Hunter Biden Was, In Fact, Hired For His Name

Hunter Biden has tried to play coy with reporters for a while now. With a salary of $50,000 a month to sit on the board of Burisma, a Ukraine-based company, many asked what kind of experience he brought to the table. After all, that’s an impressive salary for someone who doesn’t have experience within the oil industry.

The question was asked on multiple occasions: Did you get the job because of who your father was? Hunter Biden said he didn’t know. He thought that it might not have hurt. But, he also went through a long list of things on his resume to help defend the fact that he didn’t get hired just because of his father being the Vice President of the United States of America.

The former Polish president, Aleksander Kwasniewski, has decided to answer the question once and for all. Kwasniewski served on the board of Burisma Holdings along with Hunter Biden. He explained that the company did what so many other corporations do – seek well-connected and well-known individuals to serve in advisory positions. For Hunter, that meant a significant monthly salary simply because of his name (and who his dad was at the time).

Kwasniewski told the AP that he knows when he’s asked to be a part of something, it’s not just because of his skills. It is also because he is a former president of Poland. He added, “Being Biden is not bad” and went on to identify that it’s a good name.

So, there are a few things that can be taken away from the conversation that the AP had with Kwasniewski. Burisma Holdings acted in the same way that many other corporations do – seeking out well-connected individuals. He also confirmed that Hunter Biden was able to get the position because of the time that his father spent as vice president to the United States. However, the former Polish president denied that the Ukrainian company hired Biden as a way to leverage a relationship with his father.

Kwasniewski also makes sure to identify that Hunter Biden was active as a board member and greatly aided the company. According to AP, the former Polish president said that Biden was responsible for carrying out research and brought a unique perspective to the company regarding gas drilling equipment, capital markets, and other aspects where Americans are considered world leaders. As such, Hunter Biden may have been a very good fit for the company because he, as Kwasniewski explains, “knew something that we didn’t know.”

However much Hunter Biden was helpful within his role at Burisma Holdings, there are still problems with it all. $50,000 a month is a significant salary for anyone. His role at the company has also been scrutinized by Pres. Donald Trump, especially when allegedly asking the Ukrainian president to investigate both Joe and Hunter Biden. Much of this comes as a result of Joe Biden trying to get a prosecutor fired when there was an investigation being carried out on not only Burisma Holdings but also Hunter Biden. Joe Biden, in the position of VP, threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine at the time. It was most certainly an issue of quid pro quo, and there are records to prove it. In an effort to hide that fact, Democrats are now trying to pin the quid pro quo issue on Trump.

It all comes down to the fact that Hunter Biden was paid a significant amount of money to serve in the role of a board member. While there were no laws to prevent him from doing so, him saying that he earned the position outright without having the Biden name is completely inaccurate – and the former Polish president backs that up. Perhaps Kwasniewski is simply more aware of the power of a name. He understands that favors are asked of him because of the position that he held. Hunter Biden may need to realize that people are asking him to participate in various activities because of who his father is and not what his resume looks like.

Burisma Holdings is likely not going to be the last company to come knocking on Hunter Biden’s door in order to offer up an impressive salary, either. While they may not be looking to leverage his father’s position, they will be using him because of the last name that he shares with his father – and Hunter needs to be aware of this when he accepts any future positions. After all, the Biden last name has opened a number of doors since Joe Biden first stepped into the position as a VP.

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