OH BOY: Aide to Leak Identity of Whistleblower

Derek Harvey, who is the top aide for Representative Devin Nunes, has leaked information, both reliable and non-reliable to journalists and politicians on the conservative side.  He now claims he has knowledge of who the whistleblower is.  Two sources who are knowledgeable of the facts told The Daily Beast, Harvey may be right on the money for this one.  For weeks now, going into months, we all have wondered, who is this whistleblower, and if he or she even exists, or could it just be another setup?

According to The Daily Beast, “Derek Harvey, who works for Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House intelligence committee, has provided notes for House Republicans identifying the whistleblower’s name ahead of the high-profile depositions of Trump administration appointees and civil servants in the impeachment inquiry. The purpose of the notes, one source said, is to get the whistleblower’s name into the record of the proceedings, which committee chairman Adam Schiff has pledged to eventually release. In other words: it’s an attempt to out the anonymous official who helped trigger the impeachment inquiry.”

Other news outlets such as The Washington Post on Saturday stated GOP members and their staff “repeatedly” named the whistleblower, and the entire deposition is used to shield the Democrats from finding out who is loyal to them in the hearings.  A former official stated, during the gatherings, Harvey “was passing notes [to GOP lawmakers] the entire time ex-NSC Russia staffer Fiona Hill testified.”  We cannot put it past the Democrats to use decoys, but sources say they may know who the whistleblower is.  To know for a fact one does exist only means there is a “traitor” or “spy” as President Trump stated.  Before a name would be released to the public, more investigations would take place to be one hundred percent positive on the identity.

The whistleblower’s attorney stepped forward and said, “Exposing the identity of the whistleblower and attacking our client would do nothing to undercut the validity of the complaint’s allegations.  What it would do, however, is put that individual and their family at risk of harm. Perhaps more important, it would deter future whistleblowers from coming forward in subsequent administrations, Democratic or Republican.”

Harvey has other targets than the whistleblower.  The Daily Beast agreed to keep the names from the public, but there is a staff member for the House intelligence committee whom Harvey is after.  The reason this information is credible is that as soon as the Democrats found out Harvey was going to blow their cover, the Democrats immediately went after the GOP leadership to silence him.  One official told reporters, “We are aware of these unsupported and false attacks on a respected member of our staff.  It is completely inappropriate, and we have previously urged the Republican leadership to address this situation.”

The Democrats are quick to claim something is false and expect the world will believe them.  We can all see how fast they are to stop someone on the GOP’s side who has knowledge and proof of what is really going on behind closed doors.  The official who claimed the information was false was not commenting on anything else other than to quickly dismiss Harvey’s claims.  As of now, all parties have declined to comment any further.  Doesn’t all this sound fishy?  Democrats would have the public believe nothing out of the normal is going on, but we as Conservatives are not fools.

Adam Schiff has made this case out to be suspicious by his own doings.  Harvey is like a middle man in all of this, and nothing on the Democrats’ side adds up.  One line in particular from Schiff confirmed on October 2nd that the whistleblower reached out to them.  But in the latter part of September, Schiff stated they had “not spoken directly.”  Who seems to be spreading the false stories?  Schiff or Harvey?  A liar will always work in a hurry to cover their tracks while a person telling the truth will let the truth speak for itself.

Harvey’s career is outstanding.  According to The Daily Beast, he was a “Defense Intelligence Agency analyst, he played an important role in the 2007-8 troop surge in Iraq. David Petraeus kept Harvey aboard for an intelligence billet at U.S. Central Command. Harvey aligned with another member of the counterinsurgency coterie, DIA Director Mike Flynn, and followed Flynn onto Trump’s White NSC from there, Harvey became a crucial aide to Nunes, a pivotal Flynn and Trump ally.”

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