Harris Pushing Fake Pay Gap News

For some reason, the Democrats want to continue to promote that women are not as equal as men. For decades, they have promoted the idea that men earn way more than women do and that is just not the case. The Democrats are trying to get women to believe that they care about them. They want them to believe that there is still an enormous pay gap between men and women. These are all lies. The only true thing is the Democrats are hoping that women are not that bright and fall for their lies.

The Democrats need votes and the only way they can get them is to get people to believe certain lies. Women make a lot of money. In many cases, they are outperforming their male counterparts. Merit is based on skill and job proficiency. In the real world, it is not based on the sex of the person. The general lies of the Democratic party would have the world believe that the women are paid noting while the white man gets everything.

The statistics that the Democrats are using are not even factual as they are based on what they want people to believe. They complain that women have a low hand, but they have the upper hand as they are driven to succeed. Kamala Harris would have everyone believe just the opposite. Her policies for women pay would put men under the minimum wage. In her twisted mind, there is a gender pay gap that only she can see.

Harris spouted off and said the following facts but missed the proper meaning “The reality also is that women are not paid equally for equal work in America. We passed the Equal Pay Act in 1963. Fast forward to the year of our lord 2019, and women are paid 80 cents on the dollar, black women, 61 cents, Native American 58 cents, Latinos 53 cents.” What Harris does not understand is that the pay gap is due largely in part to the type of jobs that people prefer to have. Everyone has a choice with to do with their lives. It is just that many minorities choose the path of life that is easy for them to manage.

Oppression in the Democrats mind throws out factors like job positions and titles. There are a lot of factors that contribute to pay structure and gender is just not one of them. The lying Democrats push oppression on people to keep them there. They push it on for the vote. And when they have the vote they step on the person that voted for them. Harris would continue to lie “So my policy is about, there’s a whole collection of work that I am doing that is focused on women and working women in America and the inequities and therefore the injustice that women in America are facing that needs to be resolved and addressed.”

Harris wants to penalize companies that engage in this type of illegal activity. She would also like to see major companies certified under the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission. She should read more than most companies in the United States already subscribe to the EEOC mandates. They hang their posters where they are visible. The people that cry oppression are the greedy Democrats and their drugged-out followers that wake up sober and wonder why their pay is so low. It is because they did not work for the week.

She has said that she would have the companies prove their compliance. She stated, “To the extent pay disparities do exist for similar jobs, companies will be required to show the gap is based on merit, performance, or seniority–not gender.” Harris lives in a fake world where she sees only the things that she wants to see. The entire country already is living fair. She is just too blind to see it. People know that their pay is fair. If they do not like what they are earning, they can certainly gain more experience or find other higher-paying employment.

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