The Walls May Be Closing In, But Trump Is Safe

The hatred that the Dems have for Pres. Trump has been obvious from the very beginning – and it has been blinding them. Their media propaganda filled the news was fake news stories regarding the Mueller investigation, then Michael Cohen being in Prague, and, then, Don Jr. calling about an entrapment meeting with Russians. Their lies seem to know no end.

They’ve been warning the American public that “the walls are closing in.” Every time that there is some kind of new ‘breaking news’ about Trump, they talk about the walls closing in again.

The only thing is, the walls aren’t closing in around Trump. The Mueller report didn’t hold the content the Dems had hoped that it would. The whistleblower was a fake. Adam Schiff has been making up details. The Democrats have tried time and again to get something to stick on Trump, only it hasn’t.

The United States media is beginning to sound like they have been spoon-fed talking points from House Democrats as a “bombshell” of a news headline hits the Internet. The Democrats like to warn that it is the beginning of the end and it’s a tipping point about how Pres. Trump is corrupt and that he isn’t their president. If you look through enough of the headlines, they start the same way. Media collusion is real – and it’s corrupting the minds of Americans.

The walls are certainly closing in, but it’s not the way that the Dems had hoped. The rooms are plenty spacious for Donald Trump because he has proven time and again that he isn’t corrupt. He may be one of the few people within Capitol Hill who isn’t – which is why his promise to drain the swamp was such a terrifying concept for the Dems that they went on a witch hunt even before he made it into the Oval Office.

As he and a variety of Republicans fight back, the walls are closing in on the members of the Obama administration, including Pres. Obama himself. A good look at the former VP Joe Biden will identify just how problematic that administration really was – and Dems don’t want to admit that there have been constant problems throughout the administration.

In the cutthroat Democratic debates, however, Obama and the rest of the administration were called out countless times by the candidates. Obama was thrown under the bus more times than Trump was even mentioned, which shows that there are Democrats who are ready to identify just how bad that administration was.

Atty. Gen. William Barr has been investigating the origins of the Russian collusion hoax to such a point that it has become a criminal investigation as there are likely some Democrats who have more than a little dirt on their hands from trying to pull off that one.

John Durham has been working with Barr in order to investigate what really happened in order to create such a Russian collusion to try to get Trump out of office. There’s enough suspicion that the US attorney and the Atty. Gen. are concerned. Subpoenas will be issued soon and indictments and prosecutions are likely to follow.

There are plenty of things happening behind the scenes that are enough to raise a brow. Everyone wants to know who wrote the dossier that was pinned on Christopher Steele. Everyone wants to know what role Obama and Clinton played in Spygate regarding Trump’s aide. It’s particularly curious when both Obama and Clinton left before everyone else at Elijah Cummings’ funeral last week. Perhaps they needed some more air because they felt the walls starting to close in on them.

Michael Horowitz is also helping with closing the walls in on shady Democrats by investigating the abuse of FISA requests.

The list of problems continues to turn up, showing that the Democrats aren’t as innocent as they make themselves out to be. Many of them got involved in illegal activities just to try to pin blame on Trump and make themselves out to be the heroes. Trump was hated from Day One because of his non-political background. Then, there was further insult when he actually beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. The Democrats couldn’t fathom or tolerate that kind of defeat, so they have been up to no good ever since.

Yes, Democrats, the walls are closing in. However, Trump is not the one who has to worry about it. As the Department of Justice and others conduct their investigations, it might start to get very claustrophobic around Capitol Hill.

414 thoughts on “The Walls May Be Closing In, But Trump Is Safe”

    1. The more the left persecutes our beloved, very competent president, the more popular he gets. Anybody who has brains enough to follow what he has done and is still doing, will realize he is saving our country. I love that man.

      1. CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump, Beloved?, Competent!? That Presidential PISS
        ASS PIG! Saving Our Country? The Only That MENTALLY ILL MONKEY, That M-F—KING MORON IS DOING FOR AMERICA Is Seeing How Fast He Can Send It Down History’s TOLIET! Finally, The Only Persons Who “LOVE”? d trump Are Those Persons Plainly Hoping For A Free Ride On One Of His Million Dollar Gravy Trains! Without His Money, That BACKSTABBING, TWO FACED, TWO TIMING, BRAINLESS, CONCEITED, STUPID, LYING SICKO has No Friends! Without His Money, d trump is A NOBODY, A NOTHING, Just A Walking, Talking Pile Oval Office Of GUTTER TRASH!

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        2. Question~~ why do you hate Pres. Trump so much? And none of the things you listed counts. There has got to be A REASON to hate someone. Can you tell me? No? I didn’t think so. When asked what crime Pres. Trump was guilty of the snowflakes said things like~~ he committed high crimes and misdemeanors, or he told a lie. I want to know WHAT crime or WHAT lie. Betcha can’t name one.



        1. When the choice was between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, I felt the country was doomed and voted for Trump instead of Killary. I prayed to God to give him the wisdom and courage to guide the country. That night (Nov. 2016) I felt like I witnessed a miracle. I thought to myself “There really is a God and He still wants this country to live”. So like Lincoln said “”My concern is not is God on our side, but are we on God’s side”. The “left” has gone over to the “dark” side. It is no longer a struggle between Democrat and Republican, or Liberal and Conservative . It is now a fight between rational thought and total insanity. It is becoming the Biblical prophesy of the forces of God against the forces of Satan. It takes pretty compelling evidence for a skeptic like me. In this fight , only a brainless fool would stand against God. Unfortunately , there are millions of brainless fools in this country (due to our so called educational system).

          1. Bless you, TruthB Told for the insight. Flesh and blood has not revealed this to y oum but our Father in Heaven. Same was my experience here in Nigeria on the night ofvthe election in Nov 2016. I’m not an American citizen, but I love the country. I was seriously moved in my spirit to pray for then candidate Trump, and I did, even with tears in my eyes, in Lagos. Why tears? Honestly, i dont know why! The Holy Spirit definitely knew ahead of time the battle Trump would face in the course of his presidency. I think it’s a fight between Light and “Darkness” for the SOUL of America. And I believe God will not desert His “Battle Axe” at this stage. We only need to intensify praying for him. It shall be well. God bless His people and God bless America.

    3. You have it all wrong, it’s not hatred for trump, it’s about love for our Country. He forgets that places like California, New York, Chicago , Baltimore, etc. are part of the Country he should represent. It is he that foments hatred thru his base. So sad.

      1. I disagree. Those democratic cities and states are cesspools of socialist failure and abuse. He hasn’t left them, they chose to do it their way and are to blame for all of their problems. They then blame Trump as the cause. Stop blaming the president for the racist hate-filled cities and states.

      2. Tony: you must be a die hard democrat. California, New York, Chicago, Baltimore LEFT the Country and not because of anything Trump has done. These democrat strong holds have gone so far left, it can not be fixed. Open borders, allow illegals access to govt programs that are met for American Citizens only. They block the police and ICE from doing their jobs at keeping Americans safe. Each one of these places have extremely high murder rates, more hate crimes, and so far in dept that will never be in the black again. It has taken years, mainly during the Obama administration, that they went south and not because of Trump. Keep on telling yourself it’s Trump fault.

      3. If it were me sitting in Trump’s chair I would pull all federal monies from these states and cities. pull all military bases and compounds. With the exception of a rear guard for protection of Government properties. those left would have orders to use any and all means to secure these properties.

      4. We will pray for you to see the light and experience His Saving Grace. It’s not Trumps fault that California and the other cities you mentioned are in such bad shape. It’s the fault of the far left leaning souls who have abandoned the love for Our Creator. That’s the Truth Tony! You are still loved even though you are very misguided in your thinking and ideology.

      5. Trump tries to do what’s best for ALL Americans (historically low unemployment – especially among minorities, First Step Act, etc.). It’s not his fault that DemonKKKrat enclaves have ruined themselves to become shitholes due to their decades-long socialist policies….

    4. This whole thing STINKS!
      If the wicked witch Hillary got elected, we would now be in WW3 And 90% of us would have been eradicated, and the 10% of the eletes would be running the country.
      Check it out for yourselves.
      Its known as DUMBS
      ITs all about our shameless corrupt government that has HUGE CITIES UNDER GROUND ALL AROUND THE USA!
      Very scary stuff. It sounds like something from the future, but believe me, its true!
      For instance, in Denvef Colorodo, there are cities undervround that house 72 story buldings! 72 stories!!!!! Alaska, conneticut, california, just the tip of the iceburg.
      We ( the good guys) have been fighting a war underground gor a while now, and you can actually see from man hole covers, the flames from us destroyinv many of these places.
      I vuess if you google ” DUMBS” you can get more info, I saw a VERY interesting thing on the web about this whole thing. We need to get this out to as many peolle as possible if we want to survive and get our country back, like the like the Donald is trying to do.God Bless Our PRESIDENT, AND THE USA

      1. Government underground cities “DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES.”

    5. I want President Trump to prosecute all the Communists in the Democrat Party. They are the same Commies who thrust Obama on us in order to change America to a Country with no Hope. Community Organizer never held a real job in his life. The only checks he cashed were signed on the back from the government Now, we have the traitors, Biden’s who the Commies are trying to cover up from their selling out our Country. What did the Biden’s sell to Pakistan and China like Hillary sold to Russia?

    6. It is time to indict a lot of Democrats over the crimes they committed. Obama needs to be locked for treason, Biden is an idiot, Pelosi is an idiot, Schumer is a loser. Brennan and Clapper are criminals along with Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Hillary is an old bag and has had people murdered. Bill Clinton is a child molester. These people and others have to be locked up and someone needs to throw away the key.

  1. The President cannot and will not get rid of Pelosi and Schiff et al. WE The People must do it. If anyone is paying attention they will remember what started this whole thing. It was the dossier that Hillary dreamed up and paid for. The Dems hate our President so much they are going to any lengths to stop him. I know we have been hearing this for 3 years now but it’s a fact. This is how totally corrupt people act when they are in charge. They are not stopping, they are trying to conjure up reasons for impeachment, so illegal. Notice for all the illegal activities there is NOT one of them facing charges. Congress is hiding behind themselves to accomplish this. Notice how Pelosi pushed Schiff to the forefront? he is the sacrificial lamb. She knows he probably won’t be re-elected So he is “illegally doing the heavy lifting and if he gets sanctioned or voted out of office, well it’s worth it.

    1. Ted, you are spot on. There is only so much the President can do. In a year from now, almost everybody will be up for election. All true Patriotic voters must go to the polls and vote out all the Democrats they can get their hands on. While doing so, vote for President Trump’s landslide Victory, and make a Large gain in the Senate and win 400 Seats in the House. The only thing that crooked Democrats understand is a giant defeat that will set them back for 20 years.

      1. I concur with you WIKI, we can go on and on about the LYING DEMORATS, but we must stand up and never reelect a DEMORAT. President Trump from the day he was elected and before, the DEMORATS have continued to lie and come up with any and all the illegal investigations they can. President Trump has proved he is not corrupt, and few people within Capitol Hill who isn’t. He promised to drain the SWAMP, and the DEMORATS went onto a witch hunt and found nothing, and our president stood strong. Now Attorney Durham and Attorney General Barr are conducting CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS and beginning with MUSLIM OBAMA, continuing to the balance of the SOCIALIST DEMORATS and they are nervous, and they should be. God Bless President Trump, he has done so much for this country, he became president not to cheat and steal, but because he loves this country, and wants to make it great. Check out MUSLIM OBAMA he had been a professor, and became our president, unlike President Trump he had no money, but after 8 years as president he purchased a $15 million dollar home – now that is something….Did he only make $450,00 a year???? TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      2. Actually they don’t understand giant defeats. Hill had a giant defeat and she still things she beat Pres. Trump. AND the idjit thinks she can beat him AGAIN! No, they definitely don’t understand giant defeats. Which means we’re going to have to go for a super mega galaxy sized defeat!!

    2. Ted, couldn’t agree more. The ONLY way to truly rid our country of these undesirables, is to VOTE every single Democrat that has agreed and gone along with the biggest liar on the planet Schiff, and bought into this ridiculous, fake, made up witch-hunt that has truly hurt our country significantly, VOTE THEM ALL OUT IF OFFICE. Vote for only those POLITICIANS who truly believe in Our Constitution, will Support and Defend our Constitution, including Our SECOND AMENDMENT and work every day to help keep American Citizens Safe and Secure in their homes. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  2. For the first time in history the opposing party (democrats) has unwittingly pushed for the re-election of the President of the United States, and to further this I cannot wait until they make their next move.

  3. There is only one thing to remember and that is back on 2016, When Hillary Clinton stated. If Trump wins we will all be going to jail. This is the most truthful thing she has ever said. And every crooked politician started sweating bullets. We have seen did much filth lies and corruption uncovered about past political dealings, Misuse of Taxpayer dollars to cover up these dealings. The time came in 2016 and the people Elected a President who swore to straighten up the policies and practices going on on DC. Most politicians once in office end up making millions of personal wealth, HOW can they do that? Not by being Honest they cannot. Change is coming to this country to the justice system and to the political cesspool we know as Washington DC. And they hate it with a passion. MAGA 2020 and for the next 1000 years.

  4. There is only one thing to remember and that is back on 2016, When Hillary Clinton stated. If Trump wins we will all be going to jail. This is the most truthful thing she has ever said. And every crooked politician started sweating bullets. We have seen so much filth lies and corruption uncovered about past political dealings, Misuse of Taxpayer dollars to cover up these dealings. The time came in 2016 and the people Elected a President who swore to straighten up the policies and practices going on on DC. Most politicians once in office end up making millions of personal wealth, HOW can they do that? Not by being Honest they cannot. Change is coming to this country to the justice system and to the political cesspool we know as Washington DC. And they hate it with a passion. MAGA 2020 and for the next 1000 years.

    1. Better yet, get them ready for HANGING !

  5. Remember this….GOD IS IN CONTROL…He placed President Trump in the position of President. God has a plan for America and President Trump was appointed to implement His plan! What part of this do people not understand??? We must trust that Trump will be re-elected for four more years. These demoncrats will all have their day…in jail, for sure! These people are so corrupt and are supported by George Soros and son who are EVIL people!!!! Soros thinks he will be ruler one day…what a laugh!!! That would be satan in charge. God would not allow that. Soros should loose all of his money and get out of this country…who Soros hates! Schumer, Pelosi, Clintons, Obummers, and the hole crew need to be eliminated! May God Bless America and President Trump!!!


  6. Historic President Trump is the most honest, truthful, transparent and a true Patriot, who Loves America and will always put the American People FIRST.
    President Trump has achieved, accomplished and continues to be successful for America, because he believes in


  7. In the BIBLE it tells of the County of Babylon wlll be destroyed by the norther bear which is Russia /china, and the Babylon county is USA, the Statue of Liberty is Babylon, “mean whore: Yes God is in control and only His will shall be done, but man is destroying our nation by trying to be something we are not. Our Nation was founded by our for Fathers on Christianity, and over the course of many years, our prayer is taken out of schools, our daily life, and our Flag is shown no respect. If I were President any one that disrespect our Nation’s Constitution of the USA, Our Flag its laws, would be striped of their citizenship ad sent to the country of their choice, but they take nothing with them, accept a suitcase of clothes, nothing else, no money earned in America as they don’t respect America Land of the Free and Home of the Brave; so their job they worked at couldn’t have meant anything, so no money goes with them, all personal financial accounts, stock, bonds etc, are turned over to the USA president to put back into the Social Security fund and building of the Wall. No retirement fund or 401 K ec, and no car, home as they will have to work hard to gain these things in another country. They will not be able to take anything with them accept memories, no photos, no books, accept 1 Bible. See how they would like that. NO they can not come back tour country, or communicate with any one from===living here in the USA or other USA territories Yes, God’s Will not mans will shall be done.

  8. There is one thing that should bring us all togather, Whether Black, White or what ever race. “OUR COUNTRY”. Our Country was formed on Christianity. To protect us as individuals we have laws and to protect our Country we have laws. Those laws must be enforced to protect us. Corruption cannot prevail and our Country survive. I believe if Christians don’t stand up for what is right. We will lose everything’s that is good in our lives. God is watching and will when things get bad enough come to earth to claim the believers and the end will be soon. We must stand for what is right and rid this Country of the corruption within our government before it is too late and loose it all. God bless, our Country and I believe God has blessed Trump because I know of no man in non biblical times that could withstand the persecution he has gone through. May God continue to bless our President Donald J. Trump.

  9. May God forgive those who are trying to destroy the US. The LORD Jesus Is Going To Return, whether people believe in Him or not, and we all only have to answer to Him for our deeds. I pray for those who are seeking to take down President Trump – what they SOW they will also REAP!!!!

  10. Today the DNC is an insane asylum and I will continue to say it. The lunatics are in charge. The establishment is shaken to its core and the cockroaches are running for cover. Dim wit, deep state, rino, or other lunatics need to understand the sheeple are aware. The fake news is no longer steering us. And we are sick and tired of the games, vindictive investigations, leaking, you name it.

    There will be valid charges made and grand juries for all who have participated in the Fisa miasma, the witch hunts including the one run by pencil neck, and all the other quid pro quo crap the Bozo administration participated in. Old Joe will be first in line since he bragged about his deal with the Ukraine publically.

    Not a lick of work done in the House. Fire these lunatics and weirdos from the cult of death. Enough is enough. And deport every freeloading illegal alien back to their own shitholes and throw in the cultist who came here under false pretense, that would be Omar definitely. End sanctuaries or pull all federal funds as I object strongly to one dime of my taxes paying for any illegal alien’s anything.

  11. I say if you don’t agree with me then so be it but I say God Bless America and God Bless True Americans. They believe in what is right, fair and just and the ones who don’t aren’t true Americans. God Bless America…we need all the help we can get. Amen.

    1. Yes, All Intelligent Americans Coast To Coast Do Know What Is RIGHT, FAIR, JUST, Also RATIONAL And TRUTHFUL & These Days CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump Is None Of Any Of Those Things! Yes, Indeed, We Do Need All The HELP We Can Get With That Oval Office Blond Haired, Brain Dead, ORANGUTAN APE in Charge! Amen!

  12. God Bless President Donald Trump For All He Has Done For Our Country ,He Is A Blessing For Our Country ,God Sent Blesssing.

    1. Hey, jerry. A Real Blessing From GOD will Only Come When HE Sends A Pair Of trump TRASH Down Below Straight To A Very HOT PLACE Where They Both Belong!! GOD’S 2016 CURSE On The USA Was That SICKO & His BIMBO!

  13. If GOD Is Really For America, Then WHY In 2016, Did HE CURSE Us By
    Putting In The White House An INSANE IDIOT, A CONCEITED, STUPID, STINKING SICKO! A WORTHLESS WORM & HIS LATEST WORTHLESS WHORE? Come 2020, Let’s Replace A PISS ASS PENIS PIG Who Changes WIVES Like Other Men Change Their Socks With A Real Person, Vote For A TRUE Human Instead Of The FAKE “One” Of The Past Three Years!

  14. Thank God for the President that we have now. If it wasn’t for the President we would all be praising the worst country! Have anybody ever lived in a communist country? I have a daughter that has and it isn’t very nice. The young people think that they won’t have to go into the military. Well they have to go into the military whenever the government wants. No one would want that. I am glad that we have a president who does care for all of us.

  15. Trump is the best president since Ronald Reagan. The democrats are the liars along with he main street media and Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Schiff the pervert, Gillibrand and the deep state. All the lying democrats need to be in prison.

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