Biden Could Be In Big Trouble Over Quid Pro Quo, Not Trump

Between Representative Adam Schiff and the left-leaning media, they’re ready to roast Donald Trump over a supposed quid pro quo with Ukraine. Even the Ukrainian president has said that there was no quid pro quo involved. However, the Dems should be looking closer at someone from their own side.

It turns out former VP Joe Biden may be the real problem. He did have a quid pro quo in place with Ukraine when he threatened aid from the last Ukrainian president – and he’s gone on record to say that he threatened them. This means that he may be in big trouble over this. The Dems just don’t want to talk about it.

What exactly did Joe Biden do?

When Biden was serving as Vice President, he applied pressure to the Ukrainian President at the time to fire the prosecutor responsible for investigating his son. He gave the president six hours to do so and threatened the billion dollars that were supposed to be given to Ukraine for aid.

“Son of a bitch, he was fired” is how Biden has recently related the event to reporters as well as guests at a Council of Foreign Relations get together. Biden’s son, Hunter, was a member of the board at Burisma Holdings, a Ukraine-based oil, and gas company. He was also getting approximately $85,000 a month for sitting on the board despite having no experience in the gas, oil, or energy industry. He even admitted to an ABC reporter that he likely got the job because of who his father was.

Plenty of people, ranging from Anderson Cooper to anchors at MSNBC have jumped to Joe Biden’s defense. They call the claim that he strong-armed the Ukrainian president unsubstantial. However, Joe Biden has even admitted to using pressure on tape. If this isn’t quid pro quo, what is?

Greg Jarret, the legal analyst at Fox News has uncovered for federal laws that you Biden has broken, which could lead to significant troubles for him.

The first issue is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Is it illegal for any person in the United States to influence or course through bribery or extort a foreign into taking action that could benefit them or their family financially? What Biden did to help Hunter sit on the board and, then, have a prosecutor fired to protect his son, would all count in this aspect.

The second issue is bribery. The actual law states that anyone corrupt who “promises anything of value” to a public official – with Biden threatening to withhold $1 billion worth of aid, this would definitely satisfy the “anything of value” aspect, demonstrating that Biden is guilty of bribery.

The third issue is the Gratuities Act, which involves promising anything of value to a public official for any kind of official act. Biden has gone on record to state that he promised to withhold $1 billion if the Ukrainian president didn’t fire the prosecutor that was investigating his son. This would be an official act and the Ukrainian president would be a public official.

Finally, there is the Hobbs Act-Extortion that Biden is also guilty of. This would be threatening a foreign official in order to obtain some kind of official benefit – and watching Biden’s son get away from an investigation that could pose dangerous to his entire career would definitely be a benefit.

Some kind of criminal investigation needs to be opened up to determine whether Joe Biden really is guilty of these things. However, there are enough Democrats who want to look the other way. If it were Donald Trump and Donald Junior involved, a criminal investigation would already be going on – but the Democrats want to protect their own. Greg Jarret also pointed out that under Trump, no collusion was found and there is no quid pro quo involved. Even the supposedly call that Trump was on was released with no sign of quid pro quo. That’s not the case when it comes to Joe Biden and what happened when he was the vice president.

The Democrats can have their fun, trying to impeach Pres. Trump over something that he didn’t do. They can claim quid pro quo all they want – but they really need to look at former VP Joe Biden for the real quid pro quo that went down. It’s only a matter of time before Republicans push to have Biden truly investigated for what happened, considering that there are plenty of transcripts to show how he actually bragged about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired.

99 thoughts on “Biden Could Be In Big Trouble Over Quid Pro Quo, Not Trump”

  1. My comment is that when the clip of Joe Biden talking about withholding the money he said would be withheld is played, it always stops before he is finished talking….where the first time I heard it played…after the laughter, he states….something about “ if you don’t believe me, ask Barack”. Am I confused or did he go on to say that? Why don’t you play that portion of the clip also?

    1. I can’t answer your question, but I would like to add:
      If Briben Biden had not commited a crime,
      President Trump could have asked Ukraine anything.
      I guess the President is supposed to check with dumbocrats,
      to see which Countries they have commited crimes with,
      before he asks any questions.

      1. Everyone is reading the inquiry all wrong , I think. People are saying Trump asked for an investigation of his political opponent. What I saw was him asking for ASSISTANCE in investigating the FORMER VICE PRESIDENT and his son. He also mentioned the probable problems involving the Democrats during the 2016 election involving Ukraine.

        1. Trumps request is legal under law. I will not elaborate because it could alert the pushers of impeachment, but it was made known to the Trump team.

        2. You are correct, mostly. He regretted that a previous investigation got shut down, and encouraged a deeper look, because a high ranking American politician may have been involved.
          Never mentioned a political rival, just a potential criminal.

          1. Not only that, but the thought that Trump would want to damage or take out Biden because he fears running against him is ridiculous. Trump, if anything, would want Biden to be the Dems nominee because he knows he would destroy him.

        3. Even if the bidens are corrupt are they the only ones on this planet? The answer is no, the Bidens just happen to be running for president. I didnt hear trump publicly asking for an investigation into the reporter killed and dismembered by the Saudis and why not?? I’ll tell why, he doesnt give a shot because he was a reporter.

      2. If that were the case, President Trump wouldn’t be able to contact ANY country!

        “I guess the President is supposed to check with dumbocrats,
        to see which Countries they have commited crimes with,
        before he asks any questions”

    2. Excellent comment, God Bless you for sharing that fact the left can google it but they do not care if their side breaks laws they want Trump destroyed at any cost ev3n if it hurts our country. Obama’s sneaky ass means mor3 to our corrupt federal government than the people they swore to protect.

      1. Quote from Hitler’s playbook as pronounced by Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda minister: “ACCUSE THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT WHICH YOU ARE GUILTY”.

    3. So “Ask Barack” means Barack was completely aware of what was going on and yet the Dems and main stream media totally ignore it and go after President Trump on trumped up charges. How did we ever get to this place?

      1. We let the elected officials and unelected Deep State rob us blind and stupid for decades. Before the internet, we didn’t have any way of finding out what they were up to–all we had was the news–which has also been lying to us for decades. No more.
        I guarantee if they had known the internet would let us find out the truth, we would NOT have it. Look how hard Gaggle, Fakebook and Twatter are trying to silence us! Thank GOD for Gab!!

  2. With the clip of Biden and the FACT that Sonny boy did get a ,very lucrative, seat on the Barisma Board is pretty damning. Of course Facts are a 4 letter word for the Dems, they wouldn’t recognize a real FACT if it bit them on the nose.
    I was raised in Oil country and I know more about the processes than Sonny Boy did.

    1. We have oil wells on our land and even though I didn’t work in the field, I know more about it than Hunter. In fact, if the lease holder doesn’t comply with a pump or seal letter from our lawyer, I will be pulling the sucker rod myself and fixing the pump cups. I actually own the tractor that for decades was used just for that purpose on our property.

    1. I totally agree!! Joe Biden is arrogant!! Who did he think he was bragging to the press about him strong arming the Ukraine. As a vice president no less!! Disgusting and corrupt!! He needs his ass legally nailed to the wall. INVESTIGATE HIM AND HIS SON. TRUMP 2020

      1. Not only is Biden corrupt for bragging about his quid pro quo, but he is stupid as well. His own words have indicted him and he still gets away with the corruption.

        1. And the funny thing is, Biden has not run out the clock on the criminal charges. That doesn’t happen till late 2020 or early 2021 depending on what you go by. So even if sleepy Joe could get elected, if the House flipped he could be impeached on the day after he was sworn in and still face criminal charges. As long as the indictment is filed before the time limit runs out ( 60 months ), he can be brought up on charges.

  3. I don’t understand why there isn’t a massive investigation into Joe,& Hunter Biden’s actions in the Ukraine. There’s not a deep burried secret, since Joe has admitted to threateneng withholding $$$, without the action he demanded from the Ukraine.
    That’s 💯%proof, he’s guilty of exactly what they are accusing president Trump of doing, without evidence to prove it.contrary to that there’s abundant proof of the exact opposite!

    1. Because he was under Obama’s administration. And, to Dimocrats, Obama is the next thing to Jesus. He’s their ‘Messiah’. Unfortunately, he’s more a minion of Satan than he is of Christ’s.

    2. Don’t be too sure that there isn’t an investigation underway. The DOJ legally doesn’t have to notify anyone about ongoing investigations. The Bidens probably know if there is an ongoing investigation and that’s why they’re denying any wrong doing in front of any camera they can find to try to swing public opinion in their favor.

      1. Buckwheat……Well said, I hope you are correct, about an on-going LEGITIMATE INVESTIGATION into the Biden’s activity in Ukraine! The founding principal of the RULE OF LAW, NOT MEN, is the thing that has allowed us to achieve the HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING IN HUMAN HISTORY, while many of our neighbors, that chose the rule of men, that are ABOVE THE LAW, live in squalor and hopeless poverty! We will all be making this choice Nov. 8th, 2020! VOTE FOR THE RULE OF LAW, even immigration laws, NOT THE RULE OF CROOKED POLITICIANS THAT ARE ABOVE THE LAW! WHY CAN’T THE BIDEN’S, AND EPSTEIN’S MURDER, BE INVESTIGATED, UNLESS THESE DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS ARE ABOVE OUR LAWS?

    3. Not only for Hunter’s job with Burisma, but also the $1.5 BILLION sweetheart deal he got with China, just after a Biden visit to that country.

      1. That got stopped by a Miami Judge that Bill Clinton had nominated. Who should have been removed from the case as there always will be the taint of bias in that RICO case.

  4. I think the republicans need to call for an investigate into Bidens threat to the Ukraine. This is BS. Trump can’t open hi man mouth without the Dems trying to turn everything he says or does or even thinks into a crime. Tim e to get tough on the drms. They only do this crap because they know the republicans Don’t have any balls to stand up and fight them. I am sick of lol this crap. Maybe an entire new government is required to get the damn republicans to defend their president and their party.

    1. Republicans need to learn how to fight. They need to fight dirty, like the Dims do. They need to learn from Rocky, or Chuck Norris, or Jackie Chan. Heck, I’m a Gramma and I know how to fight dirtier than the idjit Republicans do.

    1. Hey folks, can’t we all just get to hell along? Forgive and forget? Give and take? Be Nice? Shut up our mouths? Look, Joe and Hunter didn’t mean to lie, they were just trying to be nice! Just because they like to jump in the commode, must we follow? Oh well, what do y’all think?


    2. I like the way you think, I think to put some our money back in to OUR Social Security Accounts
      that whom have paid into that program not the one’s who have not contributed to that program.
      Not there piggy bank

  5. Joe was a nothing as VP……….He kissed the rump of BO continually……Looks like his son is just like him as he can’t get a job with a wal-mart brain……SO of course he knew nothing about the gas/oil business….

    1. Von………Joe JR don’t need a job. He is a billionaire, thanks to daddy! VOTE FOR THE RULE OF LAW, even immigration laws, NOT THE RULE OF CROOKED POLITICIANS! DEMAND WE investigate the Biden’s, and Epstein’s murder! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Well it seems a bit funny that all these supposedly “upright and so honest” Democrats have been caught in many wrong things such as illegal e mails-Clintons “play for pay” That dried up the second she lost and all the other crap! But it also seems that they are teflon coated. Because no matter how bad the offense is. NOTHING seems to ever come of it or there is nothing done about it! Seems that there is a lot of talk and all sorts of accusations! And then it all gets swept under someones table never to be mentioned again! Sadly as a Vietnam vet I like to see some action and some jail time for these offenses! I was told to go put my life on the line for these people when they were just using it to line their pockets! So from past experience I’m not holding my breath until something comes from this. Because I honestly doubt it will amount to anything! We have two forms of justice in this country! If your rich or a politician you walk! If your common you can get up to life, for little or nothing just depends on the lawyer you can afford. So you tell me whats wrong with this picture!

    1. I’m originally from Arkansas and know the Clinton’s well! They WERE ABOVE THE LAW, IN ARKANSAS, AND IT LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAWS OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY NOW! Our country was literally founded on the principal, THE RULE OF LAW, NOT MEN! This one thing has allowed us to achieve the highest standard of living in human history, at the same time many of our neighbors that chose the RULE OF MEN, THAT WERE ABOVE THE LAW, live in squalor, and hopeless poverty! VOTE, FOR THE RULE OF LAW, even immigration laws, and laws that apply to politicians, NOT THE RULE OF MEN! We need more LAW abiding immigrants, not more criminals, that broke OUR LAWS the day they entered our country illegally, and CUT THE LINE IN FRONT OF IMMIGRANTS DOING IT LEGALLY! how is that fair to immigrants? DEMAND WE INVESTIGATE THE BIDEN’S, AND EPSTEIN’S MURDER!

  7. Biden and his son should be going to prison after the investigation is over with!!! Joe Biden is completely guilty and has been one of the most corrupt politicians in are government along with Obama and Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Schiff, and Schumer , and you can bet that their are even more!!! It is up to us citizens to get out and vote and rid us of these corrupt Democrats in office and not just the ones in the White House but even those that are in these sanctuary states and cities run by the Democrats!!! We the citizens can see for are selves just how run down and over taxed these Democratic run states and cities really are!!! We the citizens need to quit listening to these Democrats and these Rhino Republicans and no more vote for them period, but vote for only those that are 1000% Constitutional and honest and ethical and uphold are laws!!! We all need to quit voting along party lines but vote for only the man or women that puts are country first and will uphold are Constitution as it is written and uphold are laws!!! We need to clean house for the 2020 election and we need to demand term limits on all these politicians so we never have to worry about corruption getting out of control again!!!

    1. The Democrat voters in this country are behind what is going on so they are not likely to vote these crocks out of office. The only hope is to try and re-educate them to our thinking.
      If we are not successful, this country as we know it will cease to exist.

    2. THIIS is why the democrats, and RINO’s fear Trump, if Trump gets a second term,
      many will be going to GITMO, if not before THE WALL.


  9. I agree 100% with all of the people above. WHEN will the lying, cheating democrats ever be punnished for their outright criminal behavior? I feel like we do NOT have an equal justice system.. I pray to God every night that our President will survive all the hate & fake Witch hunts.. He deserves a new 4 years WITHOUT constant harassment, just
    imagine what he can do with total cooperation & help from those evil democrats!! Do it for America…

  10. Anderson Cooper is a psychotic flaming faggot a queer extroardinaire.

    Blackmailing the former Ukranian president into firing the federal Ukranian prosecutor investigating the corrupt activities of the Burisma corporation irrelevant they would not be so compassionate if it were a member of the Republican party who committed such an act of which them persecuting President Trump provides testimony to.

  11. We must help Democrat voters to recognize the simple truth about each candidate Asking them simple questions. What did this (Democratic) candidate do to HELP AMERICA? What did this Democratic candidate do for AMERICAN CITIZENS, the people who this nation is built upon?
    What has Joe Biden done FOR America this term of office?
    What has Elizabeth Warren done to improve the quality of life for AMERICAN CITIZENS?
    What has this Adam Schifft done to help America , without BENDING the laws of our Constitution?

    The Legislative Branch does NOT have anymore power than the Executive or Judicial Branches. But they sure think and act as if they do. President Trump could shut down the Congress if he so desired. The Democrats in Congress need to remember this. Just like their Impeachment could remove the President from office.

    WAKE UP DEMOCRATIC VOTERS OF AMERICA!!! This is about the homes you have worked so hard to buy and own. Democratic office holders could take all you have worked for and “re-distribute the wealth” with their socialist agenda. It will only get worse. Health care? You will stand in line and have to wait til your number is called. Your child needed MAJOR LIFE SAVING SURGERY 3 years ago? How is she doing? OH. DECEASED. We are sorry to hear that. Move along. Get out of line so we can”help” someone else, like this gentleman with a toothache. Justice? There will be no due process. How LARGE a fine (BRIBE) can you post for your 12 year old son? Jailer, make room for one more! TRIAL? He has had his trial and found guilty and sentenced. We do that in secret meetings.

  12. Biden bloody well should be in trouble…. his bribe is on tape an he is so proud of it. About time someone started investigating these stupid democrats for the oh so many criminal things they have done, and stop searching for somersetting to get Trump with.


  14. Epstein is the key to all. Over 400 videos exist of phs.. Done by dear Jeffrey so they all are In fear of revelations… Both dems and rinos.royalty media moguls bankers etc., etc
    Smokescreens anyone?

  15. The Republicans need to take that extra spoonful of oatmeal. It builds you up, makes you strong. The Reps always comes across as the weakling.Well ,start standing up to the criminal element in the Democratic Party. Trump has a perfect right to ask for an investigation into Father and son Biden. Things aren’t cool in Denmark! THEY SAY “YOU CANT DO THAT, HE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT”. WELL, NOW, I AM NOT AWARE OF ANY LAWS THAT PROTECT A “ RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT’ NOT BEING ABLE TO BE INVESTIGATED. I could name a few more that need it but I wont name- Mad Maxine,Ms. Finestein, Nadler, Green to name a few. Start investigating the Clintons for “ALL” the crimes they have committed over the 5+ decades. Murders being one of many. Rape being another.

  16. This publicity stunt, impeachment inquire, is to distract attention away from the Biden’s criminal activity, extorting money from Ukraine, in exchange for political favors! My question is why would all these powerful Democrats risk being caught doing this, just to protect the Biden’s? That suggest to me that this political extortion of foreign countries goes much deeper than just the Biden’s! How many crooked politicians ON BOTH SIDES are involved, and how many foreign countries are being extorted? Do YOU THINK WE THE PEOPLE, HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION? VOTE FOR THE THING THAT ALLOWED US TO ACHIEVE THE HIGHEST STANDARD OF LIVING IN HUMAN HISTORY, AND THAT IS THE RULE OF LAW, NOT MEN! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. The normal activity of the democrats has drop to a historic low. They are being very careful about what they say and do.
    Considering all they have done in years is mock President Trump.
    You have to remember, they are being careful, but not to the point of just being stupid, it’s worse than that.
    Biden will have his day, when he gets confronted by William bar.
    William Bar is just sitting back, and gathering more criminal activities that only the democrats are good at.

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