Dept. of Homeland Security is Going on the Defense

The border issues may have been left out of the news because of the dumb Democrats trying to push impeachment, but it does not mean that all the issues have disappeared. The awesome deal that President Trump made with Mexico has certainly made a difference with the number of migrants that were trying to press their way into the country. Instead of being released into the country to wait for their trial they were being held at the border while they waited. Critics are constantly attacking the deal and making claims that are just not true.

The Migrant Protection Protocols are as one has stated “one of the most effective tools the United States has to address the crisis at the southwest border. The Government of Mexico has publicly stated on multiple occasions that they will provide humanitarian and security protections to aliens who are part of MPP.” This is good news as skeptics continue to bash and trash President Trump’s solution to the border issues.

Mexico certainly has lived up to the fair deal that they signed with President Trump as one official has said “The Government of Mexico has provided shelter and other support for those in MPP. However, many MPP migrants are choosing not to avail themselves of these offers. MPP migrants should seek out government or NGO-run shelters and avoid informal ‘camps’ near the border.”

People cannot be forced to do what is best for them. If they choose to settle in an unsafe camp, that is their choice. It is not the fault of DHS or the Mexican government. It is the fault of the people that are trying to engage in illegal activity for money. These sick people that are loved by the Democrats tell migrants that they will be placed in a secure place for money. But when they arrive they find that they are now the prisoners of some gang lord or drug pushing freak. There will always be people that prey on the weak for money. The Democrats are the perfect example of the predator preying on the weak.

President Trump’s enemies claim that the deal is not working and that the migrants are still being mistreated. But facts do not lie as one person with DHS has shown that “These aliens illegally transited multiple countries to reach the U.S. border, and have not chosen to avail themselves of other opportunities for relief in the region, including in Mexico—which is partnering with (The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and has a recognized asylum reception capacity. These aliens chose to traverse this particular area of Mexico and were returned to the same area they were apprehended.”

Migrants have to appear at their court dates when they are held at the border. Before this awesome change, migrants were allowed into the country, and they were never seen again. Many of them would never appear for their court dates. The deal is working because it weeds out the ones that are not serious about coming to America for true reasons. Some migrants that are trying to enter illegally and for the wrong reasons are just giving up and returning home.

The poor criminal souls are just not getting what they want out of a merciful nation. To help them go home the DHS official stated that “The International Organization for Migration is providing for free trips home for aliens in Mexico who wish to return to their home countries, including those in MPP.” There is a lot of help for people seeking to escape tyranny. This help is coming from the Trump Administration and only seeks to make the lives of people better.

Reports are now showing that the deal is so effective that the number of migrants has gone down 64 percent. This is a huge victory for the president. It is also a big relief to the agents working at the border as they can now focus on doing their job with being overworked. They can now focus on patrolling the border instead of simply maintaining it.

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