Supreme Court Stops Trump’s Records from Going Public

For the past three years to devilish Democrats have been trying to weasel their way into the private life of President Trump. They have tried just about every option that they can think of to obtain the private tax returns of the president. And each time they have been blocked or a shutdown by the White House. The time the Democrats tried to get came at the request of state-level governments that are controlled by liberals. There was a secret attempt by the Democrats to obtain the returns by changing laws where the president has his businesses. But each time they failed. And now the Supreme Court has gotten involved and put a stop to the witch hunt for the time being.

A lower court ruled that the president had to hand over the returns to the House Democrats. The Democrats have been misusing the courts hoping to have one of their liberal judges rule in their favor. But the ultimate court of the land is standing in their way. This has to be maddening to the sick Democrats. They are so close to what they want they can just taste it. But like everything else that they want they are finding it all slip away because they are involved in illegal activity witch-hunting the president.

John Roberts has not stated if he will hear the appeal or not. The movie just stops all activity on the matter until the Court decides to move on the issue. There is more behind the court case than most people understanding. The Democrats believe that they should be able to control the White House and make decisions that would limit its power. Since 2018, the House has been acting like they are the strongest part of the government and can move without the support of the other branches. But they are going to find out the hard way that they must act within their assigned role constitutionally.

The battle between both branches continues and the president is making headway at keeping his private life as his own. The House has no legal reason to see those returns. They only want them, so they can find more to try to destroy President Trump before the 2020 election. For the last three years, they have been trying to get rid of him. It is more evident than ever before that their mission has been to do so for the past three years.

The liberal lower court decided to sell its soul to the devilish Democrats and let the returns be subpoenaed from Mazars LLP. This sad court has no sense of doing what is right except what motivates them politically. It no longer acts as a court but as a Democratic powerhouse that has as its goal to force people to do what the Democrats want them to do.

The President’s lawyers are working hard to keep the wrong thing from happening. They have requested a delay in the judgment with little success. But now that the higher Court is involved, the lower court must bow to its power. The Supreme Court as a conservative majority by one vote in the Supreme Court. A vote by Court would keep the returns from being revealed to the nosy Democrats. President Trump and his lawyer team have had to ask the Court on more than one occasion to protect him from the illegal actions of the Democrats.

President Trump has also requested that the Supreme Court ruling on a stat federal appeals court ruling stating the same things. It is evident to every single person that the Democrats are trying different routes to get what they want. This shows the evilness that floods the hearts of the Democrats and their hatred for people that do not agree with them or stand in their way. The Democrats are claiming that President Trump has not complied with all the laws that he must disclose all of his assets. They are trying to act like his daddy making sure that he is paying his bills on time. The House Democrats are stupid, and they are trying to get things that do not belong to them.

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