Illegals Crossing Southern Border in Droves

Migrant Criminals are running across the border in record droves. President Trump is aware of the problem and has enacted major changes to the immigration laws to try to catch the people before they can escape into the general population. The Department of Justice has announced this past week that it has found and prosecuted a record number of migrant criminals that have been trying to repeatedly enter the United States illegally. They cannot enter legally because they would be found and sent back to their places of origin.

The dumb Democrats have fought the president every time he has tried to secure the border. They claim that the people trying to cross the border are not criminals but rather just regular people trying to build a better life. Statistics do not lie. The increase in repeat criminals trying to enter the country illegally has increased this year. President Trump has been saying that the people entering illegally have been committing crimes against America and now he has been proven right. From 2017 to 2019 the number of such criminals has increased from 16,965 to 25,426.

President Trump wanted to build a wall at the southern border to keep these criminals out but the stupid Democrats want to have open borders and allow these people into the country without contest. They favor the criminals and the Democrats want them to have free access in the country. Just in 2019 alone, there have been over 80,000 criminal migrants apprehended alone. Some of them are repeat offenders that have been trying to get into the country for years.

The type of crimes that these people are guilty of range from improper entry to human trafficking. They will stop at nothing to sell an innocent person into sex slavery or simply try to murder a person for their money. But the same things ring true is that they are an illegal migrant wanting to perform their criminal activities within the United States. The devilish Democrats are in favor of these kinds of people entering the country without being stopped at the border. They simply refuse to protect the people of the country.

Jeffrey Rosen who works as the Deputy Attorney General for the United States says, “These record-breaking numbers are a testament to the dedication of our U.S. Attorneys’ Offices throughout the nation, especially our Southwest border offices. In addition to the usual workload of each case the Department prosecutes, this effort was made possible after our U.S. Attorneys’ Offices restored essential partnerships with national, state and local law enforcement partners.”

The dumb Democrats also hate the border patrol that protects the country from these criminals. They are the true heroes that face a fight on multiple fronts. The migrants hate them and the Democrats hate them. President Trump supports them and has made it a point to put a stop to illegal immigration even when the Democrats are fighting his every move. They want to stop everything that he is doing, so they can do what they want to the people they want.

President Trump wanted Congress that is Democratic-controlled to fix the loopholes in the immigration laws so the flow of illegals would stop. But the Democrats failed and did not want to see it did. They love the illegals and want to see they become part of the United States, so they do their bidding. Mexico has done their part and lived up to the deal that they made with the president a year ago and it has helped.

The president continues to make the changes and the decisions that need to be done in spite of the opposition that he gets from the dumb Democrats. He makes them eat their words because he is honest and true to his word. President Trump does what the people of the United States wants him to do. They want a secure country that stands as the mighty nation it once was. And that is exactly what Trump has done for the American people.

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