WWII Lessons Are Too Much For Millennial’s According to This Guy

WWII has been taught in schools for decades. It’s part of American and World History, and a time that should not be forgotten. Millions of people died. Countless veterans are still alive who remember fighting in the wars.

While not many particularly like learning about the war in history class, it is part of the curriculum. It allows us to have respect for those who fought as well as educates us on why the wars happened so that we do not allow history to repeat itself.

Too many millennials don’t feel as though it should be a part of the school curriculum any longer. The reason? It can affect people’s mental health. Well, yes, some of what happened during WWII is depressing. Millions of people died. However, there are a lot of depressing and devastating aspects of history. That doesn’t mean we simply don’t teach new generations about it.

If we were to go with the idea of “It makes me sad and, therefore, we’re not going to teach it,” there may not be anything taught in school. What would stop students from complaining about having to read Romeo and Juliet because it’s a tragedy? Or someone not wanting to learn about tangents because they’re hard?

One Instagrammer has come forward to be the spokesperson for the millennial generation, identifying why WWII shouldn’t be taught in schools. Freddie Bentley is worried that teaching history, in general, can be detrimental to mental health.

Most of the country has been left speechless after the reality TV star has shared his thoughts with people. Over 50 million people died over a span of six years, making it one of the bloodiest wars of history. It also involved a number of countries, including the United States, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and others. Although many lost their lives, there was a huge shift in power. Much of the power shifted away from Western Europe and toward the United States and the Soviet Union. This is one of the reasons why the war is taught as part of history – and why history as a whole is included within educational curriculums.

Every single year, there are holidays to commemorate the lives lost within World War II and every other war.

On Good Morning Britain, Bentley, a 22-year-old Instagrammer, decides to explain why it’s best to scrap the idea of teaching World War II to students. He doesn’t want the teaching to have a negative impact on their mental health. While he says he doesn’t want anyone thinking it’s disrespectful, he says he remembers learning it and thinking, “Oh my God it’s so intense.” It’s probably a good thing that he didn’t actually have to live through it.

Freddie Bentley is an example of those who want to wipe out history entirely. They’d rather live in the now without worrying about anything that happened prior to them. This is a dangerous way to live, however, as it leads to history repeating itself. It’s important to know the “why” behind how something is, and that’s what history in the classroom teaches.

Bentley argues that “telling people how many people died” during the war won’t make it better. This is where he’s clearly confused as to why WWII and other moments in history are taught. He’s right – telling people that 50 million people died isn’t going to make it better. It’s something that happened in the past, so there’s no way to “make it better.” However, teaching students that 50 million people died will show that this sort of thing happened because countries failed to get along. It shows the importance of having strong global relations with other countries so a third world war never takes place, involving 50 million people again. Otherwise, Bentley and all of his millennial friends will also learn the meaning of being drafted. Then, it’s going to be more than “so intense” for him.

Just because people don’t like what happened doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be taught. Leaving it out of the classroom creates a narrow-minded way of thinking. It can also encourage a nonchalant attitude toward part events in history. Students would have no idea of the sacrifices made or learn why it’s important to respect veterans.

If we were to listen to Bentley, he has an idea of what students can learn instead of WWII – learn how to understand mortgages. However, why does it have to be an either/or? Let’s learn about both. It might be depressing to learn about WWII, but learning about mortgages can be depressing, too.

59 thoughts on “WWII Lessons Are Too Much For Millennial’s According to This Guy”

  1. WWII should be taught in schools so that it will not be repeated. the liberals are brainwashing our children and grand children. teach the truth not some fabricated pack of lies made up by the liberals and the United Nations. make this country great again

    1. We need to not only teach it in schools but every where else because we Americans are trying to repeat the mistakes that caused this Terri war. HITLER WAS A SOCIALIST! SO IS WARREN ,SANDERS,OAC AND THE REST OF THE DEMOCRAT LINEUP.

      1. You are truthful and reason they wanted to get rid of the older people who heard, saw, lived through WW11, so the past few generations would not learn what they are trying to do – is to put America in same spot and take away all freedoms, reason need the guns, and first got into the education system and took over, wanting our God out….in America. Surprise, He created all, and is still in charge. We get what we allow to lead us, Him or Satan. Blessings or for disobedience to help us look up to Him.

        Our young people want all the free stuff, not realizing this is a way to destroy the America they live in, and their lives in the end. Start thinking for ourselves and check out what one hears. Not hate someone because someone else does. Satan is tricky, his followers believe his lies, and spread them. Pray to the Heavenly Father daily for your President and all those serving, which is all of us… that they / we find and serve the Truth. They can kill the body but not the Spirit that returns to God and read what God says….. American’s – believers, need to know the Bible and do what it says. Our God is not filled with hate. If someone says we cannot read, understand the Bible they are blinded from truth. God said, ask the Holy Spirit to help understand, some were taught only certain people could read it. Not God’s truth. Warned of false prophets to lead us astray.

    2. Every School in America, must continue to teach our Children our American History, including our CONSTITUTION.
      The Progressive Radical Liberals want to deny what is the actual truth, and what made America the Greatest Country in the World.
      We the American People are Proud and thank our Great Military People, who have fought and have died (May their souls rest in peace) in Wars to Protect our America, so we would continue to have “Freedom, Prosperity, Liberty, Peace, and the Safety of America and the Safety of all.

      These Radical Progressives Socialist want to destroy America and what the American People believe in.


    3. So how is it going to affect the poor delicate darlings health when it happens again, and they are loaded into cattle cars to be shipped to a Concentration Camp! Maybe the poor, sniveling, cupcakes need to concentrate on that for awhile…FREEDOM ISN’T FREE!

      1. Everyone must remember which political Party and President of the USA put citizens in internment camps, which is the Democrats and Roosevelt. Now these Traitors are at work again to destroy the Greatest Country that has been in the History of Mankind.

    4. I agree Richard !!! WWII should be taught in schools , without any teaching on the subject it gives Millenniums an excuse for it happening again !!! It should be taught everyday !!! We already have liberal socialists like Cortez who deny it ever happened !!! She doesn’t even have the brain to know the difference between concentration camps & Holding facilities for illegal aliens !!! Don, t ever forget what happened & the men & women who sacrificed so that the world remains free !!! I know several people in congress that diffidently need the education, Because they sure didn’t get one when they were growing up !!!

    5. Political correctness, LGBTQ perversions, lying media, violent videos and video games, movies, and the bullying when you don’t adhere to their whims are extremely stressful, but they’ve been so brain-washed by theses communist/socialists that they don’t recognize it as such. They need to have history and civic classes taught by the generation who have lived through it and found glory in victory gardens, USO and other duties helping the war effort to defeat Hitler, Mousellini, and Hirahito, and the rest of the axis. Maybe the snowflakes can man-up and woman-up enough to become real citizens instead of mice.

    6. Oh really, you patriots you. That is why your Hitler deported soldiers who had lived here since they were children and had fought with our armed forces in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan to a country they do not remember!! And that doesn’t even count the fact that they cannot, in any way, get the much needed medical care they so desperately need. Yeah, fabricated, that is what your story is as is all of your B.S. “fake news”. The POS is going D-O-W-N!!

    7. World War One should not have happened. It was inconclusive, therefore brought World War Two. Let us be warned against unnecessarey and inconclusive war. American lives are precious. Invest them wisely. Spend them, when
      necessarey. Waste not.
      With our hallowed dead ever in our hearts, let us honor our veterans only, on Verterans Day. A veteran survived, endures wounds and scars, and returnes to continue building America. Living is harder than dying, and requires great couirage.

    8. I took my grand children to DC 2 were in high school and 1 was in middle school, we went thru the Holocoust museum and none of them had been taught about WW11 they were shocked

    9. So many younger people under 30 appear to be mostly ignorant about history of any kind. The schools are contributing to this total lack of understanding, much less interest in the past. They also don’t like to read at all. They are too lazy to do any fact checking. If they hear what they don’t agree with, just dismiss it—along with destroying monuments that commemorate important figures or other things they don’t like. Just erase all history as irrelevant to present. Those who forget lessons from history are likely to repeat its major errors!

  2. The result of government getting into peoples lives thru the education system
    and the destruction of the family unit: communism in the works.

    1. It is Government controlling Education.the Democrat party would eliminate history so that we the people can not understand that they are repeating the mistakes that lead up to WWII . It is no wonder because Soros is the worst of Hitler and should have been executed with other war chriminals.

  3. Bentley is a child and a propaganda driven moron. He is a product of Communist mindbending in world society. The power hungry Communists are relentless in seeking to put their dictatorship on any society and will resort to any means to do so. This child Bentley is a perfect example of their brain washing and propaganda driven sheeple lemmings they create. Bentley does not have a CLUE.

  4. Clint Eastwood has it right, “…an entire generation has been pussified…” way past the point of being able to make any valuable contribution to society. That’s even more deppressing, I need my blankie.

  5. I find it amazing that there are so many stupid young people in America that have no idea what their parents and grandparents went through so they can have a better life. These ungrateful snowflakes think they know what hard times are. They are morons who want everything given to them for free so they do not have to work. Well, Americans can thank there moronic Democratic friewnds and neighbors for all this Socialistic bullshit thinking!

  6. Evil exists. Without teaching about WW II, these folks will never know that stopping evil has a cost that people should be willing to bear for their families and their country.

  7. It all started under the Carter Administration creating the Dept of Education. The famous dumbing down of American children. It makes them easier to brainwash.

  8. The important issue of this particular war is that Hitler used the same manipulative scheme to gain control of German citizens that current day Democratic Party members are using to brain wash the naive and ill informed of our country. Hitler and the NAZIES used non achievable promises that can not be fulfilled but sound incredibly wonderful, undermining the actions of government to keep the government functioning, focusing all ills on one political party and one ethnic group, and convincing the populace not to listen to opens counter to the National Socialist Party philosophy and propaganda. This is exactly where current Democrats achieving their goal to concur and convert our nation to socialism!!

  9. Stop pussifying our kids by keeping the truth of our country from them. The dems are indoctrinating our kids and dumbing them down so they dont realize they are being manipulated. The dems will cause many many suicides of millenials because they dont know how to handle real life. Parents need to teach them the truth and that dems are terrorists and are not helping our country, they are hurting it every way they can.

  10. Everything hurts their mental health. What are they going to do when the store shelves are empty and there is no food? Or when the chip placed in their hand tells them they can’t buy anything because the government took their money and paid their bills? Or when there is no money for rent or utilities? They need to learn to cope instead of constantly demanding everything they want and settle for what they need.

  11. Listening to/reading Freddie Bentley or any Leftist Democrat is detrimental to anyone’s mental health. What a group these folks are. True history (non-revisionist) must be taught so that we learn from it and in the case of WW ll, we appreciate the sacrifices made by earlier generations. Enough of the Leftist BS. We need Truth not tolerance.

  12. The Greatest Generation will not be forgotten. The Holocaust will not be forgotten. Hitler will not be forgotten and neither will the atomic bomb. Tearing down historical monuments did not erase the Civil War, either. The world is filled with unpleasant realities, none of which will go away because people find them depressing. 25,000 people die of starvation each day. Volunteer time or effort, millennials.

  13. I would like to believe that we live in a Democracy and have freedoms that were ours because our ancestors were Patriots that believed that freedoms weren’t free.
    I’m a veteran that still believes in God, Country, and our Constitution. That Red , White, and Blue flag that flies over this country and in my yard is still sacred to me also.
    I have to believe that there are registered Democrats that have flags flying high on their properties also. I don’t believe that true Patriots of either party want to ever burn that Flag or burn our Constitution. I do think that true Democrats should get rid of their non-believers and banish the far left from their party. Socialists and Communists are just that and want to destroy this way of life we hold dear. Right now your party is definitely misnamed at least under your leadership. They should be required to have a name on the ballot for voters to see their real leanings that would fit their namesakes from other countries. Hitler, Stalin, Putin, or Lennin. Pick a name and decide if you want those names associated with your Party.
    You are throwing your freedoms away if you think you want the type of government that they represent.
    May God help us all as a Country. I personally don’t want that kind of a change. JRB

  14. You Millenials are all intensely afflicted with and suffering from such an intense form of psychosis that there is no known cure for it and you all reside on a warped plane of existence I do not believe it is possible in the least that teaching you about war history is going to emotionally traumatize you are just repeating words programmed into your mindless heads.

  15. Those were the days during WW2 When Men were Men and women were women. But those days are gone and today all we have are weak sniveling cowards and crybabies for the Backbone of our Nation that have been brainwashed to be Liberal Socialists and Communists Taught to Hate our Country and to Hate Christianity and God. From evil cross-dressing weirdos to Mam marrying Man and women marrying women atheists.

  16. If the millennials can’t handle the facts of WWII, how are they going to be able to handle life. No one can go through life without some troubles. Even billionaires can’t keep a child from dying of disease or an accident . No one can force their spouse to keep their marriage vows. What happens if they lose their job, become ill or disabled, or become homeless? If they can’t handle the study of WWII, they won’t be able to handle life. Let’s face it “s**t happens to everyone”.

  17. I am a Veteran of combat in the Vietnam war,for 2 years,so I won’t embarrass the Ignorant Pussyfied so called man who doesn’t want to Teach about us Men and Women who have fought in war’s for our Great Country ,and under Honorable conditions. I am proud to have served and will alway’s be proud.as far as the millenial’s they are completely Ignorant and are taught to never work for anything ever,just cry and moan and throw temper’s when they must do anything,I can’t even comprehend such a generation of sissy’s,who need a safe space if they get their feeling’s hurt,Boo Hoo Babies is more like it. I am proud of my Son’s and Daughter’s and all my family and Grand children that are working hard and teaching their children about life,God,history and to work for a living,if they want something,instead of wanting thing’s for free.God Bless America and all veteran’s Both women & Men from past,present and future generation’s amen. I believe all who turn 18 that are not going to a college or trade school should serve 2 year’s in a military Branch. Army ,Navy,Marine’s or air Froce.to get a direction in life and a real education on being Men and Women,and taught why History and war’s occur’s.IMHO L.H>

    1. AmenI Amen Lonnie I too am Army Veteran and agree that these children in adult bodies that can’t deal reality. They all need to grow up and we need to rid our schools and universities of the liberal socialist/communist and muslim teachers. Treat the so called lgbt Greeks for what they are mentally ill.

  18. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was curious what all is required to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I’m not very web smart so I’m not 100 sure. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Appreciate it

  19. This was NOT taught when I was in school. It did not have to be TAUGHT because I lived through it. The reason it has to be taught now, is that it was the last WAR that was won by America and other countries because WE ALL WORKED TOGETHER to eliminate the problems. Yes there were more than one problem, we fought the Japanese for bombing Pearl Harbor in Hawaii (BTW that was before they were a state). Then we had to help the rest of the world against the NAZI terror because they were beating the tar out of the rest of the world.
    After WWII the Senators and Representatives suddenly became the WAR police and the next explosions were labeled “incidents” and “conflicts”.
    This is why it needs to be studied as well as the beginnings of America. Not the greatest beginning. but by golly America has been top of the heap (except for about 18 years). That is why we are Americans. (No hyphens).

    1. Well, the article’s title is misleading or at the very least poorly titled, since a great majority of Millennials in industrialized countries are old enough to have already attended classes that addressed the second World War. There is no evidence that even a small percentage of them regret having learned about the war. Seems like some people, agencies or media outlets just look for whatever they can to criticize, mock, deride or ridicule people born sometime after 1979 and sometime before the turn of the millennium. Sometimes older Millennials even get a kick out of trashing younger “Millennials”. The adolescents and teenagers too young to belong to the Millennials sometimes hop on social media and direct choice words toward “Millennials”. What gives?

  20. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

  21. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  22. This design is wicked! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

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