Beto’s Gun Confiscation Proposal Addressed by Police Union Official

As has been proved, time and time again, people do some really crazy things when trying to gain the presidency. And as you probably know, former Texas US Representative Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke is no exception.

However, his proposal to enforce a mandatory buyback policy on all “assault weapons” or firearms that are deemed as “intended for harm” has backfired on him considerably.

And as if the outrage over the very idea of this wasn’t enough for him, he has now taken it to extreme lengths by telling America that gun owners should expect a “visit” from police officers to confiscate your guns.

Last week he told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough that any citizen who didn’t comply with his buyback policy would have law enforcement officials sent to their home, where they would be forced to surrender their firearms.

As you can imagine, this didn’t go over well either.

Even the national vice president of the Fraternal Order of Police Joe Gamaldi says Beto’s idea is “ridiculous.”

You would think that as a lawman, O’Rourke might get the advice of a few trusted citizens and government officials before spouting things like this off on national television. And even more important might be the opinions of those who would be carrying out these “visits,” the men and women of law enforcement.  However, it appears he did not.

Have no fear. Gamaldi made sure to make Beto aware of his transgressions.

He told Fox & Friends on Tuesday that the entire idea “reeks of desperation” and that it only proves that his campaign is going nowhere.

He said, “The only thing more idiotic than Beto O’Rourke, suggesting that we should go door-to-door and seize citizens’ – who are following the laws – property, is his current presidential run.”

He continued, “I think he’s polling at two percent.”

Gamaldi’s apparent disgust and aversion to the plan are well deserved and simple. As he describes, “It puts our officers in a very dangerous situation where we’re showing up to someone’s house, we’re armed, these people are – obviously citizens – are armed. And now you expect us to seize their guns? Give me a break. This is a joke.”

And he is exactly right. It is a joke.

Police officers continuously put their lives at risk, but usually, it is in the effort of keeping the public safe. Dealing with illegal arms, drug dealers, and violent crimes are things they are not unaccustomed to. However, they are entirely different than barging into law-abiding citizens homes’ and demanding their property.

These citizens aren’t going to be pleased that police officers are at their door and taking their prized possessions, violating their constitutional rights. And if Beto thinks they will just give in without a fight, he has another think coming.

It’s already been proved that taking these weapons will do little if anything, to combat crime. What it will do, however, is show that liberals want to control every aspect of your life.

Not only will they tell you what kind of education and medical treatment you can get, but they will also control where and how you live, put limits on the money you are allowed to make, and even control what you are allowed to own.

Does that sound like a free country to you?

The left claims that our First Amendment right is crucial. And it is. Freedom of expression and speech is essential to a nation that puts liberty and justice above all. But that freedom is only possible if the nation’s people are allowed to defend that right. Without our Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, the First simply isn’t possible.

When a nation has its fundamental rights taken from them, they are no longer free. Anyone with more power could easily and swiftly come and overtake them, doing whatever they want. No one would be able to stand up against them and demand any freedoms.

It’s the whole reason why we made those laws in the first place. Our founding fathers saw how simple it was for tyrannous rulers to lord over us when we had little but pitchforks, shovels, and heavy taxes. They wanted better for us, and so they made it possible.

So to give in to the left who wish to take those rights away would be throw out our entire history and say that it doesn’t matter. We would be giving up on ourselves and America. We would not be free.

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