Supreme Court Stops Trump’s Records from Going Public

For the past three years to devilish Democrats have been trying to weasel their way into the private life of President Trump. They have tried just about every option that they can think of to obtain the private tax returns of the president. And each time they have been blocked or a shutdown by the White House. The time the Democrats tried to get came at the request of state-level governments that are controlled by liberals. There was a secret attempt by the Democrats to obtain the returns by changing laws where the president has his businesses. But each time they failed. And now the Supreme Court has gotten involved and put a stop to the witch hunt for the time being.

A lower court ruled that the president had to hand over the returns to the House Democrats. The Democrats have been misusing the courts hoping to have one of their liberal judges rule in their favor. But the ultimate court of the land is standing in their way. This has to be maddening to the sick Democrats. They are so close to what they want they can just taste it. But like everything else that they want they are finding it all slip away because they are involved in illegal activity witch-hunting the president.

John Roberts has not stated if he will hear the appeal or not. The movie just stops all activity on the matter until the Court decides to move on the issue. There is more behind the court case than most people understanding. The Democrats believe that they should be able to control the White House and make decisions that would limit its power. Since 2018, the House has been acting like they are the strongest part of the government and can move without the support of the other branches. But they are going to find out the hard way that they must act within their assigned role constitutionally.

The battle between both branches continues and the president is making headway at keeping his private life as his own. The House has no legal reason to see those returns. They only want them, so they can find more to try to destroy President Trump before the 2020 election. For the last three years, they have been trying to get rid of him. It is more evident than ever before that their mission has been to do so for the past three years.

The liberal lower court decided to sell its soul to the devilish Democrats and let the returns be subpoenaed from Mazars LLP. This sad court has no sense of doing what is right except what motivates them politically. It no longer acts as a court but as a Democratic powerhouse that has as its goal to force people to do what the Democrats want them to do.

The President’s lawyers are working hard to keep the wrong thing from happening. They have requested a delay in the judgment with little success. But now that the higher Court is involved, the lower court must bow to its power. The Supreme Court as a conservative majority by one vote in the Supreme Court. A vote by Court would keep the returns from being revealed to the nosy Democrats. President Trump and his lawyer team have had to ask the Court on more than one occasion to protect him from the illegal actions of the Democrats.

President Trump has also requested that the Supreme Court ruling on a stat federal appeals court ruling stating the same things. It is evident to every single person that the Democrats are trying different routes to get what they want. This shows the evilness that floods the hearts of the Democrats and their hatred for people that do not agree with them or stand in their way. The Democrats are claiming that President Trump has not complied with all the laws that he must disclose all of his assets. They are trying to act like his daddy making sure that he is paying his bills on time. The House Democrats are stupid, and they are trying to get things that do not belong to them.

184 thoughts on “Supreme Court Stops Trump’s Records from Going Public”

  1. hey you stupid dems, lets see odumbos college records that were sealed. Why would that be? because he was a foreign exchange student. HUMMMMMMMM?

      1. It has been mentioned many time, by people from HAWAI, that their is NO real evidence, that Obama was born in HAWAI.

        We all know that he was a Muslin and did go to a muslin school in Africa, and that he always condemned the Christians and Jewish faiths.

        Thank God, he sent us our Historic President Trump, who will win win win in 2020 again.

      2. His mother who worked in the Social Security offices in Hawaii stole the social security number from a man that died in Hawaii, born in Connecticut with a Connecticut Social Security Number which Obama currently uses. Obama never set foot in Connecticut to obtain such a number, much less born in that state.

        Take that one to the bank friends!!

        1. Obamanation was also the one that changed the way the SS# are given. My youngest granddaughter’s number is from the east coast, she was born west coast. My other three grandkids’ numbers start with either 5 or 6, where the youngest’s starts with 0. What was he trying to hide?

          1. Your question is too easy. He was trying to hide the fact that he was not qualified to hold the office of President of the US. And the reason that he had to seal his records is that if he applied as a foreign student for college grants, he committed a Federal felony that would have made him not qualified to run. We know he committed a State Felony in Illinois when he lied ( by omission ) on his bar application.

      3. The muslim president that the demoRATS foisted off on the American citizens was not born in Kenya. At the time he was born, that nation did not even exist. That area of Africa was called British East Africa. The bastard even lied about where his father was from at the time of his birth, but after all stalling couldn’t even get the fake birth certificate right and put the name of a hospital that didn’t exist as the place he was born.


      1. For a pot smoking coke head that rarely attended class the bar was as low as it gets to enter Occidental as a foreign exchange student with an Indonesian passport designating Muslim as his religion.

      2. The way he got in as president was through a pack of lies and cover ups by the demoRATS and the fake news media, that should be renamed the liberal mouth piece as the is no real news reported by any of the networks.

    1. Wake up , Obama was put in power by George Soros ,just like the attacks on our president . Donald J. Trump , and behind the crocked lying she Devil , Hillary R. Clinton of getting in power of our country , and his money power has been failing George Soros ever since Hillary R. Clinton lost in her race to the white house , and when the working people in our country are seeing and hearing of all those in power of the highest place of government , has all the markings of the Satan George Soros , who gotten all his knowledge with the help of his evil father ,who knew how to forge his last name from Schwartz to Soros , which was done so good , that it even fooled Adolf Hitler’s Gestapo’s and police , which helped put him on his path to wealth ,to where he is heard of today , with his wealth of power that was taking over our great powerful country , with those who work within the government that hold the highest jobs with the highest security within the government , which has the makings or markings of George Soros name on all of it, that been going on for many decades from the past , to see where George Soros and his blood wealth is being used within the government , and using their best weapon in ways of keeping the working people in our country blind an stupid , in many ways , of what one reads to the things one has to see those from the news media giving out their news , for which our President may have known of as fake news , even before Donald J. Trump became our president . to what we are seeing and hearing of today .with every little let up.

  2. Just what gives the dems the right to even think they have the right to know everything about Trump. Why can’t they just MAN UP and realize obama was a huge failure. Trump has brought the U.S. back into respectability and the leader of the World. obama never had the know how to do any of that.

    1. Historic President Trump, the most Honest, Transparent, Truthful and Greatest President in my life time.
      President Trump, has achieved, accomplished and continues to be Successful for America and the American People AND in 3 Years has made America the Greatest and Richest Country in the World.
      The DemoRATS and all involved , will soon be exposed for their Criminal Crimes and Lies, once the Attorney General, William Barr and Durham’s Reports are released shortly.



      1. You hit the nail on the head! I am a Democrat but became a born again. God opened my eyes to see the evils of this world and the Democratic party. What can be more transparent then this blanket of corruption? Who would ever think that good people will go aliong and support this? God does see. The punishment will be harsh.

      2. Yea . and I for one hope our president has our young men and women in uniform ready with loaded weapons , to capture all the lying traitors from those no longer in power to all those still in power , along with those that been giving us misleading and fake news , as those types of people within the news media , are just as guilty as those types of people that run the government ,and all need to be given a well deserved send off ,in military style ,and a military firing squad.

      3. I hope you’re right about the rats being exposed, but this country elected Bill Clinton twice and Barry Obama twice, so I have serious doubts about the voting public’s ability to discern good from evil.

    2. Obama was too busy for ‘apologizing’ to other countries, that would have been destroyed by the Germans, or the Japanese, if America, & England, & Australia hadn’t entered the war. Trump is proving that the Dimocrats are pure evil, & there are a LOT of people leaving the party. And, I’d like to knock Nancy Pelosi, & Adam Schiff into the middle of next week. I don’t know if they have enough votes to impeach the President or not, but they need at LEAST 20 Republicans to vote for impeachment. A 2/3 majority has to approve it. I don’t know how he’s still standing with all they’ve tried to do to him. I wish God would zap them! There is NOTHING in the Constitution that says anybody has to show their tax returns to be President.

    3. Marilyn, The only thing Obama Bin lying knew what to do with Foreign Nations, especially Middle East MUSLIME Countries was to kneel down and kiss their A$$’s because of him being a MUSLIME, and their are pretty many pictures of The FAKE MUSLIME President doing just that (MORE BUT NOT LESS)…


  3. Lets See all politicians tax returns .Pelosi son and Biden’s son should produce theirs too.Wan to use mommy or daddy for a job then produce your tax returns😈

  4. I can hardly believeit!!!! The “dumbs” didn’t get away with something. So far (the last 3 years anyway) they have gotten away with everything–ALL dicisions went their way –“illegal” immoral or ANY decisions they got their way lolololololol

  5. NO! That is wrong. The supreme court stopped this Adam Schiff show of clowns Circus that was designed to make President Trump look bad in the eyes of the American Voters by way of a Political Coup against President Trump. All of these Democrat Politicians are guilty of High Treason and should be shipped off to Diego Garcia and GITMO for the Military Tribunals.

    1. shipped off to a 10,000 foot ramp dump out of a military cargo plane over the middle of the Pacific without parachutes, and all having a bleeding wound to attract sharks … cut a fingernail too close, rip a hangnail, nothing major but that’s all it takes for them to smell the blood for miles around


  6. Ever since he came down the escalator in Trump Tower, he has been under relentless attack by the left. He defied all odds and (literally by the Grace of God) was elected President. This infuriated the left (which by now is aligned with Satan) and the attack became all out War. A Non-Shooting Civil War was the result. A war in which only one side was fighting (so far). Now they are trying to use “impeachment” as a way of preventing him from winning in 2020 (which they know will be a landslide victory). The only question is how long will the true patriots in this country allow this to go on? Will they finally get of their collective asses and do something about it , or will they become passive sheep and allow the freedom and the country (for which so many patriots have died since 1776 ) fade into history?

  7. The violations that have been committed are numerous, including payoffs claimed as legal bills plus a myriad of others, If there is nothing there , then there is nothing to worry about. Don’t you ever consider why he blocks all testimony. If they would support the WH’s position or claims, it would be running them out, as fast as he could. TV interviews are not the same as testimony “under oath”. Amb. Sondland amended his statements, since lying under oath is a jailable offense and a man that could “buy” the position wasn’t going to go to jail for lying for this WH.

    1. If by violations you mean letting blacks turn turn white voters away from polls with clubs, inciting riots in Ferguson, Mo., smuggling guns into Mexico that come back across the border and used to kill US Border Patrolmen, looking the other way on voter fraud, perpetrating voter fraud during the 2012 presidential elections, refusing to investigate the meeting of Bill
      Clinton and the Obama AG during the Investigation of Hillary, corrupting the FBI and the CIA, refusing to protect or aid the Americans in Benghazi, Suborning perjury during the scam impeachment hearings, then yes the democRATs that have done all these things should jailed. As for buying, Soros has bought and paid for the whole democRAT party, or should I say the communist party of the liberal left. Anyone that can’t see this is either a treasonous ass or so stupid they need a keeper.

  8. I guess the Supreme Court does have control over things. I found this sentence very interesting: “A lower court ruled that the president had to hand over the returns to the House Democrats. The Democrats have been misusing the courts hoping to have one of their liberal judges rule in their favor. But the ultimate court of the land is standing in their way.” So, does this mean that Liberal judges are more flexible with laws? If so, how and why? Doesn’t the Supreme Court follow the Constitution and Laws of the State? Guess I’ll have to read my 2″ book on the Constitution to find the answer? ALSO, I am having a very hard time understanding why some court has not stopped pelosi???? Doesn’t seem to me that she is skipping over the rules/Constitution/way to run an impeachment, to suit her purpose, and more. Does not make sense that there is nothing in our Constitution that has power over someone like her who has been out of control for 3 years!


  9. The President is doing a hell of a job ,and now more than ever he needs our support…..The republicans that have stepped up to help the president should also be commended . My question is to all the other republicans grow some cajones and help your president by applying pressure to your democrat friends to do the right thing….If all the republicans pull together they can put a stop to all the nonsense…..Pelosi, and her flunkies are crazy they don’t care about any body but themselves…I watched all the impeachment hearings .IT WAS A JOKE AND A DANGEROUS ATTEMPT TO OVER THROW A DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT. The dems will continue the fiasco they have no choice now but to impeach to save face.Then they will blame the senate republicans for not impeaching…… The Clinton Cartel and the Obama socialist machine must be stopped…..

  10. This is all great and comments supporting Trump and right vs obvious democrat wrongs are great too. BUT….I WILL BET ALL MY WEALTH there will be mass voter fraud in 2020. And NOTHING WAS DONE in midterms was there. We all saw voter fraud in many places in the country and NOTHING was done about it.

    1. I fear you may be correct Wayne. The problem with voter fraud is that it’s so easy to do in so many ways and so difficult to detect. It may not be hard to spot when 110 percent of the eligible voters in a district have voted for one candidate while zero have voted for his rival, but in other cases where tens of thousands (or millions) of non-citizens have voted in a state that issues drivers licenses (defacto citizenship credentials) to illegal aliens you can’t tell who’s who. In 2020, the Democrats will also have the major social media companies on their side where internet searches result in findings favoring the Dems. A lot can go sideways in 2020.

  11. The citizens of are country Democrats and Republicans should be standing with Trump in every way, for how can any voter not stand with Trump for he has kept most all his promises and is still fighting to to get a lot more of his promises done, he has brought a lot of jobs back into are country, has created a great many jobs, he has gotten a great many off of welfare, he has given us tax cuts and wants to give us more tax cuts, he has been fighting for us to get the border secured and to get the wall built, and fighting for us to get all the loop holes fixed in are immigration laws and has been fighting to get the AMC deal passed for over a year now that the Democrats refuse to pass because it gives Trump a win win that is a great deal for America, Mexico, and Canada!!!! Lets face it is the Democrats and the media that have called Trump a liar, a racist, and corrupt, and unfit to be a president and yet it is Trump that has brought back are economy and a record high stock market, and has given those with 401’s great growth for us all!!! How in the name of God can anyone deny that Trump is a patriot that really loves are country, for he has fought for everyone no matter what color or race one is and he has shown it and has done it and you can not say the same thing for these corrupt Democrats we have today in are government!!! We the citizens all must know that the ideology of the Democrats is sick and perverted, and that these Democrats are the ones that don’t give a damn for are constitution and the rule of law, yet they have the nerve to talk about are constitution should be upheld and how nobody is above the law but yet they break are laws every chance they get!!! They have encouraged the attack on free speech, they have broken federal laws, and have passed unconstitutional policies in their states and cities that are the breaking of federal laws, they have passed outrageous taxes every chance they get either they raise old taxes or invent new taxes!!! Every Democratic run state and city is broke and has become cesspools for crime and out of control murders and drug use, the biggest federal laws that they have committed is the making there states and cities sanctuaries!!! The Democrats are the do nothings in are country!!!! Wake up citizens before it is too late!!!

      1. Let’s face it, you are the odd man out. You seriously think that everybody here is smoking something? You, my dear, are the one on something, and I can tell you it is not marijuana. Try to think logically for a change. Just the shear unlawful way the impeachment proceedings are being handled should tell you something. I mean, how can anybody say that this is a perfectly fine way to conduct a judicial proceeding? Put yourself in Trump’s shoes. Would you be okay if you went to court and were treated like you were in a third world country where the finding of innocence or guilt was already predetermined and witnesses with obvious biases were the only ones allowed to be called? If you say yes, you’re lying. Please do some research and see that this is actually a true witch hunt.

  12. The Supreme Court judges know what Dems have been trying to do and for what reasons. Changing existing laws just for the sole reason to be able to get Trumps records is corrupt in itself. California which is full of these Dems and Newsome is one of the worse. Even while he is running California into the ground, causing thousands to pack up and move out of state, this moron is making laws to prevent Trump from running on Californias ballot unless he shows his last five years of taxes. California is burning up from wildfires thanks to liberal laws preventing dead trees from being cut down but Newsome is doing things like this, and at the same time crying to Trump for money for relief from the damages caused by the fires. How much more are the people of California going to take before they do the easy thing and vote these morons out.

    1. I think it’s telling that Newsome was the mayor of San Francisco before he became the governor of California. There is a pattern there.

  13. In the first year of President Trump, he cancelled some 32 Obama laws to each one he passed , and the second year some 22. Donald Trump in his lifetime before the presidency was a builder of high rise hotels around much of the world. He likely exceeded the three Egyptian woman Pharaohs who built so much during their reigns. Like the Egyptian Pharaoh , Trump has gilded inside of his three top stories in the Trump Tower , plus the inside of his private jet airliner … with 24K gold.

    I won’t say that he is a reincarnated Egyptian Pharaoh , for he is the President of a much larger and more powerful country than Egypt. President Trump has become the most powerful leader of any country on Earth. No its not Nancy Pelosi, she may think so, however she appears to be a misguided older lady who has become among the most wealthy woman in the world on the government time clock !

  14. What is Pres. Trump’s PERSONAL BUSINESS should STAY His Personal Business ! Besides, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts said, There is NO REASON that House Intel. Committee should have RECORDS, it serves NO LEGISLATIVE Purpose ! THAT is what CONGRESS Needs to do and are NOT, Because The DEMO “CRAPS” HATE President w/ a ZEAL that Borders on BOTH OBSESSIVE & MANIACAL ! I By The American Citizens. That’s why The Demo”CRAPS” want let The “MIGrANTS IN, They are EASILY PERSUADED and will Be BRIBED/ Incentivized to Vote DEMOCRATIC.

    THE “NEW WORLD ORDER” & DEMONIC Forces Behind it, to DESTROY President Trump, The United States, and the CHRISTIAN GOSPEL that goes & HAS gone Forth from These Shores for 200+ Years, Thru Printed Material RADIO, TELEVISION and Thru The Internet !

  15. It is many a sad year since my eyes have been so brutalised by such a complete abomination and wilful destruction of the English language as we may all attempt to read above.

    Why is it that so many otherwise seemingly well-intentioned commenters feel free to totally ignore all the established fundamentals of communicating in what was supposed to be a commonly held and understood language ?

    My sincerest best regards to your excellent President Donald Trump – there can be no doubt whatsoever from the viewpoint of “The Rest of the World” that he will be regarded historically as one of, if not The Greatest Presidents of the United States of America EVER.

    God bless America.

  16. The arbiter of the “income tax law” is the Internal Revenue Service. They have ALREADY reviewed, requested additional data (if required) and FINALLY accepted the President’s tax returns. These returns were undoubtedly prepared by experienced tax lawyers and signed by (then civilian) Trump. I can see no (UNPREJUDICED) reason to place the President in jeopardy a second time from a HIGHLY BIASED political group whose ONLY GOAL is to harass the President. IF THEY HAVE A SPECIFIC CRIME IN MIND, the court can have an UNBIASED THIRD PARTY REVIEW THE RETURNS “FOR THIS CRIME”. Otherwise this is merely a fishing expedition.

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