Trump Throws Boomerang in Witch Hunt

In any dealings with people in everyday life, we can find those whom we trust and those who wish to do us harm.  Lately, it seems more people than ever seem to want to go after the President of the United States of America and do him harm.  More traitors have come out of the woodworks now than ever before in history.  Yes, many support President Donald Trump, but the select bunch who has nothing but revenge and hatred toward the president.  These people are known as the “Deep State.”  The reason they hate him is because of all the knowledge he has on each and every one of them, and they all know he can pull the plug at any moment to end all of their careers.

The Deep State has lashed out with such fury these last few weeks in efforts to illegally impeach the president.  After all, the president has waged war and is “draining the swamp left and right.  President Trump has said, “If it all works out, I will consider it one of the greatest things I’ve done.  I think with the destruction of the deep state; certainly, I’ve done big damage,” he added. “They’ve come after me in so many different ways; it’s been such a disgrace. But I think it’ll be one of my great achievements.”

In Trump’s recent rallies, he has called out the deep state every time, calling them, “the Democrats and their deep state cronies colluding in their effort to overturn the presidential election.”  At a trade-pact signing ceremony, he named them “the deep state, or whatever you want to call them.” In Louisiana, he called them “the unholy alliance,” as a reference to both the Democrats and the media and added, “they are the deep state bureaucrats.”

Many would say the president has opened up a can of worms with those who hide in dark places.  Since the president has called them out, we see the four people in the deep state who are completely angered more than anyone is Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler.  These have been the worst, and the ones who start all the uproars against the president as “We the People” are still waiting for Congress to do their jobs.

Every bookstore shelf has something on the deep state.  One author, John Gans, who wrote “White House Warriors,” stated, “Washington hasn’t taken the deep state idea seriously; they treat it as a badge of honor or an inside joke.  But it is a concern around the country. And one that has been stoked on the right by those who support the president.”  But we find as more of these “evildoers” come forward, we see the war is real.  Those who followed the President since the beginning know this.

Every President has had some teams of their administration come and go.  None in history has had more of them leave than under President Trump.  The Democrats take that information to use it against the president, as they have done this week, and they claim it is because no one can work with him as though he is a tyrant.  This could not be further from the truth.  Yes, he has had the most walkout, resign and retire, but he is cleaning house.  All the people who he has caused to depart from their positions have been part of the problem.  Trump’s mentality is, “Put up or shut up.”  He is a businessman and is not playing around with his team.  This makes him feared and seems like a tyrant, but that is what this country needed.

As we go along, we find who is faithful and who is against the president.  Senator Mitt Romney stirred up the pot within the GOP, and there are others whom Trump has replaced.  Those same people are now turning up in the impeachment process and testifying.  Could it be cash under the table?  We found out today it cost the House $15K per testimony.  Who gets the money?  Everyone knows it is our tax dollars that pay the bill.

Now we find happening what Mick Mulvaney stated last week coming to pass, “What you’re seeing now, I believe, is a group of mostly career bureaucrats who are saying: ‘You know what? I don’t like President Trump’s politics, so I’m going to participate in this witch hunt that they’re undertaking on the Hill.”  This whole charade is all about revenge, hatred, and covering up tracks.

3,176 thoughts on “Trump Throws Boomerang in Witch Hunt”

  1. Well, like the Bible says, ‘that committed in darkness, will be shouted from the roof top’. So, they voted to impeach, now their evilness & sin will be revealed to the world. I admire the strength & persistence of our President. Most would have already thrown in the towel. What they are trying to do to him is pathetic. But, GOD allowed him to be elected, & God isn’t going to just let them destroy him. The President might be immoral in some ways, but in others he is right on. Not going to get him to heaven, but, he truly loves America, as do most of Americans. IF Dimocrats ever win the White House, our country is doomed.

  2. The taxpsyer funded gravy train is now a wreck for the demonrats. Presdent Trump is closing in on the traitors, felons,larcenists,liars,cheats. Despicable deep state. That has lied to America for decades.
    I have had it with our own elected calling us stupid deplorable and racist.

  3. Many of us people who have no power want the power of the government used to uphold our laws. The AG should move to arrest and charge all of the criminals of the Mueller witch hunt without delay. It would not even require much investigation because most of the facts are already out there after years of activist group activity. If they are not brought to justice then we no longer have justice in America.


  5. We American vets have fought for American democracy and our christian values and fought for other countries freedoms and we will do it one more time for the United States , The best Country on this earth. Socialist Democrats be damned!

  6. God is on President Trump side and a whole lot of well armed and ordinary citizens! All that talk about the Traitors, are you ready to stand up for POTUS and our Great Country if asked? I hope you all are prepared or preparing to, because the traitors are pushing their tyrannical socialist agenda on us, and for me being disabled I’ll do anything I can to help protect the country I gave an oath to! Will you?

  7. Since our media is part of the DNC and nothing but straight up lies, I have taken to watching BLAZE TV, Mark Levin gives it to you with just facts. It is scary to think about the possibility that these socialists might obtain power. To watch these so called impeachment proceedings is an embarrassment to our country, people in other countries must think we are all freakin crazy. The outright disrespect to our President day in and day out is appalling. I voted for President Trump, and praise him for all his accomplishments, how he puts up with all this negativity is truly amazing. The Democrats who are race hustling hypocrites, are truly the deplorable ones, trying to erase our history, take our independence and our vote. AG Barr needs to file some charges against the people who actually committed crimes against a duly elected President. We all must take a stand for God & Country. TRUMP 2020

  8. OUR PRESIDENT, Donald Trump, made promises to the American people, and has lived up to the promises, by trying to get the changes that we need, demand, and want..done…..he is doing a good job…..never in political history has a president been constantly impeded, blocked, interfered, with, as Mr Trump by the left, the demoCRAPS who connive and stooped so low to stop him from getting things done. They are a nasty bunch of scumbags who do nothing, and have done nothing, for our country…they are against all he stands for…….and WE, the 63 million plus who helped elect him, must stand by him, support him, and not let these FUCKEN SCUMBAG demoCRAPS get away with it………VOTE them all out of office…..they do not deserve to be re-elected or even represent us………some of these cocksuckers have been in office for so long, you can see they do nothing,, and will continue to do nothing…….VOTE THEM OUT..Wake up America, especially those who vote with their heads up their ass and have no idea what the hell is going on…..stop supporting these slobs, moronic dirt-bags, who do nothing but stand in the way against Mr Trump…….

  9. Keep it up Mr. Prez…it is apparent the deep state is afraid of what the future holds for them.Pelosi, Schift,Nadler,Schemmer and the One Big Ass Mistake America holdovers are running scared that is why they continue to lie to the public……WAKE UP DEMOCRATS TO WHAT THE DEEP STATE IS DOING TO YOUR PARTY many of my democratic friends are beginning to see the light..

  10. This is my 80th year on this earth, in this country. I have followed politics since high school and voted 11/08/1960 the first time. Next year will be the 60th anniversary of that election. How could the people of this country grow to hate so much?
    If we make it to the 31st of October 2020, there may be an election or NOT. I have never seen such hate or disrespect for our fellow man than today’s action by our ELECTED Congress. We elected them and are responsible for them “BELIEVING THEY ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN GOD”. We put them in office and we can remove every DAMN one of them on 11/08/2020. For the good of this nation, I move to put this before our citizens to vote this way. What have they done or accomplished in the past 36 months?? NOTHING but cause deeper INDEBTEDNESS to this country and try to take down a President that has worked tirelessly and without compensation to help this country stand on its feet again. Barrack Obama did NOTHING for America but He tried to take it down to his level. GOD will deal with him soon enough. Meanwhile, let’s clean out the halls of Congress and the Senate. I am sure we can find 535 men and women without a chip on their shoulder, an ax to grind or holding that grudge that GOD will not forgive you holding it. Use our Constitution to guide this country as originally intended.

  11. While President Trump is keeping his campaign promises, that’s a first, the Democrats cant make up their mind on which bathroom to use, I do a lot of traveling for business, it is SICKENING to be subjected to CNN in every airport, maybe a class action suit can stop that. These Republicans better start fighting back against these soulless Democrats, they actually call themselves Democratic Socialists, now that’s a oxymoron. Our college campuses are being run by liberal socialist Professors who are brainwashing our youth, the only education they are getting is how terrible our country is, be ashamed if your white, forget about free speech, and learn how to suck your thumb in a safe space, oh, and don’t forget your tooth brush when you go back to live at Mommy & Daddy’s house, cause your over priced useless degree in basket weaving cant get you a job. Ah, that felt good, ALL ABOARD THE TRUMP TRAIN, Giddy Up

  12. in the words of leftwack Jom Gruber “the people are stupid”. the wack jobs are in full steam ahead as Barr gets closer to dooms day for the swamp scum.

  13. The Dimocrats still can’t get over the last election. It wasn’t rocket science, study the Constitution and the Electoral College and you will figure out why it doesn’t have a football team. Plan your campaign accordingly as Trump’s campaign did and Hillary’s didn’t. If you can’t figure that out you definately should not be President. Trump is brilliant if a bit coarse at times. On nearly every issue he has been derided without mercy til he has been proven to be right and then the subject is conveniently dropped.

  14. I’m hoping that after all the “dumbs” making all these rules and watching their do nothingness sorry asses fall through that we go back to the punishment for conspiracy and treason they had in the late 1700’s. Nothing I would like better than to see schitthead-pelosi-caveman-and a few hundred more scum dumbs swinging from a tree lololololol

  15. Keep up the great work President Trump, I and my friends voted for you to do the job we put you in office to do. I and my friends contributed to your office and continue to do so. Why dont the Rep start their own which hunt onto all the people pushing for your impeachment, one turn disserves another. I also agree with a civil war comming if congress continues to try to remove a elected President.

  16. Time to reverse the games being played a take down this evil treasonous democrats. Everyone knows their game yet they are still running wild. As an American I call for their arrest.

  17. I belive Trump put the cheese on the trap so all these rat traitors would come out, and they did. Now he can clean the swamp during he’s next term. Great action my President, 4 more years looks positive

  18. I truly believe as “one nation under God” we have been blessed by God as a nation since our inception. As the nation of Israel was and still is God’s chosen people to represent Him. They missed it with Jesus Christ, salvation to the Jews first and then to the gentiles. God has not changed. We “gentiles” in America have abundantly received God’s grace and blessings. Accordingly, I believe the American people vote for our leaders but it is God that chooses our leaders. Many would poo poo this belief but i truly believe our leaders are a reflection of the people in our country and our relationship with Him . I said so when Bush was in office and 911 occurred, when Obama was elected and our country went through a recession and now with Trump and the need for our country to remember the values and policies that have historically made us strong. Many Republicans and Democrats had become corrupt ( swamp dwellers) and God knows we needed change. Thus an unusual number of Republicans are “retiring” ( swamp creatures being drained from the swamp), they are getting the message. Democrats got the message the day they lost their sure thing election and have been fighting tooth and nail to keep the corruption they spawned the eight years prior. Donald Trump is costing a lot of crooked politicians a lot of money. He’s not one of them and their biggest weapon is to accuse him of that which they know best … corruption. He’s not corrupt. What he is, is not political, a swamp dweller or some one who loves his pocket book more than this country. He did not need to become an elected official to become rich like so many do and have done, he was already rich. Yes he is arrogant and rough on the edges. It is this arrogance and roughness, and not slick willy snake oil salesman demeanor that causes those that are D.C. corrupt to call him a racist, misogynist, etc. God has always chosen imperfect men to do His work and will. Donald Trump is such a man. It takes faith and understanding God to see this. Like it or not God selects our leaders. Sometimes we get what He thinks we deserve and sometimes what we need. We needed Donald Trump, lumps and all. However the world will always hate those chosen by God, and they sure want to hate this one

  19. Their own New York Pravda (aka Times) predicted Hillary’s win with 98.8% certainty (I guess the remaining 1.2% was for the possibility of a sudden Martian invasion). You can understand the blind hate by all Democrats, Communists, racists, socialists and other such scum and low-lives living in the country.

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