Numbers Show How Americans Really Feel About Trump Impeachment

Polls are usually not very reliable sources to gain a total picture of how the majority feels about a particular issue. But once in a while, a poll will show up that provides a complete picture and tells a complete story as to how people are reacting to certain things. The major issue that Americans are concerned about is the impeachment process. For three years they have watched the lousy Democrats try to incriminate their president. They have watched as one fake accusation was hurled at him only to be proven fake. The people have watched as Adam Schiff invented a whistleblower moment, and they have watched as he was found to be lying about it all.

President Trump is being illegally harassed and now impeached because there is a political party that is seeking to destroy him as a president and as a person. Just so they can have the power of the White House. Poll after poll has been conducted and some see the polls as showing the American people do not know what to think. But what they are showing is proof that they hate what is happening to their president who has nothing wrong.

The poll in question was put out by Suffolk University and was aimed at seeking what the people of the country thought about the president and his actions. Poll takers were given three options and the results were “Thirty-six percent of those polled said the House should vote to impeach, 22% said the House should continue investigation but not impeach, and 37% said the House should drop its investigations. The last 5% did not have an answer or refused to give one.

Looking inside the results, there are some major differences based on party, gender, race, and more.”

Sadly some people are trying to divide the poll with race in an attempt to invalidate its meaning. The truth behind racist polls is that some try to push that certain nationalities aren’t educated enough to take such a poll. But that is not the case. The poll showed that the vast majority of Democrats wanted to see the president impeached because they are still fuming mad about losing in 2016.

The poll also showed an alarming number of people that wanted the investigation to stop. The majority of the people want to see no more investigations into the president. What the people are saying is just the president do his job. He has done more for this country than any of the stupid Democrats because all they have done is try to fight against every single decision President Trump makes because of what happened in 2016.

The sad thing about this accurate poll is that the Democrats will ignore the will of the people. They never represent their voter base because they are career politicians seeking only the gain more money through their illegal exploits of the American people. To listen to the people means that they would have to admit their mistakes and that is just something that they cannot bring themselves to do.

Another part of the poll gave the following scenario “The White House has released a transcript summary of a July 25th phone call in which President Trump encouraged the Ukrainian president to pursue investigations involving Democratic rival Joe Biden, and hacking allegations in the 2016 election. Which comes closest to your view? A) The phone conversation is an impeachable offense. B) The phone conversation was wrong but doesn’t rise to an impeachable offense. C) There was nothing wrong with the phone conversation.”

When the results of this question came in it was found that the vast majority believed that the president had done nothing wrong. At least to warrant impeachment. The poll shows that the vast majority of the country does not believe there is enough ground to warrant an impeachment process. The Democrats are clearly on a path of destruction as they try to incriminate an innocent president. The people voted for Trump because he would work for them. It is time for the Democrats to realize that principle and start working for the people instead of themselves.

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