Biden Could Be In Big Trouble Over Quid Pro Quo, Not Trump

Between Representative Adam Schiff and the left-leaning media, they’re ready to roast Donald Trump over a supposed quid pro quo with Ukraine. Even the Ukrainian president has said that there was no quid pro quo involved. However, the Dems should be looking closer at someone from their own side.

It turns out former VP Joe Biden may be the real problem. He did have a quid pro quo in place with Ukraine when he threatened aid from the last Ukrainian president – and he’s gone on record to say that he threatened them. This means that he may be in big trouble over this. The Dems just don’t want to talk about it.

What exactly did Joe Biden do?

When Biden was serving as Vice President, he applied pressure to the Ukrainian President at the time to fire the prosecutor responsible for investigating his son. He gave the president six hours to do so and threatened the billion dollars that were supposed to be given to Ukraine for aid.

“Son of a bitch, he was fired” is how Biden has recently related the event to reporters as well as guests at a Council of Foreign Relations get together. Biden’s son, Hunter, was a member of the board at Burisma Holdings, a Ukraine-based oil, and gas company. He was also getting approximately $85,000 a month for sitting on the board despite having no experience in the gas, oil, or energy industry. He even admitted to an ABC reporter that he likely got the job because of who his father was.

Plenty of people, ranging from Anderson Cooper to anchors at MSNBC have jumped to Joe Biden’s defense. They call the claim that he strong-armed the Ukrainian president unsubstantial. However, Joe Biden has even admitted to using pressure on tape. If this isn’t quid pro quo, what is?

Greg Jarret, the legal analyst at Fox News has uncovered for federal laws that you Biden has broken, which could lead to significant troubles for him.

The first issue is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Is it illegal for any person in the United States to influence or course through bribery or extort a foreign into taking action that could benefit them or their family financially? What Biden did to help Hunter sit on the board and, then, have a prosecutor fired to protect his son, would all count in this aspect.

The second issue is bribery. The actual law states that anyone corrupt who “promises anything of value” to a public official – with Biden threatening to withhold $1 billion worth of aid, this would definitely satisfy the “anything of value” aspect, demonstrating that Biden is guilty of bribery.

The third issue is the Gratuities Act, which involves promising anything of value to a public official for any kind of official act. Biden has gone on record to state that he promised to withhold $1 billion if the Ukrainian president didn’t fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son. This would be an official act and the Ukrainian president would be a public official.

Finally, there is the Hobbs Act-Extortion that Biden is also guilty of. This would be threatening a foreign official in order to obtain some kind of official benefit – and watching Biden’s son get away from an investigation that could pose dangerous to his entire career would definitely be a benefit.

Some kind of criminal investigation needs to be opened up to determine whether Joe Biden really is guilty of these things. However, there are enough Democrats who want to look the other way. If it were Donald Trump and Donald Junior involved, a criminal investigation would already be going on – but the Democrats want to protect their own. Greg Jarret also pointed out that under Trump, no collusion was found and there is no quid pro quo involved. Even the supposedly call that Trump was on was released with no sign of quid pro quo. That’s not the case when it comes to Joe Biden and what happened when he was the vice president.

The Democrats can have their fun, trying to impeach Pres. Trump over something that he didn’t do. They can claim quid pro quo all they want – but they really need to look at former VP Joe Biden for the real quid pro quo that went down. It’s only a matter of time before Republicans push to have Biden truly investigated for what happened, considering that there are plenty of transcripts to show how he actually bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired.

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