Violent Criminals Heading to Sanctuary Cities

Sanctuary cities are the most horrible idea that the  Democrats have come up in a long time. These liberal victories are doing nothing but destroying the communities and the people that live there. What is being championed by liberals is the worst idea for the nation. And now these cities are going to get what they ask for. ICE has announced that illegal immigrants that are facing murder charges, sex offenders, rape, drug traffickers or going to be released to the streets of North Carolina very soon.

The reason for the release is that of the policies of these sanctuary cities. These places protect undocumented criminals from being deported. Federal law enforcement officers are warning the public to be aware of what is about to happen to their streets. ICE has its hands tied with sanctuary cities. These liberal centers have said to the criminal go ahead and rape us, and we will grant you protection from the evil ICE people.

ICE is fighting back by publicly telling these cities what they are going to see very soon coming to their cities. ICE needs the local law offices to work with them and inform them when an illegal is released from prison, so they can come and take them home. But the sanctuary cities allow these criminals to run free and do whatever they want to do. The Democrats in charge of these places are still refusing to cooperate with ICE. They believe that their cities will be exempt from the crime wave that is coming.

Many of these illegal aliens are wanted for child sex trafficking and other crimes. ICE stated that “[W]hen local jurisdictions refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement, they not only betray their duty to protect public safety but force ICE to be more visible in those areas.” So they can “transfer these individuals to federal custody instead of releasing them to the community where they may re-offend.”

But the sick and demented Democrats want to protect these monsters. The statistics are staggering when 145,000 criminals in the country illegally were deported by ICE. It is reported that 70 percent of these people came directly from prison centers and jails in the cities across the country. Sadly, the Democrats refuse to believe the data as many of the 2020 candidates want to see ICE gone forever. ICE stands in their way of a socialist criminal nation that all dreamy Democrats want to live in. The criminals would become their enforcers, and they would be allowed to terrorize the people. This would force the people into submission to the nasty Democrats.

These people are about to be released onto the streets of North Carolina. The sanctuary cities are going to be where they end up. Many of these crazy people are going to continue their criminal behavior once they get out. They are like the Democrats in that they believe that society owes them something. So they feel that they have a right to take it for themselves. Illegal aliens are loved by the Democrats that is one reason why they want open borders. The Democrats issue fake voting rights to these people, so they can rig the elections.

One ICE official has warned, “Uncooperative jurisdictions such as Wake County should be on notice that as long as criminal offenders are being released, they should get used to seeing a lot more ICE at-large enforcement activity in their communities.” In other words, he is saying to these cities get ready because here they come. These cities are going to get what they have asked for. And it is only going to get worse the longer these cities continue to fight against federal law enforcement officers.

These cities are going to see an increase in their crime rates and thee will be nothing that they will be able to do about. The Democrats in the states have stripped the police of their power to keep crime down by telling them that they cannot arrest an illegal alien.

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