Nikki Haley Accused of Trying to Replace Pence

Nikki Haley, former UN ambassador and former governor of South Carolina, recently published her memoirs, “With All Due Respect.” In the book and interviews related to it, Haley offered a warm defense of President Donald Trump, stating that he has done nothing wrong that would merit impeachment. She has also suggested that former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly tried to suborn her into a plot to subvert President Trump’s agenda to “save the country.”

According to the Hill, Tillerson has denied that allegation. Tillerson claims that “My conversations with the President in the privacy of the Oval Office were always candid, frank, and my recommendations straightforward. Once the President made a decision, we at the State Department undertook our best efforts to implement that decision.”

The reaction by the mainstream media has been interesting, to say the least. According to The Wrap, Joe Scarborough, one of the hosts of the MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” was pretty sure that Haley is angling for Mike Pence’s job as vice president. Scarborough also suggested that Haley is “besmirching her own reputation” by “lying” about the president’s truthfulness and mental acuity.

Political pundits have speculated that Trump may swap Pence out for Haley to buttress his standing with women voters. Haley is not only female but also counts as a “woman of color” who is a Sikh American. Others point out that changing running mates in midstream would be difficult for presidents not named Abraham Lincoln or Franklin Roosevelt. Mike Pence has been a loyal soldier who has ties to mainstream conservative Republicans who would be angered were he to be dumped.

Ed Morrisey, over at Hot Air, states that Haley’s book is just what President Trump needs to argue that he has been fighting against “the deep state” as much as he has the Democrats and various foreign enemies of the United States.

“The timing for Trump, on the other hand, couldn’t be better — even if it’s probably accidental. It takes months for books to get from the final draft to print, which means Haley’s memoir was finished no later than this spring, long before any of the Ukraine-Gate issues arose. Trump can use Haley’s claims to argue that his presidency has been undermined by the Beltway political establishment all along, although neither Kelly nor especially Tillerson was part of it before Trump. This is the Deep State exposé that Trump has needed since the whistleblower came forward. Expect Trump to ride this horse until it drops.”

Hot Air’s Allahpundit, however, has concluded that Haley does not want to be Trump’s vice president. Too much risk exists for such a gambit.

The theory is that if Haley is Trump’s running mate and he loses in 2020, she is forever tainted. The idea for her being on the ticket would be that she increases Trump’s appeal to women and minorities. A loss in 2020 would cast doubt on that supposition and wreck Haley’s chances for running for the top spot in 2024.

If Trump wins in 2024 with Haley on the ticket, then she is tainted as well, according to Allahpundit. The only time in modern history when the same party held the White House for more than two terms happened when George H. W. Bush followed President Ronald Reagan into the White House. Haley would also be associated with some of what Allahpundit regards as the “weirdness” that has featured the Trump presidency.

On the other hand, one might argue that she would also be associated with President Trump’s undoubted successes, provided that the second term resembles the first, Bush 41 campaigned in 1988 as Reagan’s third term, albeit in a “kinder, gentler” tone. Haley could do the same as the third term of Trump, though with a “calmer, less chaotic” style.

Allahpundit believes that Haley’s “game” is to remain on the good side of Trump’s supporters to buttress her potential run in 2024. She’ll have stiff competition, including Pence and perhaps Ted Cruz. The Hot Air article concludes that Haley might be given the keynote address at the Republican National Convention as a reward for her loyalty. After all, the Democrats gave their 2004 keynote speech to an obscure United States Senator named Barack Obama. Does one wonder what happened to him?

57 thoughts on “Nikki Haley Accused of Trying to Replace Pence”

  1. Nikki Haley has been on 3 FOX programs and has said she does not intend to even try to take VP from Pence.
    If she ran for President in 2024 I would vote for her in a second, not minute. After watching her at the UN she would be a formidable candidate. She would not back down without a fight to get our country and the U. S. Government back to what it should be.

    1. She is clever, like hag Hillary, deny and hope she will be in demand by the citizens
      (who she has assembled and await the call)
      In my opinion.

      1. But Haley is not Constitutionally/qualified to be president or vice-president,
        her parents are immigrants and she is a 14th amendment anchor baby,
        like Marco Rubio.

          1. Remember what Haley did as Governor of SC…she removed the Confederate Flag and the Stars and Bars. We wouldn’t vote for her under any circumstances. She is an opportunist. We don’t trust her one iota and wonder if she isn’t part of the RINO side of the Deep State. You know, like Sessions who recused himself from the Russia Witch hunt the day after he took his oath of office as AG.

    2. trump said the other that he is keeping
      v.p. pence he is a loyal person…nikki is not she is
      a f….g snake,,,,trump knows his business and pence is staying
      nikki is going the wrong way to become v.p.

      1. Where did you get YOUR facts?
        I don’t believe any of that.
        I have never heard anything, but praise.
        Won’t work here!!

      2. Trump is a loyal person? How do you figure that? He expects loyalty from the people in the White House. But if anyone even thinks of anything negative about Prez, they are out. He does not know them, they are dumb as a rock [just like Donnie Jr.]. You call that loyalty? All Pence has to do is cross his eyes the wrong way and he is out the door, thank you very much,

  2. Joe Scumbag accuses universally-praised Halley of lying, covering up non-existent mental issues of POTUS Trump, and thereby besmirching her reputation… all with ZERO EVIDENCE? Meanwhile, Joe cheated on his ex-wife with on-set whore Mika, showed his traitorous RINO colors, and has driven his show into the muck with years worth of lies about Trump. What a typical DemonKKKrat….

      1. Joe, what happened to our Gulf Breeze Home-Town boy???? I think I heard your first political speech in Navarre Bch, Fl at a “military Affairs Committee meeting” of Hurlburt Field, F!!!
        You Have changed tremendously, Joe!

        We, in the panhandle of Fl. were proud for you to represent us….BUT…it doesn’t seem that sex and sin city did not take long to draw you in> You let the Panhandle down….you became more interested in the big deals and Joe!!!
        You think you have made it big time, sorry, Joe, you’re on the downhill slide. To people at home, you’re now ” who’s Joe”???? I think you’re a good person, you need to re-group your priorities!

  3. sounds like this website might be doing what the left does. Not report news. They make up their own stories, purely from their own speculation, and write them as news.

  4. I pray that President Trump does not replace VP Pence. VP Pence has been a valuable member of the Presidency and has been there for President Trump through all the crap that has been thrown at President Trump.

  5. I think Miss Hailey has grown up considerably since her rather mediocre years as a state Governor.
    Her term as the UN ambassador I think help to harden and sharpen her political insights.

    Although she is an up-and-comer she is not yet ready for presidential prime time.
    Unless Pence develops some sort of severe health problem between now and the convention I do not see him being replaced in the 2020 ticket. So I imagine that Haley is looking at 2024 or even perhaps 2028.
    The left, including leftist pundits, are so delusional that to them their rantings make sense but to the rest of us it’s all nonsense.

  6. This sight has been a left wing site all along. Almost every NEW website with Patriot in their name is left wing joke trying to mislead Americans. I almost wish the democrats would succeed with this sham impeachment so we can go ahead and get this New Civil-War started. I’m so disgusted with these criminals and I’m already aligned with the winning side. I mean come on, if you were going to battle who would you want at your back, the NRA or NPR?

  7. This is just another Democrats smear Campaign against President Donald Trump and Nikki Haley to make them look bad. do not believe anything that looks like it is bad news of anyone in the Trump White House.

  8. This web site is full of speculation with no basis. I”m not saying the Haley would not make a good vice pesident or president, but for a web site to come up with this, is beyond belief. How about the fact that she just could be a patriot that is tired of the democrat witch hunts with no basis on facts, and just what they would like to be able to prove because their picked non starter lost an election. I have seen the beginnings of the impeachment hearing, and find no merit that Trump did anything wrong. On the other hand Biden bragged on a video about so called quid pro quo. Do you see the dem communist instigating him? No, the dems are above being wrong, but Trump, in asking a perfectly legal act concerning criminal activity should be impeached. Talk about crap. The dems have piled it so high it looks like a mountain, and hopefully it will fall on them.

  9. My understanding of Nikki Haley’s early life indicates that her parents were NOT United States citizens at the time of her birth. Some people argue that only one parent has to be a US citizen for one to obtain “natural born citizen” status, but that was not the belief in 1789 according to Vattel’s Law Of Nations. But even if this were true, neither of Nikki’s parents were US citizens and therefore she could not become president. Under the XXV (25th) Amendment, on the “removal of the President from office or on his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President”. To assume that office, that person must meet all the requirements of the office including being a “natural born citizen” and since Nikki isn’t NANCY PELOSI (if she is still Speaker of the House) would become president under the order of succession.

    The good news would be that Nikki could still be Nancy’s VP.

    1. I’m not up on Nikki’s family ancestry, but I do think she would make one heck of a fine Secretary of State and she wouldn’t be selling out America to enrich herself in the process. Somebody posted a comparison between her and Hillary. There is no comparison. Nikki is honest and moral and Hillary is not.

  10. President Trump should have Nikki Haley as an ambassador to another country. Not Vice President. After President Trump’s next 4-year term the Republicans should run Mike Pence for President and Nikki Haley as Vice President.

  11. Not do fast ! I believe Nikki Haley would be the only woman even close to keeping America great. She’s has shown her intelligence far surpasses anyone on the left. They only wished they had someone like Haley’s talent. As for Taking Mike Pence place , it’s only talking points for the lying news media. But look out demoncrates if she would decide to run you’ll definitely lose again and again. Trump 2020. Haley 2024 and 2026 you rock girl.

  12. “If Trump wins in 2024 with Haley on the ticket,” is a bit presumptuous as one person cannot have more than 2 terms. Trump won in 2016. Now he I running in 2020. If he wins in 2020 he would not be able to be on the ticket in 2024, unless he, as usual, does something against the Constitution. Hopefully there would be enough Americans with enough balls to prevent a dictator from taking over.

  13. Unfortunately she is not Constitutionally eligible/qualified under the Constitution,
    her parents are immigrants and she is a first generation American under the
    14th Amendment, an anchor anchor baby,
    just like Marco Rubio.

  14. Pence has been a very Vice and has stood by Trump thru thick and thin. He is Trump’s insurance against impeachment because some on the left see Pence as a religious zealot. All said, I think Haley would be very very good and that could see her through as President in 2024. Without Haley we are looking at Ivanka or Donald Jr. or Eric as the president in 2024.

  15. We are flooded with misinformation from the left. Mike Pence will continue to serve
    in the White House as Vice President.
    And of course there’s always someone passing the fake news.
    We need more people like Niki Haley to serve, but for now I think she is where she wants to be.

  16. President needs pence the only loyal honest person he has in the Whitehouse. Besides pence is very religious. He is very much liked & respected. I would not vote for trump if pence would not be v.president. b

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