Kayne West Has Atheists Reaching for the Antacid

The transformation of Kayne West from bad-boy rapper to musical Christian evangelist is one of the more interesting, and on one level, inspiring cultural developments of our time. To be sure, the new Kayne is not to everyone’s taste. NBC News is pretty sure that Kayne’s conversion, with a hit Christian rap album entitled “Jesus is King” and a new opera called “Nebuchadnezzar”, is a publicity stunt that is more about Kayne than it is about the Lord.

“Once upon a time, I used to believe in a certain version of Kanye West — the man who condemned then-President George W. Bush for not caring enough about Black people during Hurricane Katrina, or the straight Black man willing to speak out against homophobia in hip-hop — but no longer. His narcissism, his self-loathing and his politics have been on full display long enough for me to know that I don’t need to attend Sunday Service or subject myself to a “Jesus Is King” listening session. West’s latest shtick is clearly nothing more than him showing us a Black Pat Robertson in a dumb red hat with a beat machine, with pretensions of being gospel star Kirk Franklin.”

Kayne’s performances at Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Houston also caused some people to raise their eyebrows. Osteen’s brand of “prosperity Christianity,” which preaches that God wants us to be rich, is not to everyone’s taste. However, not mentioned in most media accounts, is the fact that Osteen’s church is one of the least segregated in the world, attracting both whites and blacks to Sunday service at the Lakewood Church, a venue that used to be the Summit where rock concerts with a lot of unchristian behavior occurring with the music.

The fact that Kayne has transformed from George W. Bush’s most fierce critic to Donald Trump’s best friend has people reaching for the antacid.

It was only a matter of time before Kayne, the hip hop evangelist, managed to annoy the atheists.

Around the same time he was packing them in at the Lakewood Church, Kayne paid an unannounced visit to the Harris County Jail. Hot Air described what followed. “An interesting part of the story of Kanye’s trip to Houston that weekend is his unannounced visit to the Harris County Jail. He performed two shows, with a choir – one for men inmates and one for women inmates. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez was excited to welcome him.”

Most readers might imagine that the denizens of the Harris County Jail could benefit from a visit from one of the world’s most popular musicians delivering a message from the Gospels as only he could. However, the notable exception to this goodwill would be a group calling itself the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation is a group of atheist scolds who search out instances in which the government gets too cozy with religion and then swoops down with complaints and the occasional lawsuit with the zeal of the Spanish Inquisition ferreting out heresy. Sheriff Gonzalez was very fulsome in his praise of Kayne, describing on twitter his appearance in his jail as more of a church service than a concert. This description was too much for the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

In essence, the FFRF regards Kayne’s performances as a violation of the First Amendment, which it says mandates a separation between Church and State. The principle has been used by meddlesome atheists as far back as when Madelyn Murray O’Hare acquired a Supreme Court ruling prohibiting prayer in public schools in the early sixties.

On the other hand, prison ministries have been operating for decades unmolested by the courts. Kayne’s shows could be seen as one of those on an epic, musical scale. Attendance was not mandatory and no one inside the Harris County Jail was heard to complain. Some were moved to tears. The idea is that the more convicts turn their lives over to the Lord, the fewer who are likely to re-offend once they get out of jail. Religion thus serves a secular purpose.

A spokesperson for the First Liberty Institute, the organization that successfully mounted the defense of the WWI Peace Cross Memorial in the courts, said it most eloquently. “If every sheriff in America invited Kanye West to visit their jails, we might have less need for jails.”


25 thoughts on “Kayne West Has Atheists Reaching for the Antacid”

  1. I’m no Kanye West fan, but President Trump does things that benefit the country. He speaks of God, Christmas, a growing economy, displays an optimism for the future and American values. This is in direct conflict with the socialist goals set by Sanders, Obama, AOC, Warren, and the rest of the criminal All Star team. If Hillary Clinton was President there would be illegal money changing hands everyday. Imagine how many dirty deals went down the drain when she lost. She is well known in Washington for caring about one thing only. Herself. Thank God she lost. Trump 2020. The election is already over. As far as the atheists go, they can disbelieve all they want. It changes nothing. Christ said his followers would always be attacked. Right again.

  2. I just realized the Anti-Christs of Revelations will be DEMOCRATS! Kanye has given testimony above and beyond what the average Christian does.

      1. What a shame Sherry…….Believing in GOD makes you a human being……..No matter what party you are…….Its always better to believe in GOD than the Devil, as most LIBS are certainly related to Satan…….

      2. Hi, Sherry. Would you please read the New Testament section of the Bible, with an open mind, and then decide if you are truly an atheist.

      1. No he isn’t! The AntiChrist appears to be the real Christ, we know the pope isn’t Jesus.
        Learn The Word so you won’t be deceived.
        The pope is definitely a host for a demon.

    1. You are right, it’s the Left who support Satan! Many places in The Bible points to the RIGHT.
      Perhaps the most obvious is Ecclesiastes 10:2. “The heart of the wiseman leans to the right? The heart of a fool leans to the Left”.
      Jesus sits at the Right Hand of God”
      Fish out of the right side of the boat.
      To me, it’s in your face obvious what Father is telling us.

    2. For anyone who has not read the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, one of the key phrases is: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF”.
      The FFRF is determined to ignore that the Constitution permits Kanye’s right to the free exercise of religion.

    3. I’m reminded of a joke:
      Saint Peter was at the pearly gates, welcoming souls into heaven.
      A pastor had been waiting in line for a while and when he finally got to the gates … Saint Peter looked past him to the back of the line and asked a bus driver to move to the front of the line. The pastor said, I’ve been preaching and saving soul for 40 years. Saint Peter said, he’s only been a bus driver for 20 years but he has scared the hell out of twice as many people as you have preached the hell out of.

  3. I find it funny you dems are always criticizing bad mouthing and down right being shitty when it comes to ANYTHING your not on board with!!! Keep on with your CRAZY BS ideals because you’ve done NOTHING but ensure the election for President Trump!!

  4. I have never been a kayne fan, and i hope his conversion is real. The atheists can just shut thier pie holes. There have always been prison ministries. When i was much younger in school in Texas, my senior pastor and i did many Bible studies, prayer meetings etc, in youth detention centers, state memtal hospitols, and jails. I was associate pastor. Maybe Texas was different back then, but we never got hasseled

  5. Kanye West is reaching out with a new message from a new messenger that this new audience might actually respond to. I don’t see why these supposed Atheists are offended. They offend me every time they label me as a denier or co-dependent moron. Sorry, you offend me, I offend you, who’s offending has greater weight? Neither. “Snowflake, grow a skin and spine and go away.”

    1. Anytime two or more believers get together and worship God … that is Church.
      Kanye is reaching and witnessing to a group of people that only he could reach.
      God works in mysterious ways … that’s what scares the looney liberals on the left.

  6. His performances have nothing to do with separation of church and state. and no one is forcing atheists to attend his concerts. they need to shut up and mind their own business. And I don’t like hip hop or rap.

  7. Kanye, remember that the devil 👿 is trying as hard as he can to poison the mind of all of God children’s, but I pray for you to continue preaching his Christian people. God has chosen you for a reason, and that is to fight the power of the devil. Your faith in Jesus will be there behind you and the Almighty God will bless you and your family.

  8. At 77, I’m hardly a fan of Hip Hop or Rap but I do commend Kanye for having the conviction and courage, like President Trump, to try and bring back America to being the Nation under God in the tradition of our history. Because of his enormous popularity – especially with young people of all nationalities – Kanye is a meaningful and powerful voice for God and Christianity. God Bless Kanye West!

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