The Walls May Be Closing In, But Trump Is Safe

The hatred that the Dems have for Pres. Trump has been obvious from the very beginning – and it has been blinding them. Their media propaganda filled the news was fake news stories regarding the Mueller investigation, then Michael Cohen being in Prague, and, then, Don Jr. calling about an entrapment meeting with Russians. Their lies seem to know no end.

They’ve been warning the American public that “the walls are closing in.” Every time that there is some kind of new ‘breaking news’ about Trump, they talk about the walls closing in again.

The only thing is, the walls aren’t closing in around Trump. The Mueller report didn’t hold the content the Dems had hoped that it would. The whistleblower was a fake. Adam Schiff has been making up details. The Democrats have tried time and again to get something to stick on Trump, only it hasn’t.

The United States media is beginning to sound like they have been spoon-fed talking points from House Democrats as a “bombshell” of a news headline hits the Internet. The Democrats like to warn that it is the beginning of the end and it’s a tipping point about how Pres. Trump is corrupt and that he isn’t their president. If you look through enough of the headlines, they start the same way. Media collusion is real – and it’s corrupting the minds of Americans.

The walls are certainly closing in, but it’s not the way that the Dems had hoped. The rooms are plenty spacious for Donald Trump because he has proven time and again that he isn’t corrupt. He may be one of the few people within Capitol Hill who isn’t – which is why his promise to drain the swamp was such a terrifying concept for the Dems that they went on a witch hunt even before he made it into the Oval Office.

As he and a variety of Republicans fight back, the walls are closing in on the members of the Obama administration, including Pres. Obama himself. A good look at the former VP Joe Biden will identify just how problematic that administration really was – and Dems don’t want to admit that there have been constant problems throughout the administration.

In the cutthroat Democratic debates, however, Obama and the rest of the administration were called out countless times by the candidates. Obama was thrown under the bus more times than Trump was even mentioned, which shows that there are Democrats who are ready to identify just how bad that administration was.

Atty. Gen. William Barr has been investigating the origins of the Russian collusion hoax to such a point that it has become a criminal investigation as there are likely some Democrats who have more than a little dirt on their hands from trying to pull off that one.

John Durham has been working with Barr in order to investigate what really happened in order to create such a Russian collusion to try to get Trump out of office. There’s enough suspicion that the US attorney and the Atty. Gen. are concerned. Subpoenas will be issued soon and indictments and prosecutions are likely to follow.

There are plenty of things happening behind the scenes that are enough to raise a brow. Everyone wants to know who wrote the dossier that was pinned on Christopher Steele. Everyone wants to know what role Obama and Clinton played in Spygate regarding Trump’s aide. It’s particularly curious when both Obama and Clinton left before everyone else at Elijah Cummings’ funeral last week. Perhaps they needed some more air because they felt the walls starting to close in on them.

Michael Horowitz is also helping with closing the walls in on shady Democrats by investigating the abuse of FISA requests.

The list of problems continues to turn up, showing that the Democrats aren’t as innocent as they make themselves out to be. Many of them got involved in illegal activities just to try to pin blame on Trump and make themselves out to be the heroes. Trump was hated from Day One because of his non-political background. Then, there was further insult when he actually beat Hillary Clinton in the general election. The Democrats couldn’t fathom or tolerate that kind of defeat, so they have been up to no good ever since.

Yes, Democrats, the walls are closing in. However, Trump is not the one who has to worry about it. As the Department of Justice and others conduct their investigations, it might start to get very claustrophobic around Capitol Hill.

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