See Why Alabama Woman Married a Member of ISIS

A recent story coming out of a Federal courtroom leaves much bigger questions than the case of if this ISIS bride should be considered an American citizen. The answer to that question was an easy and obvious one, the other questions are considerably more difficult to answer, and even more concerning.

The case and the story surround Hoda Muthana, a 25-year-old Alabama woman who was also a former college student. According to the story, this case isn’t unheard of either as our story reported that “apparently, there are a lot of women who think being a member of the harem of an ISIS fighter is the stuff of a Harlequin novel.” (You can pick your jaw back up off the floor now).

We will get to that part of the story and what if any reasoning and rationale lie behind that kind of thinking momentarily because to quote our story again, “she soon found out otherwise.”

Sparing you all the gory details, and there are plenty, Muthana dropped out of college in 2014 then proceeded to use her tuition money for a plane ticket. Yeah, that is crazy but it isn’t all that odd for an impetuous young 20-something-year-old to do something well, crazy. What happens next is where it becomes a bit more difficult to explain away.

See, Muthana didn’t fly to Paris, or Italy or Rome – or even to some desert to find herself, but she did fly to a desert. Syria, in fact. Why you ask? You should sit down if you haven’t already figured it out but she left the United States to join a man in Syria, who was also a member of ISIS, with the intent of marrying him. And she did.

Hang on, because Muthana wasn’t even close to being done. Our story went on to share that “as ISIS collapsed she found time to marry two more jihadis, one of whom was killed in combat and the third she divorced, and give birth to a child. In January 2019, she surrendered to US troops in Syria and was turned over to local forces for imprisonment.”

It was about that time when Muthana also began singing the praises of America. Shocking, right? Now fast forward to the here and now where we began. The case mentioned at the onset was Muthana’s attempt to be recognized as a U.S. citizen. The term being used in this case is “repatriated” but regardless of the term, the answer from the Federal courts was “no.” Even more shocking, right?

This woman and her request to come back to the U.S. is beyond absurd, and it didn’t go without notice from President Trump either, who said via Twitter, “I have instructed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and he fully agrees, not to allow Hoda Muthana back into the Country!” No, there is no surprise here other than the fact that she even for a moment that we might accept her back. What she did, it wouldn’t be crazy to call treason, how’s that for crazy?

Now about the mindset, the reasoning, the logic behind a U.S. citizen, any U.S. citizen leaving the country to go to a barren, hateful, dangerous place to join an organization like ISIS? No, there is no reasoning, no rationale, not in any sane person’s mind that could justify, reason, or explain that.

Maybe, just maybe a person might leave to join a cause, a group of people fighting against some heinous oppression. This was ISIS she left for, however, and they were the heinous oppressors. They were the butchers and murderous cowards that took pride in their acts of terror.

Aside from the fact that we now must assume that she is either unstable, an anarchist, or an anti-American by all accounts she was a typical young college student living in the heart of the South. A part of the country that is unmistakably patriotic. In any case, good riddance. Why would someone marry a member of a terrorist group (we won’t even discuss the other two “known” marriages!), or any terrorist group?

The answer is we don’t know, but if the story was right and this is more common than we know, if this is some kind of “thing”… then all we can say is, Lord, help us all.

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