AOC Admits Impeachment is all About 2020

The  Democrats have been working hard to smear President Trump into the mud before 2020 gets here. For the longest time, they have cried with a loud voice that he is doing things that are illegal and must be stopped. The Democrats have painted a picture that President Trump is a terrorist that wants to destroy America. But they are so far from the truth. President Trump wants America to be great again. For the past three years, he has fought against the corruption of the Democrats and has put America on a path to greatness.

The impeachment trials are nothing more than a smokescreen to hide the true criminals in Congress. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi at two of the devious two people that are trying to hide Joe Biden and Hunter Biden from the American people. Sad Adam Schiff has been caught lying to people about his relationship with the whistleblower. This person is turning out to be a Democratic hired thug charged with lying about the president and his role in it all.

Ocasio-Cortez has crossed the line and like a good socialist has opened her mouth the truth of why all the investigations and Trump-hating that they have been doing for three long years. The entire effort to get rid of President Trump is aimed at keeping him from winning the next presidential election in 2020. The Democrats are so scared that he will win that they have resorted to treason to try to take him down.

Mouthy Ocasio-Cortez has let the cat out of the bag and revealed the hatred that they have the nation and its leader. She lied to the people when she stated “I think many of those considerations will be taken up by the Judiciary Committee when all of this evidence is brought forth. We’ll see. I personally do believe that the president has engaged in flagrant violations of the emoluments clause. I’m concerned that we would allow this corruption to continue. But at the end of the day, we have to be able to come together as a caucus, and if it is this Ukrainian allegation that is what brings the caucus together, then I think we have to run with however we unify the House.”

She has overlooked her corruption and placed all the negative on the president. She has come to believe her lies to the point that she is ready to take him down. She has hated the next president long before she ever took he unearned seat in the House. She went on to declare blasphemy against the president by stating “While I believe personally that we should be pursuing and investigating quite flagrant abuses of the emoluments clause, even reporting as recently as the suspicious stops at Trump properties even in congressional delegations or rather in foreign trips, I think all of this is game for investigation.” She believes this is all just a game to her. She is so naive that she does not see the wrong and the hurt that she is causing to the nation and the entire Trump family.

It all about the power to Ocasio-Cortez and her little band of sinful dark agents. They want power and they want it now. They are doing whatever they need to do to be drunk with the power of the Oval Office. She went to show the Democrat’s true intent by stating “We also need to move quite quickly because we’re talking about the potential compromise of the 2020 elections. This is not just about something that has occurred, this is about preventing a potentially disastrous outcome from occurring next year.” She honestly believes that the President is unfit to run the country.

The Democratic demon believes that she should be the one in power. She believes that she is God’s gift to the country. She is manipulative and threatens people that get in her way. The true disastrous outcome of 2020 would be if Ocasio-Cortez were to sit in the House for another two years.

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    1. those types of people that want to get in power, are a lot worse then those that are already in power , and the working people in our country along with all others that can vote , better all wake up , by opening their eyes and ears , and using your god given instincts , along with ones common sense ,that came after one learned to walk and talk , but our instincts are with one by the time one is brought into this world we all live in , that even all living things an this planet are born with instincts and most hunters and fishermen and woman know what I am talking about , and we the people on this this plant are no different in the ways those types people try to lure us into their trap , by their ways of influencing we the people by any ways or means , to get in power , and trap us all , and to do that those types of people that are already in power like Nancy Pelosi , within her group in Washington alone , that are all those mixed in with those in the swamp , that our President Trump calls those in the swamp , as he may know them well , and what those types of people within the swamp , along with their followers who want to get their feet in the white house, for one reason only , so that they can spring their trap on all of us in our country , and to do that they need to have us striped of our God GIVEN RIGHTS TO BARE OUR WEAPONS , for which they have been working on for decades , to get them from we Gods people of our country , And if those types of people where to get in power by removing Trump as our president , The doomsday those types of people had been planning on was in the makings ,even before world war two began , to where it was heard of again ,just a few years back , just like all the killings that takes place with a weapon , is being done one reason only ,as that is their ways of influencing we the people of our country , we need gun laws , as that is their ways of capturing us , with no ways of protecting ourselves with , we would all be like those animals being caught and killed.

    2. I just love how all of these dumb ass people have gotten on the AOC bandwagon. She is a complete idiot. She lies and every one thinks this ex-bartender knows everything and she knows nothing. She hates this country. Wish they would bring hanging back as there are a line of people I would put on that list

      1. Dg says, Well DG there still is a death sentence for TREASONOUS TRAITORS. We are at WAR with ISIS, and all the rest of the TERRORISTS in the world , so if you are found guilty as charged for TREASON while at WAR you can get the DEATH SENTENCE and there are a whole lot of TREASONOUS TRAITORS in the DEMONRAT DEMOCRAT Party who need the DEATH SENTENCE for their TREASON against our PRESIDENT TRUMP..

    3. You are so correct, she should be keeping that big horse mouth shut as a first year congress member. She’s annoying with her stupidity about what our country needs instead of working with the President for the people. That’s why she was elected, for the people, not to better herself but America!

  2. Can the citizens of this country file a class action suit against the Democrat party and specific leaders for damages due to health issues caused by provable lies causing some of us great anxiety attacks.

    1. I will absolutely sign a petition if Republicans and The president Trump will have send a petition against her especially Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi to be kick off from the WH.

  3. AOC is an actress that is trying to sound like a Congress woman but is failing!! We all know that she is told what to say and when to say it in hopes the people will believe her! The organization that is controlling her every move wants to take over the USA from within and give us socialism/communism/globalism———in other words a dictatorship that only the elitist are wealthy and the rest of us are their slaves paying into their agenda! This woman MUST be voted out in 2020!! People of New York in her District CANNOT be that stupid to vote for her again when she has done nothing for you area!

  4. Can The American Patriots file a class action lawsuit against The Democrat Party and specifics leaders in their Party???? Meaning against Shifty Schiff and his puppet Master Nancy Pelosi their weak Speaker of Congress.

  5. We need to change our laws so that people like this AOC can’t ever run for office. I truly believe that anyone who runs for office or works within our government should be born in this country and able to trace their family history back five generations. That way only Americans would be running the country. The government operates on taxpayer dollars and only Americans could participate. There are far to many foreign people trying to influence whatever is being voted on in congress. I also think that immigration should stop completely until every illegal alien has been removed from this country and the let the people decide who can immigrate and how many are allowed. What is going on is crazy and has to be stopped. Several of our past presidents have vowed to stop lobbing but no one has even attempted to. That needs to stop also.

    1. How about; immigrants who are waiting in line to enter through the proper channels have the option to serve -not in the military for 6 years, like we sometimes do – but, with Border Patrol or ICE.
      Have legal immigrants protect the country from those who jumped the line.
      Legal immigrants have all been vetted and have the most to win/lose.

      After 6 years of satisfactory service they get all their papers and full citizenship at no cost.

  6. AOC & Pelosi mention Pres. Trump and the emoluments clause with his children & businesses, what about all the govt. jobs Pelosi husband got for technical jobs she voted in in congress & Diane Feinstein got her husbands companies govt. jobs, paid a fortune. Investigate these two. Pres. Trump has done nothing. Did Carter ever see the peanut farms books when he was Pres. The dems. will try anything. Investigate Pelosi & Diane.

    1. Let the President Trump and the Republicans take all the responsibility they need to drain the Swamp that’s their job! All we have to do is to keep them in our prayers and take action like what we just did. Voice out our openion show them that we are American people who put them there and supporting them in every right.


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  9. Doh!, state the obvious, no one needed to read past the title of the article to figure out the details outlined within, all candidates running on te Communist party ticket realize they stand no chance of beating Trump fair and square and other than phony ballots, foreign enemies, no not the Russians or Chinese, foreign enemies as in illegal aliens, then you have the deceased, and family pets all registered to vote in multiple districts and states the only other means to avoid having to compete against him for the presidency is impeaching him and finding him guilty of all these bogus charges they are falsely accusing him of.

  10. Oh Yeah.. AOC is definitely a bright breath of fresh air.
    She destroyed a plan to bring 25,000 jobs to NYC because she doesn’t understand tax abatements for new business.
    She claimed that the unemployment rate is low because people have two jobs.
    She labels anyone who doesn’t agree with her as “racist,” including black conservatives.
    And now she admits that this impeachment sham in the House is only a way to stop Trump from being elected.
    Democrats toss around cliche phrases such as “Constitutional crisis,” Abuse of Power,” and “Emolument Clause violations, and it is clear they have no clue about the constitution.
    I suggest they read it, and the Federalist papers, which define the high crimes and misdemeanors by which a President can be removed from office.
    Bribery, according to John Jay, who wrote eight of the Federalist papers has nothing to do with a President asking a foreign government for help. It has to do with a President being bribed by a foreign power and therefore being compromised in running the country.
    The more these morons in congress speak in public about how our nation was formed, the more worried I get about whether our education system is teaching generations enough to carry on our republic.

  11. AOC is going to end up working in the room behind the bar or maybe even under it! What an ditz. How can voters even come close to buying anything she says! But we know democrats, they are either born stupid or they work on it their whole lives!

  12. She is hateful, and then she is Hateful………………Oh, did I say that twice. OK, she is also mean spirited and she’s Hateful! If she is that best the Democrat Party has, that Party is going down fast!

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