Numbers Show How Americans Really Feel About Trump Impeachment

Polls are usually not very reliable sources to gain a total picture of how the majority feels about a particular issue. But once in a while, a poll will show up that provides a complete picture and tells a complete story as to how people are reacting to certain things. The major issue that Americans are concerned about is the impeachment process. For three years they have watched the lousy Democrats try to incriminate their president. They have watched as one fake accusation was hurled at him only to be proven fake. The people have watched as Adam Schiff invented a whistleblower moment, and they have watched as he was found to be lying about it all.

President Trump is being illegally harassed and now impeached because there is a political party that is seeking to destroy him as a president and as a person. Just so they can have the power of the White House. Poll after poll has been conducted and some see the polls as showing the American people do not know what to think. But what they are showing is proof that they hate what is happening to their president who has nothing wrong.

The poll in question was put out by Suffolk University and was aimed at seeking what the people of the country thought about the president and his actions. Poll takers were given three options and the results were “Thirty-six percent of those polled said the House should vote to impeach, 22% said the House should continue investigation but not impeach, and 37% said the House should drop its investigations. The last 5% did not have an answer or refused to give one.

Looking inside the results, there are some major differences based on party, gender, race, and more.”

Sadly some people are trying to divide the poll with race in an attempt to invalidate its meaning. The truth behind racist polls is that some try to push that certain nationalities aren’t educated enough to take such a poll. But that is not the case. The poll showed that the vast majority of Democrats wanted to see the president impeached because they are still fuming mad about losing in 2016.

The poll also showed an alarming number of people that wanted the investigation to stop. The majority of the people want to see no more investigations into the president. What the people are saying is just the president do his job. He has done more for this country than any of the stupid Democrats because all they have done is try to fight against every single decision President Trump makes because of what happened in 2016.

The sad thing about this accurate poll is that the Democrats will ignore the will of the people. They never represent their voter base because they are career politicians seeking only the gain more money through their illegal exploits of the American people. To listen to the people means that they would have to admit their mistakes and that is just something that they cannot bring themselves to do.

Another part of the poll gave the following scenario “The White House has released a transcript summary of a July 25th phone call in which President Trump encouraged the Ukrainian president to pursue investigations involving Democratic rival Joe Biden, and hacking allegations in the 2016 election. Which comes closest to your view? A) The phone conversation is an impeachable offense. B) The phone conversation was wrong but doesn’t rise to an impeachable offense. C) There was nothing wrong with the phone conversation.”

When the results of this question came in it was found that the vast majority believed that the president had done nothing wrong. At least to warrant impeachment. The poll shows that the vast majority of the country does not believe there is enough ground to warrant an impeachment process. The Democrats are clearly on a path of destruction as they try to incriminate an innocent president. The people voted for Trump because he would work for them. It is time for the Democrats to realize that principle and start working for the people instead of themselves.

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  1. Can you hear me clapping and yelling hurrah. So nice to read the truth for a change. The DC politicians don’t like him because he is not a politician and they can’t buy him off. He is an astute business man who is trying to get our country back on tract economically and just do the right thing. I sure hope the term limit deal can pass. It is amazing to me that the politicians come into office (for the most part) non millionaires but retire as millionaires. I guess I missed my calling. No, actually, I didn’t. I could never be what they are.

    1. I agree the democrats have wasted millions trying to prove something that does”nt exist . The millions are tax payers dollars if anyone should be impeached it should be all the democrats they are a disgrace to america . Go trump go we love you .

        1. WE THE PEOPLE ought to up there right now packing the Democrats stuff and running out of DC before they steal us blind knowing they are going to be voted out in 2020.

        1. No you are brainwashed and must not believe in the American way you know like the right to confront your accusers the right to have them crossed examined, and many others. And if you think the Democrats are going to have a wide open hearing you are really brainwashed.

        2. No YOU and the unfortunate millioms of uneducated and stubborn fans of false narrative on the loony left are brainwashed. In fact you are so out of touch because your favorite news shows in fact do not tell you the news. Opinion TV is what ABC CBS CNN MSNBC NBC news have become. And why Mike and morning Joe still have a show. Because gullible fools count in the milliond in America. You’re just 1 of em.

      1. I agree with you and Yes We certainly do !!! These haters need to sit down and shut up! Its all fake , Our President us the best wev’e had in Years!!! I thank God for him! May God continue to strengthen Mr. Trump through this nonsense!

        1. Wake up America before it’s toooo LATE !!!! Jacqueline your right on !! Our President is the best wev’e had in years!!!! He has worked hard for”no pay” for the people and the USA !!!! We neeeeed term limits on all politicians !!!! Like I said wake up America BEFORE IT’S TOOOOOOO LATE !!!!

        2. Millions of us should go to dc with pitchforks and torches . Tar and feathers the Demorats and run them of of town on a rail.

    2. Not only that but President Trump makes the politicians look bad. President Trump has kept his campaign promises. Some of them he’s still working on but he’s trying despite opposition from congress. When have politicians of any party done that? When have they even remembered their promises five minutes after they were sworn in?

      1. Can you hear me clapping? I am so glad that people are realizing what is going on. I am told we must love everyone. I am having a hard time doing that but I can pray that God heals their minds and hearts.

      2. Diana S. You’re right on ! Politicians promise the moon with a fence around it until sworn in ! Then it’s how many perk’s do I receive ? It’s amazing how $174,000.00 dollar salary per year for representatives turns into millions, all representatives should be audited. Our president was an astute businessman not a politician and gives his salary back to the U.S. Donald Trump loves America as do I. God Bless Donald Trump, God Bless America.

    3. I stand with you To TRY impeachment is just CRAZY We are a blessed nation because God sent us Mr Trump. Please keep him in your prayers . He is a most loving President and very wise.

        1. How else can you explain;
          Lowest unemployment
          Highest stock market
          Lowest number on food stamps
          No rockets from N Korea
          Energy independent
          Stable gas prices
          Better position on trade deals
          The wall is getting built
          MS 13 Illegals are finally getting deported
          Police departments are respected
          Trump supporters are more patriotic than ever before

          Why don’t we just start with that dumb Ass!

          1. The Dems don’t listen to facts. Why is Hillary and Bill’s “Clinton Foundation” worth $2 Billion?
            Her are her accomplishments; “Flew millions of miles as Sec. of State”, the Benghazi affair. What else? The “Assault Weapons Ban”? What did Obama do to earn FOUR MANSIONS? Biden, whose son is still listed as being on the board? Or Joe Biden? Donald Trump has done more in three years than the Dems in the last 100. I will give the Dems credit for one thing, they founded the “Peace Corps”. That was done with the money they stole from Social Security the first time!

        2. I beg your pardon, sir!! But GOD did raise Donald Trump up to be where he is right now! I believe that with all my heart! You do t have to believe like I do ! Just telling you how I feel! I am so at peace with this! That’s all I can say! Go President Trump!! You are anointed by GOD!!!

          1. Yessssss God has definitely ordained Mr.Trump as President from the beginning keep praying for him and I will too because I too know thats what God wants us to do , so happy that some do understand the workings of Almighty God! it is a pleasure reading your post thank you! President Donald Trump is definitely appointed by God other wise there would not be so much hell raised against him if he were like all the others Washington would be Very very
            ” Quiet ” : )

          2. I agree that God put him there and I’m at peace with it because God will have the last say NOT that Democrats

        3. Ohhhhhh Yesssss sir GOD sure did send him to us because all of the others were idiots!!
          While we r praying gonna include you Mike God bless you.

          1. Oh Patti,what a troubling thing to say. God rules over all our lives. Nothing comes to us that has not been filtered thru His fingers of Love. Patti, do you have a Bible?

          2. President was anointed but God, because he does what he says, God is a major making of our country.
            The democrats have not worked a day, they have spent our money on lies!
            Please be free thinkers, don’t be brainwashed!

        4. we can all live with trump because he has done so much good for the usa compared to what happen with 8 years of obama. You mike are a liberal democrat that can not read, or listen to all the good that has been done so i would suspect you would say dumb things. Get you head out of your butt , open your eyes and be blessed with all that you have receive from trump and thank you lucky starts.

        5. No Mike, you are the problem as are all demented people that vote for Democrats! Please name one positive thing Obama did for us! Name anything at all that Joe Biden has done in congress for the forty or so years he has been elected. Name anything good about the “Squad”. See where this is going you dope! Further, how can anyone attempt to justify Hillary Clinton… Filthy criminal and a sex maniac husband; great party you support. Grow a brain asshole!

          1. You are right Hussein, Sleepy Joe, and the Squad haven’t done anything for this country. All they want is more illegals, higher taxes, the government to run everything. Free,free, free and no idea how to pay for it.

        6. God did not send YOU! OK. State your reasons for your dislike of President Trump. Be specific and detailed. This is your chance to share your side of the argument. Or are you just parroting others who are sore losers? Are you proud of the way the Democratic party is handling impeachment investigations? Secret meetings? NO due process for President Trump …just total opposition of our Constitution.

        7. You’re the idiot Mike! Move to California! Do you want to live among 100% of illegals getting everything for free that we worked for all our lives? I don’t! Trump keeps building America for real Americans! He’s done great so far! It’s the Demorats that are so afraid of losing their 800,000 a year salaries and limos and vacations and mansions that are the idiots that are cheating everyone! Wake up man! They don’t give a shit about the working man Mike! They always pretend they do! But how come there weren’t any jobs until Trump came into office? Obama didn’t get them here!

    4. Well someone who agrees with me. Hora! The Democrats have spent all there time on Trump they couldn’t do any thing else same same.the spent millions of dollars an they can’t prove a dam thing! It’s like the lady said Trump is abuses man not politician they can control, bolt for him.

    5. And because Trump is crimping their style of taking huge sums of money from outsiders to vote for the things those same folks want passed. Most of “so called” public officials/representatives are as crooked as the day is long sadly. On the other side of the coin, Trump is honest and isn’t even accepting his pay for being our president and fixing all our countries problems with little or no help from the congress. Those who wish to impeach want him gone, so they can go back to business as usual, and it surely will not be doing the business of the American people.

    6. The convention of states can also help with it they can set term limits and limit federal powers and cut federal spending and save this country you can find them here on face book and sign there petition we need 34 states to pass it and we have 15 and a handful pending while we wait for them we are busy running state to state to add more to the list. We have 4.1 million supporters and adding more every day We are located in every state .We care just working very hard to get those we need to to the convention of states we are getting there but it would go much faster if everyone would sign the petition..together we can save our country lives and future and we need your voice to do it

    7. We definitely demand TERM LIMITS. If they are good for the President, they are definitely good enough for senators, congresspeople. ONE term is plenty. From what I’ve seen, most of them don’t deserve even one term. Why should they be able to vote themselves all the perks such as ( Pensions after a very short period of time? They should pay into Social Security, just like all of us . ( NO PENSIONS ). No free travel home or anywhere else. We as TAXPAYERS have to pay our own travel expenses for work or anywhere else. No more junkets to foreign countries, out of D.C. to different states or cities at taxpayers expense, for so call information purposes or any other reason. And then to take their spouses & families along. Along with a bunch of reporters, at TAXPAYERS expense. And the above is just for starters. We TAXPAYERS are sure a bunch of ” C

    8. Here’s how to manipulate an entire country: Hijack the media, Hijack the news, Hijack the press, Hijack the biggest online search engine, Hijack the biggest social online platforms, Hijack the school system, then manipulate facts, push the narratives, create lies, make people believe what you tell them and this is exactly who the left has become. These people do not appreciate your right to freedom! We are not seeing just the democrats corruption but also we are seeing the corruption in all government agencies, they have been in the government to long and do not like to see anything change and that is what President Trump is doing. Why are we fighting other countries wars? Why are we giving other countries money? We are in debt to China and Trump wants our country to heal itself first and they don’t like it!

  2. I’d like to smack Schiff, AND Pelosi a good one! They are trying to destroy this country by having this witch hunt. It’s time that We the People stood up, & stopped it!

      1. It’s worth a try! But, I think it’s going to take more than letters to stop them. I remember when the Republicans impeached Clinton. $17 MILLION was spent, & it dragged on. Then it went to the Senate. I’m not sure what they did. They may have had a fake trial, but I don’t remember. But, they DID find him not guilty. But, in HIS case, he was tried on lying to Congress, & obstructing justice. But the Dim controlled Senate said not guilty, & he walked away from it. However, getting them to let go of this impeachment is NOT going to be easy. I’ve signed a couple of petitions already, & plan on keeping doing it. I say email Pelosi, & maybe Schiff, if you can find an addy for them.

        1. our best solution although not perfect is The Convention of States – term limits, balanced budget are two goals achievable through article 5 of the constitution.

        2. That’s the answer, do not re-elect. Use your common sense, how do they become millionaires? These career politicians do not represent the American people, they represent themselves. Drain the swamp!

    1. They did it for 8 long years while most of us paid the price for the games they played and the damage they caused to our country. Sad really that folks voted enough of the dems back in, so they could do this.

      1. I tried warning you Mike. This site is full of paid posters from the Russian motherland. Read their posts and they pretty much post the same response and with really poor grammar.

    2. The Democrats are doing NOTHING but putting on a big Show!! They have no crime to begin with! How do you impeach a President with No Crime!? If I were Trump I would ignore the whole Sham! It’s all made up by little Adam Schiff and his merry band of Corrupt LOSERS!! He is NOT President and I don’t know how or What he is trying to do! But without the. It’s of 2/3 of the SENATE which is Republican Run! He has NOTHING as Usual not one Republican will vote for this HOAX Sham or whatever they are calling this made up Story now!

  3. ithink the demoscrts should get rid of shiff and pelosie as fast as they can before they ruin our country more than now whit all the lie’there spreading.the socialist dont belong in our country.

    1. Ms Nancy has already said the American people will not choose what happens, so I don’t think writing her letters about your wishes (and mine as well) will matter one little bit to her.

  4. I am so fed up with the crappy Democrats & their calls for impeachment I could scream. I have voted in every election since my 18th birthday & Donald Trump has done more than any President since I have been voting & I am 80 years old! I have called the congressional office of every democrat to tell them what a jerk they are for voting for impeachment. It is disgraceful how all of these idiots are treating our President. I despise Piglosi and her ugly mug. Notice how she walks…she has a corn cob up her rear & I believe it has migrated to her brain!!! A better set of dentures that fit would help her looks. She is truly the wicked witch of the west!!! Call the offices of the Democratic congressmen & tell them they are an A** for the way they are treating our great President!!! We need to put the pressure on them!!

    1. You got it right. I am also 80 and voted in every election and Trump is the only one that has done what he promised. We can only hope the Republicans can retain control of the senate and gain control of the house and put an end to this sham and craziness.

      1. what he has done is create tax cuts for the wealthy not for the American people that make America what it is no help from the 45!

        1. I thought that you were going to leave the site before you vomited, MIKE. What a load of crap. I guess you like seeing how unpopular you can become.

        2. All my employees saw the tax cut in their paychecks!! Just normal middle class working guys. All your dems have done is tax the shit out of my business,with Trump in office tax breaks for small business have allowed raises for all my employee’s. Imagine that!!! You are a dumb a–!!!! Mike.

          1. I also have a small business. Not only was I able to give my employees a raise, I was able to hire more employees. Without the Trump tax cuts, I wouldn’t have been able to do that.

            Vote Red up and down the 2020 ticket!

        3. I can’t talk for you but I got more on my paycheck after the tax cuts plus a refund for the first time in years. Maybe you need help doing your taxes.

    2. Your right Ann, I’ve been calling, all that gets you is a visit from the Pennsylvania State police!! That’s what I got for being a Trump supporter and expressing my views!!

    3. I am like you just 15 years younger and I agree wholeheartedly with you and like you. I have been calling but it’s talking to a dang rock wall the only thing I know is to pray they don’t get back in office and that the senate tells them what they can do with the impeachment

    4. I agree with you never has a President been treated so disgracefully as President Trump and his beautiful wife let alone their son. Hillary is delusional and Obama can’t stand not being in the White House , that goes for Hillary too.

  5. there needs to be another Big 1970’s type walk on DC.This is where the people chat. Now we would say , Ger Pelosi out.Get the liar out .’ and what ever you wanted to say . she wont believe the people until she sees this happening. and thei will go for the other witchunters in Dc

  6. Unfortunately the DEMONCOMMUNISTbeings have been turned into ANOTHER form of NAZI Criminals. They have become the epitome of ignorance & corruption. They have literally destroyed ANY credibility for the people that they are supposed to represent. The political parties are “PUBLIC SERVANTS”.They are wasting taxpayer money & getting very wealthy from their ILLEGAL endeavors by bilking millions from the people they are supposed to represent. We need term limits & a closer look at just where the money flows. Money is said to be the root of all evil & the Dems have proven that it is absolutely proved it to be correct.

    1. No, Gon Mad, it’s the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. Money isn’t the problem, but they love money & power to the point that they’ll do ANYTHING to stay in power. So just be prepared for what happens next. No telling what they’ll try. Schiff is so full of hatred that it’s pathetic. They don’t realize that they’re under Satan’s control.

  7. Sure, make sure you take the polls in colleges that all teach socialism and all professors hate President Trump. Lets take polls where there are normal hard working people. NOT IN NY, CALIFORNIA, BOSTON, NH, WASHINGTON, AND ANY OTHER LIBERAL RUN STATE

  8. What all of us should do is march on Washington every time these Democrats have their unconstitutional impeachment meetings and protest them till there close door meetings are done, or we all should write these Democratic politicians and tell them they will all pay for their unconstitutional acts against are president come every election across this nation these Democrats will be voted out of office!!! We need to stand up to these corrupt Democrats and stand up for are president and show him that we have his back, for this will send a very strong message to these Democrats that we too can stick together and defeat any Democrat that is running for office!!!

  9. Ready to take up arms and destroy the Nazi democrat party for there evil bullshit against a great President fuck pelosi and Schiff this has been going on before the man was elected enough is enough time to destroy the evil party there fucking crazy !!

  10. Hello demoncrates , your days are numbered that’s why you want President Donald Trump out ! Even if you impeached him you’ll still go down I G Investigation is in you lose again. Maybe you can buy people to do just what you want or coach them into saying what you want but the real Americans know better ! your allusions of the truth are your downfall of the demoncratic party. You can’t even say that you are demoncrates your socialists/communist . destroying America

  11. The Socialist Demokratz will, most likely, win the House and the Senate; because, Demokratik controlled States are allowing people who are legally not allowed to vote (VA – felons, CA and NY unlawful migrants, Illinois = the dead, etc.)

    1. I’m so inspired , hearing so many conservative comments on this site tonight. To James, NY and CA may get their states votes, but that’s what we have an electoral vote for and I’m convinced, we’ll take more in 2020 than we did in 2016. I also believe God put Trump here for us to get our country back again. Maybe the dems should be glad their mothers didn’t decide to abort them. I think about that. I wonder if they do.

  12. WE THE PEOPLE get to vote. Vote to oust someone or kieep them. Take a GOOD look at the cndidates in your area. Which one shows evidence of working FOR the people vs their own pocketbooks. If candidates are new to federal level, whats their track record. No one tries federal level w/o experience doing something.

  13. I would like to say one thing after reading all these comments. Can anyone imagine what would be going on in this country if the Dems won the house and Senate? They have hijacked our system and thumbing their collective noses at America now. They have no respect for the people of this country. They think we are stupid and don’t understand what they are doing. Schiff is holding closed-door hearings in the basement. Hillary doesn’t have to be a Russian asset, she would have this country run like Russia. The people would be blind to what is going on. I know they think they are going to win in 2020 because they plan on hijacking the elections as they did in Ca. last time. Be ready folks they are not giving up.

  14. Nutty nasty Nancy the loser is constantly saying that she has to go by the Constitution, but she never say what part of the Constitution she needs to follow.. she knows nothing about the Constitution. If she wanted to wanted to be true to the Constitution, she wouldn’t being impeaching our President she is doing this because she hates him because President Trump knows that the demorats are trying to make this country a communist nation with them in control. We the people would be nothing. We would not be able todo anything but what the government says. These are worthless people that should all be arrested for treason.

  15. It is a great idea that the Democrats might actually start working FOR the people who they are supposed to serve but it will never happen! They are simply not capable.

  16. How about a Nancy Pelosi retirement. Does she not have anything else to do? Like maybe she should go home wash windows, or clean the kitchen floor.

  17. President Trump did nothing wrong and in fact, President Trump did everything good and right for the United States of America and her People. So you evil Democra Politicians can stick your Impeachment up your asses. You all should be arrested by the United States Marines and shipped off to Diego Garcia and GITMO for High Treason.

  18. I would give a year of my life to punch Pelosi and Schiff i n the mouth, they are out right liars, she needs to retire and he deserves the rest of his life in jail for the tax payer money he has wasted trying to get Trump impeached I pray the Democratic Party loose big!!!!.

  19. You are all so absolutely correct!!! Speaker Pelosi recently stated that the resignation of Rep. Katie Hill was necessary to “maintain the integrity of Congress”! What integrity I ask does she maintain with her House leadership? I frankly find her statement pure hypocrisy!!! Also, I agree her knowledge of the Constitution is very limited because the purpose of Congress is to pass legislation that advances the agenda of the majority of Americans! How can Congress be fulfilling its Constitutional purpose if all it is focusing on is wasting hard-earned taxpayer money on “film-flam” impeachment efforts? I too have been contacting Democrats to expose their lack of accountability to the American voting public; and, I am very proud of all those truly patriotic Americans that are making their voices heard loud and clear!!! GOD Bless our President and this country as it was originally established under HIS Providence!!!

  20. One big problem we are faced with: much of the money and therefore influence is coming from outside the tax money they are frivolously spending and it is George Soris and his cronies giving $millions to take our great country down. Their $$ are going to those who have influence & some control and can cause certain things to happen that are contrary to what this country was founded and survived and grown on; GOD GIVEN PRICIPALS. Not only them but who took the immediate blow at the election (Hillary was in shock and disbelief plus she couldn’t pay off some big money supporters. When you lose the right thing to do is offer congrats to the winner and go home just like George W. did.

  21. Don’t you all understand the real reason why the Democrats hate Trump and are trying to destroy him? It is because he is reversing most of the socialist crap regulations enacted by Comrade Obama to stifle or destroy capitalism! And he is enabling capitalism to work in the way it should – strong economy, low unemployment not only for “so called privileged whites”but also for blacks and Hispanics as well, increased jobs, increased income for all, and other accomplishments, and the socialists (Democrats) CAN’T STAND IT! The Democrat goal is to convert this country to total socialism (that is why they must find a way to disarm the public like every socialist country has done in the past) and turn it into another socialist S___HOLE country until enough years go by to make it obvious even to the dim witted that socialism is a FAILED IDEOLOGY and cannot be made to work, as has happened in almost every country that tried it (North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela are slow learners.), all, by the way, murdering over 100 million resisters trying to make it work.! A vote for any Democrat is a vote to destroy America!

  22. If they Impeach our President, it will be horrible..If they get him out of office, it will be worse!! This will be the beginning of the end for all.. They should have NEVER gotten the HOUSE. The Devil – Evil – is REAL!
    I’m praying for Peace among us all..The World.. At least most of the World… This is what President Trump wishes for all of us..
    Shitty Shifty Schift needs to go away! His Law license should be revoked!! We watch Fox News who tells the real story… How is this possible for the Dems to take down our President…The was NO CRIME committed here…
    Nancy needs to give up her guns and take her WALL down around her property… so there!!!


  24. What have the Democrats done for the voters, that put them in Washington< these past 3 years, except continue to try to put President Trump out of office. The President , in spite of the Democrats has still accomplished what he promised to do. This CURRENT PHONY IMPEACHMENT is the Height of their lies, and lack of cooperation, and will be reflected at the election booths on November 2010.

  25. Y’all realize that all 3 Branches of our government, the Executive, Judicial and the Clown show…ooppps, I meant Legislative Branch are all EQUAL. None is more powerful than the other. Mr Trump has the power to dismiss the legislative branch. Call a shut down in the Congress and not re open it. He can cut off their pay checks, shut down the electrical power to Congress, along with water. Revoke their privilege of transportation,by automobile and airplane. They would be stranded in DC with no resources other than their credit cards. Let them rent a car and drive themselves home.

    Do not leave out family members. They are indoctrinating our children. Let’s see how they feel when their children are expelled from their private schools and colleges.
    Do they have elderly parents in swanky nursing homes? Send them to live with their Socialist Democratic children. That would keep Pelosi, Schumer and Shift busy.

    We need to petition President Trump to do so.

  26. Oppps. I left out their spouses. They should be ‘laid off’ from their jobs for incompetency. Yes some of them are attorneys. Let them sue. They will be in court for at least 5+ years. Or have their law licenses yanked.
    We must ask the President to fight as dirty as they have.

  27. The Democrats have spent President Trump’s entire time in office trying to get rid of him. They have done NOT ONE THING for the betterment of the American people in general or as a whole. They have taken America’s dollars and put on a ‘show’ the whole time…I am for impeaching all of those who have wasted our time, energy and dollars on their ‘witch hunt’….and left the country ‘hanging’….Because of their actions these past few years I am changing my voting to Republican in future….We need new faces with fresh ideas that benefit our country instead of someone’s agenda….

  28. We definitely demand TERM LIMITS. If they are good for the President, they are definitely good enough for senators, congresspeople. ONE term is plenty. From what I’ve seen, most of them don’t deserve even one term. Why should they be able to vote themselves all the perks such as ( Pensions after a very short period of time? They should pay into Social Security, just like all of us . ( NO PENSIONS ). No free travel home or anywhere else. We as TAXPAYERS have to pay our own travel expenses for work or anywhere else. No more junkets to foreign countries, out of D.C. to different states or cities at taxpayers expense, for so call information purposes or any other reason. And then to take their spouses & families along. Along with a bunch of reporters, at TAXPAYERS expense. And the above is just for starters. We TAXPAYERS are sure a bunch of ” Chumps “.

  29. You are all the three monkeys: hear no evil, see no evil, but you do let the mentally unstable Trump speak evil against anyone who says or does something or anything that hurts his huge demented ego. He is the very worst thing that has ever happened to our country. He swore to defend the Constitution and now says its meaningless because he is rich and you people support a treasonist!

  30. Do you remember the old saying? You can fool some of the people….some of the time….but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time….
    Well the Democrats have just about run to the end of their rope!

  31. The democrats showed the Americans that they cared not a whit what the American people wanted when they rammed through the so-called Affordable Health Care Bill. Polls showed the majority did not want the government involved in their healthcare. Americans mobilized with faxes to congress, contributions to campaigns for candidates who would help defeat it – Nancy changed the rules as they went along to get around whatever the folks were able to accomplish and Pelosi famously made two quotes – “we’re going to pass that bill by hook or by crook” and “we’ll have to pass the bill before you’ll know what’s in it”!! Nothing has changed. There are bills that Trump is for, such as Infrastructure, that the Democrats are always for, and they want to continue what the FBI started during the 2016 Campaign and that was continued by Comey making sure a Special Counsel was appointed. When Mueller, destroying, finances, lives, careers along the way of Trump supporters could find nothing with the most aggressive sorts of prosecutor/lawyers and millions of dollars, congress picked up his hit to try to make Obstruction an issue, that wasn’t working, so they brought out the CIA mole that had been planted to spy on the president. Are Americans going to sit back a allow this bunch of outlaws to continue this “do nothing for the tax payers” bullying?! Is this the USA we want for out lifetime?

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