White House Ending Subscription to New York Times

The White House has had enough of the lies and the negative influences of the New York Times that its pages are having on the people and the mission of the current Administration. President Trump has authorized that all federal offices stop subscribing to the New York Times and even the Washington Post. These two dumb and nasty media agencies have done nothing but criticize the president and every other person that works for him. So now they are no longer deserving of the funds for their publications.

Both news agencies have been blasting Trump and his administration for three years. They have even published fake news stories in an attempt to ruin the president’s credibility. They have conspired with the nasty Democrats to promote lies about the president. And they have even been rude to him at press meetings. They constantly interrupt and try to force their agenda on him when they should be asking questions about the topic that he is speaking about.

Stephanie Grisham is the White House spokeswoman, and she has hinted that the move will save a ton of money. The ending of subscriptions will also keep the lies and the fake news that they broadcast from reaching into the White House and other federal agencies. The New York Times and the Washington Post have become conspiracy theory outlets. They promote fake stories. They tell news about events and people without checking their sources. And they use pictures that are from a different year that was taken of a completely different event.

President Trump is tired of the stupidity of the news media. So in his mind, he is thinking why in the world should the White House continue to fund such scamming entities. Grisham has also stated that “Not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be significant cost savings for taxpayers — hundreds of thousands of dollars.” The president is definitely on the side of the people. He is always thinking of ways of cutting costs and it appears he has found a big one. The taxpayer’s money can now be used for other more noteworthy publications that tell the truth and promote the good of the nation instead of trying to tear it down.

The President is separating the nation and its employees from people that would do them harm. To make the nation great once again, there must be a removal of the powers that are causing the greatest harm. The influence of the New York Times and the Washington Post are terroristic. They both seek to provide a one-sided approach to the news. Both media outlets provide their commentary on events instead of letting the viewer decide for themselves.

It has not been made clear when this terrific event is supposed to take place. Neither of the media outlets has responded in any way to the news that has come from the White House. The media outlets have been hit hard in a world of openness and freedom when it comes to storytelling and sharing information. The internet and social media have made the news have to compete at a different level than what it was ever used to.

The move to cancel all subscriptions nationwide at the federal level is going to hurt in the end. But when the news promotes lies and fantasies it is no longer the news. It has rather become a fictional storytelling outlet. The disdain that the president has for this agency is widely known. But they have brought it on themselves as they have refused to be supportive and have refused to report an unbiased story.

President Trump has stated that “We don’t even want it in the White House anymore. We’re going to probably terminate that (the New York Times) and The Washington Post. They’re fake.” The number of subscriptions and access points that people have to the media is not known but the savings in cost indicate it is a lot. This move by President Trump is a signal to people telling stories to be accurate and unbiased so the readers and listeners can make up their minds.

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