wall…

    3. They need to bring valid proof to be vetted and then apply for a green card, supplied with minimal aid, think about how many immigrants have come here and had little to nothing but managed to hang in and make their way…..We want those with grit, tough enough to survive and then thrive…

    4. In the 1970’s Canada required all Americans there on work visas to report to immigration offices every month. Someone I know was deported for being one day late. That should be our policy now.

    5. Walt, it’s obvious that deporting them after they’re caught isn’t having the desired effect. I’m convinced that the only effective solution is allowing the Border Patrol Officers to use lethal force, especially in those cases when they are armed or smuggling narcotics. Deporting them is a lot more expensive than a bullet and much less effective! I also believe that land owners along the border should be allowed to shoot any illegal caught on their land. It’s important to remember that these people are not immigrants they’re criminal invaders and that they would kill you if they got the chance!

  4. What do we do and say? Almost that California has opened their doors for this? Then you have Democrates from their State too busy fighting our President so they can get what they want? This is their agenda folks. It is written in black and white that America is the land of oppurtunity to make a good life. Everything is free. (In their eyes) Eventually we as the tax payers are paying for it. Day after day as long as the Democrates keep pushing their propaganda it is costing the tax paying citizen’s of this coyntry. What a waste of time and money?

    1. Why are the House democrats getting paid, with our tax dollars, to fight & undermine
      the president, everything, the people of America elected him to do. They have done
      “nothing constructive” for the past 3 years. Trump didn’t have a chance to get moved
      into the White House and democrats were “screaming, IMPEACH HIM”! WE, the people,
      must stand up against the democrats and replace every one. t’s the only way we’re
      going to get the wall up, protect our freedoms that we’ve enjoyed since the Constitution
      was written, (that they want to destroy), Every democrat, who enjoys their freedoms,
      need to take a deep breath and survey the options. Do they want to continue “living as
      they choose, OR, “let the government run every aspect of our lives”? It shouldn’t
      be a difficult decision for anyone to see that “we need Trump” to continue serving the
      American people. Nearly 5000 Muslims are running in upcoming elections. it’s a
      very real possibility with so many Muslims in America voting, they could impose
      Sharia Law in some states. Even if only democrats were to win, their Socialist
      agenda would destroy everyone’s dreams as well. These are scary days and
      “voting for freedom” should be on the minds of EVERY AMERICAN. The young
      people in universities should be very concerned as well and not fall for the promises
      of liberals that will cost them more than they could ever imagine. Dig deep into
      your souls and pray for wisdom as election day is coming soon.

    2. What about our quality of living? Using our hard earned tax money in ways we do not approve!!!! Turn them away!! Who is president of this Country anyway??? To HECK with pelosi—-she thinks she is president???? OR, is she a president “in training”? The president is TRYING to protect Americans and SOMEONE is allowing the House be in CHARGE???? What on earth is going on!????

  5. When was the last time a Democrat actually did something that HELPED AMERICANS? Anyone? Anyone? You’ve got the likes of Mad Maxine Waters and Nanny Pelosi helping the illegals and doing everything they can to get rid of a duly elected president who has done nothing wrong except win an election he wasn’t supposed to win! And, oh yeah, help Americans achieve a better life! Conservatives this is a call to action: we must show up in numbers that have never been seen before to vote. And not just for President Trump but for Conservatives up and down the ticket. Because as we have seen over the past 10 months, it is not enough to win the White House. No, we must win the White House and we must win the House back, and we must increase our majority in the Senate! In short, we must crush the Democrats and send a message that they are not going to undo the results of the 2016 or any other elections! So put on your big boy and girl pants on and get busy volunteering at any and all election sites. We can not let them cheat their way into another election ever again!

  6. We also need to STOP ALL government HANDOUTS to all illegal aliens! STOP anchor babies, DACA, and chain migration! I can not stand any democrat, they do NOT care for USA citizens!

  7. ILLEGALS cost us millions every year, and who pays for this, we do!! So since WE PAY we should have the final say so. Let’s have a vote, first explain to the people exactly how it cost them every year and the benefits that they could have if we weren’t giving it to ILLEGALS. I understand there problem so fixing there Country is a better solution. The Bible says “give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime”!!!!

  8. the article calls the democrats dumb. That is not correct. The democrats are not dumb. They know exactly what they are doing and that is to get more votes from future voters. The democrats don’t care if our legal citizens suffer from murder, drugs, fraud, money laundering, rapes, etc.

  9. you are so right, lou, so how so we get the mental midgets who vote for these sick and deranged democrats to vote differently?

  10. So much torment about mass migration, morals, life style choice and on and on. But the world is being overwhelmed by ONE major disaster – world overpopulation! Yet no Party, no leader and all too few citizens are willing to call its name. No matter, world destruction is now rampant with ecological, national and civilized constructs falling by the day. We submerge in the offal and depletion of resources/civilization.

  11. The Do Nothing Democrats wanted The Border Wall many years ago , They are only opposing the Border Wall NOW to go against anything TRUMP does to get the illegal aliens to Vote for them so they can make America A Socialist Country like Venezuela . Trump could give every American $1.000.00 dollars and the Do Nothing would oppose it only to try and destroy him. The left has lost there mind’s. The Do Nothing Democrats will NOT help Trump with simply singing the MSYMCA only to oppose him at ever angle, This clearly should show The American people that The Do Nothing Democrats have chosen to bring America to it’s knees ONLY to oppose TRUMP on all and every issue.

  12. THANK ALMIGHTY GOD that president TRUMP was elected could you imagine if STUPID ASS HILLARY was the first WOMEN PRESIDENT! this great man has done everything that he’s said he was going to do. What I can’t comprehend is how these DEMOSCUM IDIOTS want to punish AMERICANS by refusing to work with PRESIDENT TRUMP. These MENTALLY DISTURBED SCUMBAGS are slow walking this great new trade deal we have with MEXICO n CANADA USMCA All that said all DEMOSCUMS want to do is PUNISH DONALD TRUMP’S INTELLIGENCE THEY HATE HOW MUCH BETTER AMERICA WILL but cause it was PRESIDENT TRUMP that orchestrated these new DEALS DEMOSCUMS won’t stop till they DESTROY AMERICA! AMERICANS MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY IN THE 2020 ELECTION FIRST BY REELECTING PRESIDENT TRUMP then we must return the power of the HOUSE BACK TO REPUBLICAN POWER so we render these DEMOSCUMS POWERLESS & USELESS GOD HELP AMERICA!!!

  13. Follow the money is a very good adage. But, “CUT OFF THE MONEY,” is a better one. We should cult off all funds that the Federal Government has control of that flows to California. Let us see how long that the California state government can survive.

  14. Borders, language and culture …. period ! Persons born in the United States must pass 12 years in the public schools or equivalent in-order to learn this. Persons illegally coming over the border often cannot read or write in their native languages.

    Regarding our California Governor, he has passed over 500 new laws since in-coming to the office. Our President Tump has eliminated up to 32 existing laws for everyone he has passed. The Democrats are trying to inpeach the president inorder to bring back all the laws the president has eliminated plus the ones he has passed.

    It is difficult not to understand what is going on here to our country today.

    1. President Trump has taken a case to the Supreme Court.. It is to get rid of the agencies and bureaus that have become an unelected fourth arm of Government and are creating much of the troubles he is encountering. In other words–He is draining the swamp. He will eliminate thousands of ghost workers and their relatives . I do not have the stats of how much this 4th arm (Illegal) grew during the Obama years but government must be operated in a business like manner or the USA will be bankrupted by the costs of this political class of relatives, hanger oners, ghost workers. and the workers who sit and read newspapers, watch pornography, sleep, drink and drug on the job. They have become a protected class of house plants and pets.

  15. Democrat loonz have a hatred for American citizens….! Democrat loonz believe all citizens are just cows to be milked for taxes….! Democrat loonz have no idea how citizens dislike & despise them….! Democrat loonz know that the only way to defeat President Trump is to throw Lie after Lie…. Allegation after Allegation at him…. Activist democrat loon judges fight him at every turn….! Democrat loonz of all ages better not harm him or his family for if they do …. the world will see such a purge of democrat loonz stepping off the planet….!

  16. If they are so liberal, how come they are totally against a private citizen form prospecting for gold on federal lands, or even being able to dredge on private property ? Small scale miners, do more good for the environment than is given credit for, but the calif. gov would rather pay millions of $ todo the same thing.

  17. We as true Americans need to get rid of dems because they are the biggest terrorists against us right now along with the muslem pigs. We need to fight against them every step of the way no matter what. The less dems the better for this country. We cant wait for the old ones to die off it will be too late by then

  18. send them to jail for 6 months time spent in solitary confinement, then send them back to their country. if they get caught again then send them up for 3 years this time in federal prison same punishment, the USA builds hard labor camps/chain gangs and they get caught a third time they work for their room and board with no chance of freedom for the rest of their life, china / russia would that to them the first time they get caught, when they die send their ashes home

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