Teacher Taught Class That Girls Are Not Real

The mind of a child is a fragile thing. They will believe anything that they are told at an early age. And what they are told will begin to shape who they become and what they believe as adults. A child should not have to worry about many of the things that the stupid Democrats are trying to shove down their throats. But that is exactly what children are having to do. They are having to put up with the lies and manipulation from liberal wannabe teachers telling them that girls are a myth and do not exist.

One Canadian six-year-old child was being educated at school when the teacher decided to show a video on the subject of gender. The video went on to say that an assigned gender was something that is made up. These kinds of things cause people to believe that they can classify themselves as anything they want. If that child wants to be a dog, who is told that child that they cannot be a dog. The child in question went home drastically confused with what they just heard. Needless to say, the parents were not too happy about the stupid teacher pulling this kind of stunt at school.

The teacher did not stop there. They went on to draw an explanation on the board to further drive the point home that girl and boy genders are mythical. The teacher was promoting multi-gender classifications. In other words, they were teaching a lie to the students of the school. There are two genders one is male and the other female. There are no others, but this lazy teacher thinks that there are more than the two.

The parents of the child have filed a human rights complaint against the school that taught students that there are no boys or girls. Just call yourself whatever you want to call yourself. The principal and the teacher are both being sued by the parents. These people will stop at nothing to push their liberal crazy lies on people. They also know that if they want to get what they want in the years to come, then they need to educate and brainwash the young kids that are growing up.

Not only have the parents stood up for what is right but the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has also gotten involved. They noted in another application that “child’s rights to security of the person and equality under relevant sections of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms were infringed.” The school went beyond normal education and tried to harm children with propaganda and misinformation.

The child’s parents stated that “She was very passionate about all kinds of social justice topics, most of which our daughter enjoyed learning about.” Children have delicate minds and are prone to believe just about anything that they are told. When the child’s stupid teacher told her something that her parents never told her it caused her to question everything she had ever learned.

This same problem is something that many college-age people face that do not know how to defend what they believe in bright. They stand in front of an aggressive teacher and are told that they are wrong in class. They are provided lies of information with the hopes that they will fall into the trap of the liberal agenda.

This Canadian child has been exposed to a bunch of lies that have now left a wound on her mind. She will always wonder and seek the truth about gender. The parent has also stated that “When the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms agreed to assist us, their lawyers thought we should raise the Charter arguments and highlight that this is also a case of discrimination based on sex, not just gender identity.” So while the educational system of Canada tries to lie to their students the same thing is to happen all across the United States of America. People are being told lies by a small minority of people and it is confusing them all.

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