Dems Go Off the Deep End and Flood the Subway on Purpose

The loony liberals and the Democrats have renamed the decade’s old issue of climate change for years. At one point it was called global warming, ozone decay and now climate change. The crazy people behind the idea have led billions of people to believe that the world is going to end soon. They have even set dates of when the world would end only to have them come and pass. There is no doubt that climate changes happen from year to year. The issue comes down to the cause of the change.

The Democrats would love to have everyone believe that the issue is caused by mankind. They promote that people around the world have been producing gases that are destroying the world. So they seek to control industry and growth in the economic world. Many Democrats have worked hard to put regulations in place that are designed to strangle industry and several limits what people can do with business ideas.

The sad part about the fake issues of climate changed is that some officials have fallen into the trap that mankind is the reason for climate change. The city of New York is one of those stupid cities where the dumb liberals and Democrats have taken control. The city leaders ordered that the Brooklyn subway should be flooded to test out its new flood gate to see if it will hold up against climate-related issues. They intentionally flooded the subway to prove that they are ready for climate change.

This issue goes back to the one storm that flooded the subway. The city has spent tons of money on one fix that may never be used again. There has not been an issue since one storm struck the city years and years ago. Like all the stupid Democrats New York officials have jumped off the deep end and reacted to a freak event in their history. The flooding of the subway caused a lot of trouble for the people.

One commuter demanded an explanation for the flooding of the subway. They stated, “MTA explain yourself.” In a stupid response, the city officials posted back that “We’re pivoting to submarines.” The Democrats cannot even treat people with respect and seriously answer questions.

In a better response the city went on to say that “But actually, we were testing a new ‘flex gate,’ which is a flood barrier that would allow us to seal off a subway entrance. We ‘test flood’ the entrance for four hours to make sure it was installed correctly, which it was! We’re doing this because climate change is real.” The stupid city liberals have taken the moment to flood its transportation areas to promote something that does not exist.

One commuter stated that “I can’t believe the MTA plans to waste more money on these ideas. MTA assumes the flooding will occur through the station entrance ONLY and not the millions of cracks, storm drains and the proven ‘waterfalls’ in the middle of the tracks… why don’t you spend the money on drainage?” They are right in that the entire system is full of holes that needed to be sealed. There is more than one entrance to the subway. The liberals could learn a lot from this as they are obviously more familiar with the issues of the system than the experts are.

City officials fired back and stated that “Sandy did billions of dollars of damage (literally) so we’re not taking any chances for the next one. These devices are to prevent impacts from storm surge, not the kind of flooding we see during heavy rains. We’re also protecting thousands of sidewalk vents (literally).” But the issue is that they did not consider the scope of how the flooding occurred. They have to deal with every conceivable entry point that water can use to get into the system. Which is nearly impossible. It would be better to develop devices to manage to flood once the event has passed. But that kind of thinking is well beyond what any liberal can manage.

22 thoughts on “Dems Go Off the Deep End and Flood the Subway on Purpose”

      1. These libs are being used by the corporate globalists to try and shut the entire planet down, so the corporate gobalists can get a firmer handle/control on the earth’s resources and all its people.

        Back in the old days we called it communism…now its know as the hump back of Vermont’s socialism!!

        My family has roots in the USSR. Everything was cheap there too……if you could find it!!

        Wake up folks, do NOT be so naive!!

  1. The New York City transit authority is run by the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which spends millions of dollars a year supposedly upgrading and improving the system, only to have hired contractors doing something wrong that causes them to tear it apart and start over, costing them and the taxpayers millions more. As always it starts by finally fixing what’s wrong at the top,making the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority answer for the wasteful way they have run things for years and finally get positive results for the riding public.

  2. I’ve got an idea. If all of the democrats and climate change people committed suicide (late term abortion) then that would end a lot of CO2 emissions, there would not be people flying around the world (causing more emissions) tell people that we are causing climate change. The rest of the world could go on to live our lives until God decides to end the world.

    1. Liberals always come up with more ways to make Americans waste money. Everything Obama did was designed to weaken the country. What they want is the people to come to the conclusion that the only way to survive is socialism. The liberals have convinced many of our younger folks this is the best way for the US to go. This is the end goal. To leave the people with no other choice but to say yes. We can thank ultra liberal college professors for “teaching” one fallacy after another. What do liberals do besides weaken the inner structure of the United States? Nothing. That’s why they hate President Trump. He’s not on their team. That’s why they loved Obama. A Democrat who systematically made everything worse. Climate change is a hoax.

  3. Loony right pulling its own facts out of nowhere. Aside from the overwhelming scientific community warning of climate change with big consequences, what about (1) the insurance approach by which we have the sense to “insure” against even smallish risks by doing something about it in advance (you buy fire insurance on for your house though very small risk of burning down in any one year and even small chance over 40 or so years; and (2) asteroid-like scenario where because the asteroid that is shown to be on course to collide with earth in say 5 years certainly is not man-made, does that mean that we cannot and do not do anything about it (altering its course or blowing it up)?

    Stop deflecting like an ass to the base that will believe anything that fits its biases; and start acting like a responsible citizen who has access to media that few have

    1. John, I’ll take some insurance out on you. With the small chance that AOC will want to kill everyone for farting. Just like the cows. If you read Revelations, you would see that GOD is in control. I will never rely on man. This stupid stuff started with idiot All Gore. The biggest idiot of the world. Anyone that follows him is off their rocker. I will never believe mans theory no matter what people like you say. I rely on GODS WORDS.

  4. I remember in the mid-90’s when the management of the DuPage, Illinois Airport made a rule that new airplane hangars must be built or retrofitted to withstand 80 MPH winds. My fellow pilots bitched and moaned a blue streak. “We NEVER have 80MPH winds! This is ABSURD!!!” they all cried.

    Now the area usually gets 80 MPH winds or stronger several times per year.

    Good thing there’s no climate change that we shouldn’t prepare for.

    1. There is no such thing as global warming, climate change, call it what you will; mankind can’t damage the world that much. Beach erosion is natural, caused by tidal action; the reverse is true for the filling of harbors with sediment. These are natural occurrences that inconvenience man. If you want a cause for the change in our weather patterns, look at the Japan earthquake of 2005; that quake was strong enough to shift the world on its axis. That shift is what changed the weather, not farting cows or humanity spouting its hot air.

    2. Jennifer So you are saying that now we need a wind tax so we can combat the wind currents that have changed because of the so called climate change,do liberals think that mankind is super duper man who can change the course of mighty rivers and leap high building in a single bound,the climate has been changing sense creation,weather patterns shift,some regions dry out and others become wetter,there is nothing unusual about climate change,the Sahara desert used to be like much of Africa,but now its a sand pile and hot,but Africa being in the tropics has always been hot so nothing new there,mankind will adapt as he must to what ever takes place,the climate is controlled by forces that are far beyond our ability to control,weather is generated by the fact that the earth goes around the sun in an elliptical orbit not a perfect circle,thus we have seasons or climate change ETC.get it.

  5. well you have to give it to these idiots they thing they are good for is a laugh. maybe they should put that idiot governor of in the new york and the other idiot mayor and the rest of the demos and libturds in the subway when they flood it and see if they can swim or drown like the rats that they are.

  6. The truth is, NY City has found a way to clean the streets properly, because these illegals and foreigners are very dirty, and have diseases that must be washed and killed. Fifty percent of this Democrat rat city is foreign populated. Lets send the stupid back to their homelands so they can drive their Taxi’s there and give Americans their jobs back !

  7. There is a misunderstanding. There are no longer democrats ruling New York but communists. They traditionally lie and cheat to prove their point even when wrong and if you do not finally believe all their swill you will be arrested for some fake reason and sent for re education or disappear in the old Stalin fashion.
    I no longer do any business or have any investments in California or New York and seriously think everyone should consider it.

  8. You know they’re also wasting federal tax dollars on these subways. It’s pretty nice living in states that get so much federal subsidies for transportation, while the rest of the country foots the bill through FIT. No great wonder people are leaving high taxation states and moving to states with low or no income taxes.

  9. Excuse me but I believe this old news as in when AO-C was encouraging the crazies to jump the subway rails and resist arrest for doing so.

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