And the Whistleblower’s Name Is… SSHHH!

This whole impeachment thing, everyone is sick of it, right?  At some parts, this entire circus act is converting some Democrats to the right side of the fence.  In most parts, they are ditching their own party because some actually see the ship going down and are smart enough to jump off before drowning with Pelosi, Schumer, and Schiff.  This week a major public statement was made by Rand Paul at a rally, which leads people to the internet, only to find out, he was correct.  He announced they know, and the media knows who the whistleblower is.  That is right, the one who started all this mess.  The media and Democrats think the American people are stupid, but the name has been revealed through the internet.

Nearly two dozen conservative news webpages have named the whistleblower.  Yes, called him out and called him by name.  Now, we as Conservatives, or even “We the People,” are issuing a challenge to the Left Wing media outlets to announce his name.  His name is… are you ready?  The moment we have all been waiting for so long, Eric Ciaramella, a CIA analyst and also who was working at the White House, is the person responsible for starting this junk the Left calls impeachment inquiries.

So much time, energy, and not to mention, money has been wasted all because of one idiot who feels he can take down the president and hide behind the curtains.  What a yellow-bellied coward!  RealClearInvestigations was the first Conservative news media outlet to come forward with this scoundrel’s name.  The rest of the Conservative media followed after everything was verified.  Google took it the rest of the way and hit a home run!  Within 15 seconds or less, what the whole world was waiting on, including President Donald Trump, who was not even allowed to know who was accusing him.

So why won’t the rest of the media outlets provide the world with Eric Ciaramella’s name?  Because in a one-sided Left Wing impeachment process, it gives the GOP the upper hand.  Democrats will not just hand over the information to destroy them.  Although it was so hush-hush, many were beginning to wonder if Adam Schiff wasn’t the whistleblower.  One can only wish the Liberals would wake up and see the Democrats and the media work together.

The Hill reported after Senator Rand Paul demanded the announcement be made public from the media that Eric Ciaramella was the whistleblower.  The Hill wrote:

“Paul, speaking in his home state at a Trump campaign rally on Monday evening, referenced unconfirmed reports in conservative media that the whistleblower worked for former Vice President  Joe Biden, questioning the person’s credibility. “We also now know the name of the whistleblower. The whistleblower needs to come forward as a material witness because he worked for Joe Biden at the same time Hunter Biden was getting money from corrupt oligarchs,” Paul said at the rally after President Trump invited him onstage.
“I say tonight to the media, do your job and print his name,” Paul told the crowd to loud cheers.
His comments come after Trump and his allies have been calling for the whistleblower to come forward, arguing that Trump has the right to confront his accusers.”

According to Sebastion Gorka, he gave what is known briefly about Ciaremella and posted it on Twitter.  Gorka wrote, “Sent by @JohnBrennan to the @WhiteHouse, Worked for @AmbassadorRice, Advised @JoeBiden on “Ukraine policy,” Invited @DNC operative @AlexandraChalup to NSC, Coordinated illegally with @RepAdamSchiff as fake whistleblower.  Understand?”

So let us look at this briefly, shall we? The media could not release the name of the whistleblower because of his connections to Ukraine and Joe Biden.  Isn’t that what the Democrats are trying to impeach the president for?  Hmm…

Tuesday, Senator Schumer slammed Senator Rand Paul for pressing the issue of the release of the whistleblower’s name.  He said, “I cannot stress just how wrong this is. We have federal whistleblower laws designed to protect the identity and safety of patriotic Americans who come forward to stand up for the Constitution.”  He expressed his anger at how everyone wants the name to be exposed publicly.

One can now understand by putting the pieces of the puzzle together, they are all tied together. If the whistleblower goes down, they all fall down like dominos.  This is all a circle of the real meaning of a conspiracy, and yet there are still idiots who vote Democrat.

52 thoughts on “And the Whistleblower’s Name Is… SSHHH!”

  1. No the whistler-blower laws only protect them from loosing their jobs, not being anonymous. Also they still have to testify . Or this is all hearsay which of course it is.

    1. There should be another name added for the Whistleblower,,,
      Adam Schiff,, He is so evil and full of hatred and walks around with that stupid smirk on his crazy face… he should be prosecuted for all the lies and games he is playing… why is he allowed to run this horrible circus??? He is a disgrace to mankind!!! Yes I am so fed up with such stupidity!!!!

      1. ADD !
        Perjury, under oath promised to up The US Constitution
        Coup, name on coup motion inspired impeachment inquiry
        Coincides with a conspiracy.

        Transcripts from my honest witness.
        Format from many years ago.

        Even thou Adam was presented with the truth. Adam Shiff chose to promote the lie, proclaiming to be wise, ADAN Shiff played the part of a fool.

        The heart of the wise leans to the right,
        that of a fool leans to the left.
        Their words and actions are verification.

        Who is my honest witness?
        Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.


        1. Rita, He is not just causing problems for President Trump, he is causing problems for all Americans and a great deal of costs as well.

        2. Well, Rita, I suppose that’s one way to get your name in the history books. By the way, I prefer the name Adam Shifforbrains.

      3. Reita I like what and how you said.It makes WE THE PEOPLE feel good to read what a true American feels.Schiffs crazy face seams to me he’s a very sick man.Scary faces are sick and dangerious .God bless you your my inspiration.

          1. No, Ken! Just a Dummy! His heads lodged to tightly for a ventriloquist to get his hand up to his mouth to make his lips move! Then again Ken, maybe your right. Those eyes sure look like Jeff Dunham has his hand on the trigger!

      4. Rita Gilbert
        I agree 100%!!!! I have never felt such rage towards anyone!!! He should be removed from the HR!!! Really sent to prison for treason!!! I am just livid!! There has got to be some remedy or consequences for his actions & behavior!! There has got to be something that can be done—not just continue as is & hope he (Schiff) is not elected to another term. His behavior is outrageous !!! I would storm Washington myself if I was younger!! (1am in my 70’s)

        1. And another thing!!! I think Schifty Schiff is the one who thought this whole coup up from the very beginning. He is the one who recruited Eric Ciaramellia ( ie whistleblower) to “begin” this whole thing . Then Shifty Schiff wrote his report for him. ( remember the comments that the Whistleblower report was written in very legalese language??) Schiff has orchestrated this whole coup. Ciaramelli has been paid by George Soros along with all the other “witnesses”. Plus hired the Whistleblower Aid Law Firm (again with $ from George Soros). It has been planned all along . At least when the Mueller report failed to implicate President Trump in wrong-doing. I just hope& pray the truth will come out. And sure hope that some of the worst offenders ( H Clinton, etc) are will be brought to judgment!!!!

    2. Eric Ciaramella.
      Truth is he is dug in TIGHT with tje Demo-rats.
      How much money did George Soros pay the wicked Ciaramella?????

      1. Dear Jean, Did you know that Shiff’s sister is married to George Soro’s son. The question is how much money did Soro’s pay Shiff to take down the President. Also how many people are on the take from Soro’s in the white house. The Vice Presidents secretary is now saying that she is going to testify against Trump because of something she heard while working with Pence and Trump. His whitehouse staff are all questionable commie’s. They all need to go ASAP.

  2. People must buy guns. Protect yourself from the plans of glibal elite who literally OWNNthe entire DNC. This is fact: Nancy Pelosi told the world the DNC was broker shortly before the mid terms. It was widely reported. Then she took hundreds of millions from Mexican Drug Cartel to fund voter fraud and local election campaigns for people like Kristin Cinema and others.
    In exchange all of a sudden Democrats ar against commone sense border security that they were for a few short yrs ago. Get it now? The DNC are evil. Always have been. And the worse part is Americans are so god damn naive about it. Your friends and family and coworker and neighbor are voting Democrat because they’re STUPID. Do your part to educate them. Speak up and speak out. Get adult children to vote Republican at all levels. Just do it. Stop being silent!!

  3. I like the way this was all written up by ———[email protected] name ——–@name———[email protected] that was really cute, I am still looking
    for the name @—— thanks for the smile for today. Maybe our country will get back to the way it should be runned.
    with Trump at the head, and then let’s pick some good people for the House and the Senate is fine but get a couple out.

  4. the true coward is schiff he set the whole investigation up I would believe he also help set up the Russian hoax drama and he knows that investigation is going to expose him and several others in the democratic party……

  5. The Whistle Blower NAME: Eric Ciaramella
    His address is:
    1701 16th St Nw Apt 748
    Washington DC 20009
    His parents live here where he lived until recently with mom & dad. ANTHONY & TERESA
    21 Horizon Vw
    Prospect Connecticut 06712


  6. The pre-leftie America would not have stood still nor tolerated the sub-standard leadership provided by Schiff and his cohorts. Just shows the lengths these so-called Americans will take to wreak vengeance upon our duly elected President. Their payment will come on judgment day at the pearly gates if they believe in the hereafter. RVN 68-69

  7. This whole thing has been set up to commit perjury and avoid being prosecuted for it. The idea that the cheese eater was passing on what someone told him ie. 2nd hand information is absurd. Why didn’t they go to the source of the information? Probably because there was no source. There was only a made up lie by Schiff who then rehearsed the cheese eater to lie that he was told this by someone else. How do you prove that was a lie? Hillary has her way of avoiding perjury. She doesn’t remember. The feckless republicans let her get away with it. This is a quote from “Defeating the Totalitarian Lie” by Hilmar Von Campe: “Lenin had taught his disciples Communist morality the substance of which is to lie incessantly for the Revolution and that everything which furthers the revolution is moral. He stated, ‘we must be ready to employ trickery, deceit, law-breaking, withholding and concealing truth. We can and must write in the language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, scorn, and the like, toward those who disagree with us.” This describes the democrats and the fake news to a “T”.

    1. Figmo, Being that he is not the first hand Whistle blower and got his information from another person, then he is not THE Whistle Blower AT ALL ! That is second hand or possibly third hand information as I have heard it may be. This disqualifies him to be THE Whistle Blower ! This is now called Hearsay. Hearsay in court is worthless. You always must present proof or evidence of something. You can get 10 people to say the same thing in court. But if none of them have proof or evidence, then they all do not count at all in court !!!
      Not being the Whistle Blower changes things. It rather disqualifies him to be a witness plus other things as well that this may affect because he is not the legit Whistle Blower !!!
      All of this BS that the DEM’s are doing just has to blow back at them. Nothing is being done right at all. Fox news had a guy tell about this guy and the things the DEM’s are trying to push is nothing all all legit in any way or is this FAKE Whistle Blower ! Now you know why they have tried to keep his name secret for so long. This is one reason why.

  8. My deceased Uncle always said, Rockypubs or Rockydems, it makes no difference. We will see if he was right by what happens to Eric Ciaramella.

  9. Someone needs to clue Schumer into the that Mr. Ciaramella cancelled any protections he might have had when he contacted Shifty Schiff’s staff prior to going to ICIG with his complaint. The whistle blower law requires filing with the ICIG prior to any contact with the Intelligence Committee members or other members of Congress! Funny how the MSM never tells you the whole story, just the part that fits their narrative! The media hardly ever tells the truth, but only tells half truths!

  10. If you don’t want the fruits of sin, stay out of the Devil’s orchard. Never allow the appearance of sin to linger without your response. I was a young woman when someone once said this to me – probably because I was going into a field where it just might come against me and/or my standards. I was going into radio and doing commercials and modeling for the local businesses to get their financial support for my new station. It didn’t take long for nasty rumors to fly and I just ignored them. Eventually it started affecting my family and friends. I ended up stopping in the middle of a wonderful career, moved my family out of state and started all over again as a secretary rather than in radio broadcasting. I was always a ham and even had a ham radio license but never again did any public work. I became a has-been and let my talent slip into oblivion. I even stopped volunteering my talent so that I would not be tempted to continue in that direction. I started counseling others and even had a baby brother with multiple talents and enjoyed his career as a singer/song writer. My father’s words often popped into my head, “There is always more than one way to skin a cat.”

    1. Daniel amount!! My theory also!!! I wrote a reply somewhere in this thread about it!!! I think you are absolutely right!!! Schiff is the one who started the whole thing & paid (or rather had George Soros pay!!!). Everyone else!!!

      Somewhere I wrote that members of Congress can be impeached but upon further reading apparently they cannot. But there was a Senator Blount who was impeached. So that makes it rather confusing. So I still am not sure what the correct answer is!!!

  11. “We have federal whistleblower laws designed to protect the identity and safety of patriotic Americans who come forward to stand up for the Constitution.” He expressed his anger at how everyone wants the name to be exposed publicly.”

    I suggest that schumer re-read the whistleblower law as to whom it applies, it is not a “blanket” of complete anonymity
    as his position may suggest.

  12. Everyone is wrong by naming Eric Ciaramella, they are naming the the person that took the information to Adan Schiff, but the person that was spying on the president is the one responsible for all this mess. Col. Alexander Vindman is the person that was leaking top secret confidential information to others, this individual most be prosecuted in a military tribunal, and sentenced to the maximum punishment permitted by the military code of justice.

    1. I suspect you are correct. Someone needs to explore Vindman’s relationship with Ciaramella. Who knows what it might reveal. One last thought: if President Trump is actually impeached by the house, it will be the first time in our country’s history that a president was impeached without having committed Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors. Will the history books get it right?

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